Hey, thanks for stopping by! My name is Caitriona (Irish name; pronounced Katrina) I currently teach English online and help other people do the same.

I’ve taught English for 3 years part-time but only started it full time in the last year. It helped support me through college and provided me with so many opportunities. I was quite young when I first started and I really had a lot to learn.

When You Realize University Didn't Teach You Everything

My Story – How I began Teaching English

Completing a TEFL course at just 18 years old gave me the qualifications necessary to go out and carve my own teaching path. It wasn’t always easy but I learned my own lessons along the way.  You can check out this article I wrote for a TEFL website after my first trip abroad. The quality of my iPod 5 really says it all.

Our Mission at TPR Teaching

TPR Teaching blog’s mission is to educate and inspire others who want to become online teachers. As the digital world evolves, you can make the most of the opportunities it presents!

If you want to work from home, travel or need a part-time job, I highly recommend teaching English online. All you need is a quiet space with a laptop, headset and wifi. You can literally teach from anywhere.

The great thing about online teaching is that it can be casual or formal, with or without a degree. You don’t even have to be a native English speaker, however fluency is an obvious requirement! Please note that a teaching certificate is also a necessity to start teaching English. These are quite easy to do, some TEFL certificates can even be completed in just a short weekend.

Informing Teachers with The Know-How

There are a ton of platforms out there that I will break down for you. I will also tell you the things I wish I knew before I started, as well as updated guides with my recommended teaching platforms.

I hope you take some time to look around the site and see if you think teaching English is a right fit for you. If you are interested in signing up for an online teaching company on my site, you can send me an email at hello@tprteaching.com along with your queries.

I can help you with your resume and application process. I can also provide you with any tools or resources you might need when you start your online teaching journey.


Please note that this website contains affiliate links. These are links that pay me a small commission when you purchase products or services through third-party sites. This does not cost you anything extra and helps support the website.

The blog posts are honest and I do my best to present all information in a fair and accurate way. For more information, read my full disclaimer here.

The Future of TPR Teaching

Teaching English in Vietnam

My current aspiration is to move to Vietnam and I am looking forward to exploring a new place. It’s such a comfort to be able to turn on my laptop and make money as I go along. I will update the teaching blog accordingly so you can see the nice places. Maybe I will meet you out there!

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So glad to have you here! Don’t be a stranger.


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