13 Mind-Blowing Facts About Space That Will Transport You to a Different World

Pluto is no longer a planet. That is probably the only fact many people know about space, but there’s a chance you know more. 

Fascinating Facts

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The Universe is composed of incredible things, and scientists don’t even know half of it. Here are the most fascinating facts we know about space: 

1. The Moon Is Not Round

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The gray, round-looking satellite in the night sky is lemon-shaped. Despite its appearance, the moon is far from being spherical. 

It has flattened poles and protrusions on both sides around its equator.

2. Space Is Totally Silent

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Scientists can hear charged particles in space with the right tools, but astronauts cannot hear their friends speak. This phenomenon is because there is no air in space, so sound waves cannot travel.

Astronauts use electromagnetic waves in the form of radios to communicate in space. 

3. There’s a Star Bigger Than the Sun

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In our solar system, that is, the Milky Way, there’s a star bigger than the sun. It’s referred to as a “hypergiant star” and is popularly known as UY Scuti. It has a volume nearly 5 billion times that of the sun.

3. There’s a Star Bigger Than the Sun

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But UY Scuti is not the only one. There are other stars outside our galaxy that are bigger than the sun, such as star R136a1.

4. The Milky Way Smells of Raspberries and Rum 

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The center of our galaxy contains clouds filled with Ethyl Formate, a dominant property in raspberries and rum. 

But don’t go thinking you can drink space in a bottle. The alcohol content is shallow, and there are many other nasty chemicals. 

5. There May Be Life on Mars

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In the case of Earth needing humans to vacate, we may find solace on Mars.

Cumulative evidence suggests that Mars may be habitable, and compared to the other eight planets in our solar system, Mars is most likely to have conditions hospitable to life. 

5. There May Be Life on Mars

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Although there has been no proof of past life, scientists may find something soon enough.

6. Space Has an Uncountable Number of Stars


Space has a vastness that is out of this world; well, it is out of this world. Its vastness makes it impossible to accurately predict the number of stars in the universe. 

6. Space Has an Uncountable Number of Stars

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Even if scientists estimate the number of stars in our galaxy, the stars in billions of other galaxies remain inestimable. 

7. On Mercury, a Day Is Twice as Long as a Year


A single day on Mercury, that is, one day-night cycle, lasts for 176 Earth days — a little over two years on Mercury. 

The days on Mercury are called Solar Days. 

8. The Moon Still Has Footprints 

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Although it’s been 51 years since anyone has stepped on the moon, the footprints left will be there for many years.

Unlike on Earth, there are no earthquakes, rainfall, wind, or volcanoes to erode them. 

9. When You Gaze Into the Sky, You Gaze Into the Past


Whenever you look at the sky, you look at the Universe as it was in the past. If a star is 40 light years away, you see what the star looked like 40 million years ago. This is due to the finite speed of light.

10. 1 Teaspoon of Neutron Star Would Weigh as Much as a Mountain 

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The density of a neutron star is astonishing. These stars consist of densely packed neutrons in a tiny radius. One teaspoon would weigh as much as Mount Everest!

10. 1 Teaspoon of Neutron Star Would Weigh as Much as a Mountain 

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It is so dense that a single sugar cube containing neutron-star material would have the same weight as Earth’s entire human population, approximately 100 million tons. 

11. A Planet Made Out of Diamonds May Exist

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There’s a planet outside our solar system known as 55 Cancri e. Studies have shown that exoplanets, or planets outside our solar system, contain more carbon content. 

These exoplanets may likely encompass diamonds and silica. 

12. The Moon Gets Farther Away Every Year

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The moon gets farther away from us by 3.78cm per year. The process is slow, but it is happening already.

13. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Is Twice the Size of the Earth

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The Great Red Spot of Jupiter is a high-pressure region found in Jupiter’s atmosphere. 

Jupiter – the largest planet in the solar system – has a spot that is about twice the size of Earth. If this doesn’t make you feel small, I don’t know what will. 

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