+120 Adjectives to Describe a Person (Positive & Negative)

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Adjectives are words that describe, identify or quantify people or things. They don’t have a specific place in a sentence but usually come before the noun they modify.

Adjectives can be used to describe the physical appearance of someone, their personality traits, their skills and talents.

The following adjectives are used to describe a person:

Positive Adjectives to Describe Someone

adventurous, amusing, charismatic, clever, compassionate, considerate, dedicated, delightful, diligent, engaging, enthusiastic, fervent, funny, friendly, generous, happy, humble, intelligent, kind, nice, optimistic, radiant, reliable, smart, thoughtful, truthful, wise, warm-hearted

  • Adventurous: always seeking new experiences and taking risks.

The adventurous traveler went snorkeling in the Bahamas.

  • Amusing: funny, causing laughter

The amusing clown had the entire audience in stitches.

  • Charismatic: having a lot of charm and charisma

The charismatic girl is the life of the party.

  • Clever: quick-witted and intelligent

The clever student always seems to know the right thing to say to the teacher.

  • Compassionate: feeling or showing sympathy for others

Jesus has a compassionate heart that offers hope to the people.

  • Considerate: thoughtful of the needs and feelings of others

Lisa is a considerate person who always thinks of those less fortunate.

  • Dedicated: committed to a task or purpose; loyal

He is a dedicated worker who always goes the extra mile.

  • Delightful: giving great pleasure or enjoyment

Luke is delightful to be around; he is always in good spirits.

  • Diligent: hard-working and persistent

The diligent worker is always the first to arrive and the last to leave.

  • Engaging: charming and attractive, holding the attention of someone

The engaging personality of the young woman made her a hit with everyone she met.

  • Enthusiastic: having or showing great excitement and interest, full of positive energy

The enthusiastic child was always the first to raise her hand in class.

  • Fervent: having or showing strong emotions or passion

The fervent supporter was waving her flag and chanting the team’s name.

  • Friendly: kind and pleasant, easy to get along with

The friendly cashier was always happy to help the customers.

  • Generous: willing to give more of something, such as time or money, than is usual or expected

The generous donor gave a large sum of money to the charity.

  • Happy: feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

The happy couple was dancing and laughing together.

  • Humble: not having or showing any feelings of superiority, self-assertiveness, or showiness

Despite his success, he remains a humble person.

  • Intelligent: having or showing the ability to think, learn, and understand things quickly

The intelligent student always had the best grades in class.

  • Kind: having or showing a gentle and caring nature

The kind woman had a smile for everyone she met.

  • Nice: kind, pleasant, and friendly

Everyone says what a nice person she is.

  • Optimistic: hoping for the best; having a positive outlook

The optimistic man looks on the bright side, even in difficult situations.

  • Radiant: bright and shining, full of happiness

The bride was radiant on her wedding day.

  • Reliable: someone who can be trusted to do what they say they will

The reliable employee is always on time and does his work well.

  • Smart: having or showing the ability to think quickly and understand things

The smart child is the first one to answer the question.

  • Thoughtful: having or showing consideration for the needs and feelings of others

The thoughtful husband bought his wife flowers for Mother’s Day.

  • Truthful: someone who tells the truth, even when it is difficult to do so

The truthful witness testified to what she had seen.

  • Wise: having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment

The wise elder is respected for her knowledge and advice.

  • Warm-hearted: having or showing kindness, love, and concern for others

The warm-hearted woman showed hospitality to the stranger.

Negative Adjectives to Describe Someone

abrasive, angry, arrogant, boring, cowardly, cruel, dirty, disgusting, distrustful, evil, fearful, greedy, hateful, ignorant, jealous, lazy, liar, mean, narrow-minded, obnoxious, outspoken, selfish, spiteful, stupid, thief, untrustworthy

The following adjectives can be used to describe someone negatively:

  • Abrasive: domineering and commanding; cold and harsh

The abrasive voice of the drill sergeant was enough to make anyone shiver.

  • Angry: feeling or showing strong dislike, hostility, or disapproval

The angry customer was shouting and waving his fists.

  • Arrogant: having or showing too much pride in oneself; being too confident

The arrogant young man was always putting others down.

  • Boring: dull and uninteresting

The boring speaker put everyone to sleep with his monotone voice.

  • Cowardly: lacking courage; easily frightened

The cowardly dog was barking and running away from the cat.

