10 Absolutely Ridiculous Reasons Students Got in Trouble at School

School days are a time of learning, exploring, and growing. Sometimes a child’s curiosity is taken too far. Here are some of the silliest reasons people got in trouble at school!

The Teacher Thought The Inhaler Was a Distraction

boy using inhaler

A student was scolded for using their asthma medication in the classroom. They were instructed only to take it in the office, as it was deemed ‘distracting.’

“Know what else is distracting? The sounds of someone gasping for air and having to be removed from class,” the person said.

They Were Caught Fist Pumping

fist pumping someone

A graduate student was scolded for exchanging a fist bump with one of their patients.

The dean of academic affairs lectured the student on doctor-patient relationships and the importance of maintaining professional behavior at all times.

The student was reminded that even small gestures, such as a fist bump, could undermine the trust between patient and practitioner.

Singing a Song That Was Apparently Sexually Explicit

kids playing jump rope

In 1993, a popular song by the Flaming Lips, “She Don’t Use Jelly,” was released. A third-grade student and their friends decided to sing it during a double Dutch jump rope game, unaware of its suggestive nature.

This resulted in the student receiving a three-day suspension for singing what was deemed to be sexually explicit material.

According to the social media user, the words were as follows: “She don’t use jeeeelllly orrrr any of theeeseee… she uses Vaaassssseeline”.

The student had no idea the meaning behind the words and was very confused about why they got in trouble.

Typing A Rude Word On a Calculator

using a calculator

For one user, finding a clever way to type a rude word on a calculator was enough for them to get in trouble.

They were hardly the first kid to discover this amusing trick: type numbers 5 3 1 8 0 0 8 and turn your calculator upside down.

Hugging The Opposite Sex

girl and boy hugging

A middle school student got scolded for giving a brief hug to their male friend in the hallway. The teacher saw the exchange, and they were reprimanded for engaging in an inappropriate interaction.

When asked if it would be considered inappropriate if they had been hugging someone of the same sex, the teacher said no.

The student then asked if it would be unacceptable if she was a lesbian hugging the same sex, prompting the teacher to yell again.

For Being Punched

bully punching

A student was scolded for ‘fighting’ after they were punched by another student and didn’t retaliate.

The incident was caught on video, but the school’s zero-tolerance policy meant they still faced consequences for their actions.

The student thought this was one of the stupidest policies ever.

For Bumping Into a Teacher By Accident

broken tiles

A student tripped on a loose tile and accidentally bumped into their teacher, causing them to spill coffee on themselves.

The student immediately apologized and showed the teacher the loose tile, but the teacher continued to accuse them of doing it on purpose for months. The principal and the student’s family were even brought in to discuss the matter.

For the remainder of the school year, it was made clear that the student would not be welcomed back into their teacher’s classroom unless they apologized for “doing it on purpose.”

Despite initially apologizing for the incident, the student refused to apologize again for something that was not their fault.

For Correcting the English Teacher’s Spelling

teacher writing on whiteboard

“Correcting a teacher’s spelling of ‘congratulations,'” one person said. “It was a substitute, and it was English literature.”

For Something they Didn’t Even Do

kid crying mad

The entire student population of a school was required to sit through an hour-long detention due to the consequences of a student poking at a wasp nest in the school forest.

It was soon revealed that the principal’s son had been responsible for causing the wasp swarm that came out upon the school, yet none of the other students were absolved from their punishment.

This left them all with a sense of bitter resentment towards the principal’s son.

For Helping a Student

american students taking test

During a seventh-grade spelling test, two students were scolded for ‘cheating.’ One student had asked which word was meant to be spelled— ‘piece’ or ‘peace’. The teacher said that “it was the word they were supposed to study.”

To help, the other student whispered a sentence with the word ‘piece,’ as in “a piece of pie.”

Unfortunately, due to a strict zero-tolerance policy for cheating, the teacher made them both rip up their tests.

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In Conclusion

student being accused

It’s clear that school discipline policies are not always fair, and sometimes students can be scolded for the most ridiculous things.

Whether it is down to zero-tolerance policies or staff members feeling resentment, these punishments serve as a reminder that we should all be aware of our surroundings and act appropriately.

What was the stupidest reason you or a friend got in trouble in school?

This article Stupidest Reasons People Got in Trouble at School was syndicated and produced by TPR Teaching. Source: Reddit.

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