Teen Married Her Teacher And Gained Support From Everyone Except Her Sister

OP vents on social media about her 19-year-old sister who married her 36-year-old high-school teacher only to later regret the decision. She seeks support and advice on the situation.

The Divorcé

divorce papers

The teacher had divorced his wife two years ago and started paying special attention to OP’s sister. He spoke to her regularly after class, leaving OP feeling uneasy.

The Sister Was in Love

falling in love

As soon as the sister graduated, she announced that she was dating him, and after only a few months into “dating,” they announced their engagement.

Everyone Was Supportive Except OP


Despite OP’s efforts to talk with her parents about the age difference and other concerns, they refused to listen. The tight-knit community was supportive, and everyone wanted her to be happy.

OP was feeling helpless, unable to protect his sister despite being older. She felt betrayed by everyone around her who refused to acknowledge what was really going on. She couldn’t help but feel like she failed in her responsibilities as a sibling.

The Marriage Happened

getting married

OP attended the marriage ceremony, though she was boiling with anger. She wanted to scream at everyone for not seeing what her sister’s teacher had done, but in order to protect herself and maintain her relationships with others, she kept her composure.

OP Was Upset

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Despite OP’s best efforts to make it clear that she was still there for her sister, it was hard for her not to show her resentment.

She had always expected great things from her sister, but now she would be a housewife instead. This thought destroyed OP, but she was still hopeful she would make something of herself later on.

“I wasn’t harsh on her because I’m hoping that she wakes up soon, and I want to be there for her when that happens,” she mentioned.

Moving Away

heartbroken family

OP decided to leave town and move away to a bigger city and encouraged her sister to call if she had any problems. Hearing this, the sister began crying, but OP assured her she wasn’t angry.

She also encouraged her to use the contraceptive implant she already had and not have any children until she was certain. OP ensured that her sister knew she could always reach out to her, no matter what.

The Traditional Wife

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OP made a point to regularly call her sister since her marriage.

A few weeks in, the husband wanted her to have more of a “traditional wife” role and domesticated her entirely. She had very little independence and wasn’t allowed to go out with her friends.

He began pressuring her to have kids and even attempted to separate OP from her sister.

The Fighting Began

picture of man

When he tried to pressurize her into removing her contraceptive implant, OP stepped in and had a talk with him. An argument ensued, but OP was able to stand her ground, and it resulted in her punching the husband in self-defense when he tried to hit her.

The Family Divide

concerned old couple

The police were called after this, but with the help of audio recordings made by OP using her Apple watch, they took her side instead. Her sister also took her side and went with her.

Though her parents were furious that the sister left her husband, OP made sure to keep them at bay until the divorce proceedings could begin.

“They did not seem to care that he hit me, probably because I stopped talking to them,” OP added.

Time To Decide What To Do Next

broken home

With a sense of relief, OP and her sister vowed to stand together through everything ahead of them. OP noted that they will probably start divorce proceedings within the next few days.

Social Media Reacts To The Story

social media

“Be careful, the reach abusers can have over their victims extends far. She might change her mind even with your support. Has she considered seeing a therapist or a counselor that specializes in treating victims of grooming?” one person commented.

Social Media Reacts To The Story

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“It’s always predators that date teenagers. No one in their 30s and in their right mind would date a teenager. Red flags were flying high from the very beginning, but I guess only the sister was the one with some common sense,” another person stated. “The parents are absolutely insane. Just glad that the teenager opened her eyes about her predator-old husband.”

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What do you think of this story, and what should she do next?

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