  • Cruel: causing pain or suffering; unkind

The cruel words of the bully made the little girl cry.

  • Dirty: not clean; covered in dirt

The dirty child was playing in the mud.

  • Disgusting: causing strong dislike or distaste; revolting

The disgusting smell of the garbage made everyone hold their noses.

  • Distrustful: not trusting or confident; suspicious

The distrustful woman continually looks over her shoulder.

  • Evil: morally bad or wrong; causing harm or suffering

The evil witch was cackling and stirring her potion.

  • Fearful: feeling or showing fear; anxious

The fearful child was clinging to his mother’s leg.

  • Greedy: wanting to have more of something, such as food or money, than is necessary or fair

The greedy man hoards food and never shares it with others.

  • Hateful: feeling or showing strong dislike or hostility

The hateful woman yelled and cursed at people on the street.

  • Ignorant: lacking knowledge or understanding; uneducated

The ignorant man made racist and homophobic comments.

  • Jealous: feeling or showing envy of someone because they have something that you want

The jealous woman tried to outdo her neighbors by buying an expensive car.

  • Lazy: not wanting to work or use any effort

The lazy dog was lying in the shade all day.

  • Liar: someone who tells lies

Fred was a liar, making up stories about other people.

  • Mean: unkind or cruel; wishing to harm others

The mean boy picked on the other kids in the schoolyard.

  • Narrow-minded: having or showing a lack of understanding or tolerance

The narrow-minded woman made judgmental comments about others.

  • Obnoxious: very unpleasant or disliked

The obnoxious child was continually screaming and throwing tantrums.

  • Outspoken: speaking freely or without restraint, especially about controversial topics

The outspoken woman expressed her opinions, even when no one asked for them.

  • Selfish: lacking consideration for others; concerned mainly with one’s pleasure or advantage

The selfish man took credit for other people’s hard work.

  • Spiteful: wishing to harm or embarrass someone because you dislike them

The spiteful woman wouldn’t include her family members in the will.

  • Stupid: having or showing a lack of intelligence or understanding

The stupid man drove on the wrong side of the road.

  • Thief: someone who steals things

The person is a thief; he was caught red-handed with the stolen goods.

  • Untrustworthy: not able to be trusted; unreliable

The untrustworthy man was constantly breaking his promises.

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Unique Adjectives to Describe Someone

ardent, benevolent, candid, capricious, charming, classy, cynical, demure, eccentric, eloquent, empathetic, exuberant, fascinating, gregarious, magnanimous, mysterious, pedantic, philanthropic, pompous, poised, rational, refined, reserved, sophisticated, worldly, zealous

Many different words can be used to describe a person, and some of them may be more unique than others. If you are looking for a word that will stand out, consider using one of the following adjectives to describe someone:

  • Ardent: passionate about something

She is an ardent supporter of the team.

  • Benevolent: wishing to do good deeds; kind-hearted

He is a benevolent person who always helps others.

  • Candid: honest and straightforward; not hiding anything

The boss was candid yet fair; the employees always respected him.

  • Capricious: spontaneous; unpredictable

The child is quite capricious, and you never know what he’ll do next.

  • Charming: pleasant or attractive in a way that affects the emotions or senses

The charming man says flattering things and makes people feel special.

  • Classy: elegant and fashionable

The classy woman was always impeccably dressed and carried herself with dignity.

  • Cynical: believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity

The cynical woman sees the negative in everything and everyone.

  • Demure: shy and modest

The demure employee sat quietly in the company of the other executives.

  • Eccentric: unconventional and slightly strange

The eccentric woman did things that were out of the norm, like wearing odd clothes or talking to herself.

  • Eloquent: artfully expressive; able to communicate effectively

The eloquent speaker impressed people with his articulate and well-spoken words.

  • Empathetic: able to understand and share the feelings of another

She lends an empathetic ear to her friends when they need it most.

  • Exuberant: full of energy and enthusiasm

The exuberant child runs around and laughs in the playground

  • Fascinating: intensely interesting; holding the attention

The fascinating woman told true stories that captivated her listeners.

  • Gregarious: outgoing and sociable; enjoy being around others

He is a gregarious person who loves to party with his comrades.

  • Magnanimous: showing or having a generously noble nature, especially towards an enemy or rival

The magnanimous woman didn’t resent her enemies but instead tried to understand them.

  • Mysterious: not known or understood; puzzling

The mysterious man kept to himself and lived a lonely life.

  • Pedantic: overly concerned with minor details or rules; excessively academic

The pedantic teacher was constantly correcting the students’ grammar and pronunciation.

  • Philanthropic: having a concern for the welfare of others

The philanthropic billionaire gave all his money to the poor.

  • Pompous: behaving or speaking in a manner that shows too much self-importance

The pompous man bragged about his accomplishments and wealth.

  • Poised: having good composure; self-assured

The poised woman knew how to react, even in the most chaotic situations.

  • Rational: able to think clearly and logically

A rational person makes decisions based on facts and logic rather than emotions.

  • Refined: cultured and sophisticated

The refined woman behaved in a genteel manner and conducted herself with decorum.

  • Reserved: quiet and not forthcoming with information

The reserved man was reticent in sharing his thoughts and feelings.

  • Sophisticated: having or showing a refined or cultured nature

The young man looked sophisticated in his new suit.

  • Worldly: experienced and knowledgeable about the ways of the world

The worldly woman gave sage advice and seemed to have an answer for everything.

  • Zealous: very enthusiastic and passionate

The zealous woman campaigned for her cause and recruited others to join her.

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Words to Describe Someone Special

affectionate, angelic, beloved, caring, devoted, gentle, giving, loyal, passionate, patient, respectful, tender

Adjectives to describe someone you love:

  • Affectionate: showing or having affection; fondness

The affectionate couple hugged and kissed.

  • Angelic: having a sweet and innocent nature

The angelic child did all the chores.

  • Beloved: dearly loved

She was his beloved wife.

  • Caring: having or showing concern and sympathy for others

The caring woman volunteered her time to help those in need.

  • Devoted: completely dedicated to someone or something

The devoted mother puts her children first.

  • Gentle: having a kind and mild nature

The gentle aunt cradled the newborn child.

  • Giving: unselfishly providing help or support to others

The giving woman donated her time and money to charitable causes.

  • Loyal: remaining faithful to someone or something

The loyal dog didn’t leave his owner’s side.

  • Passionate: having or showing strong emotions or feelings

The passionate couple was constantly arguing and making up.

  • Patient: able to wait for a long time without becoming annoyed or upset

The patient mother listens to her children, no matter how long they ramble on.

  • Respectful: showing or having respect

The respectful son listened to his elders and treated them with deference.

  • Tender: having or showing gentleness, concern, or care

The tender mother kissed her children’s boo-boos and made them feel better.

Funny Adjectives to Describe Someone

bizarre, clumsy, dizzy, giggly, goofy, hyper, kooky, nutty

  • Bizarre: very strange or unusual

The bizarre woman wore outrageous clothes and makeup.

  • Clumsy: awkward and lacking in coordination

The clumsy teacher was continuously dropping the whiteboard marker and bumping into desks.

  • Dizzy: feeling unsteady or lightheaded

The woman was dizzy after her intense workout.

  • Giggly: prone to giggling or laughter

The giggly girl constantly gets in trouble for laughing during class.

  • Goofy: silly or stupid

The goofy dog was chasing his tail and running into walls.

  • Hyper: extremely excited or energetic

The hyper child bounced off the walls and ran around.

  • Kooky: strange or eccentric, but in a likeable way

The artist may be kooky but her paintings sold out in minutes.

  • Nutty: crazy or insane

The nutty man was always talking to himself and seemed to be in another world.

How To Describe a Villain

The author often describes a villain as someone wicked, cruel, and heartless. This person is always up to no good and enjoys wreaking havoc and causing pain. They are devoid of empathy or compassion and take pleasure in others’ suffering. They are often very calculating and intelligent but also manipulative and deceitful. They are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

How to Describe an Attractive Person

The author often describes an attractive person as someone who is physically appealing and pleasant to look at. This person is often seen as confident and stylish, with a captivating presence. They are usually in good shape, with symmetrical features and clear skin. They carry themselves well and move with grace. They have a magnetic personality and are often very charismatic. People are naturally drawn to them and light up a room when they enter it.

How to Describe a Hero

The author’s profile of a hero is someone brave, courageous, and selfless. This person is always putting others before themselves and puts their own life at risk to save others. They are driven by a strong sense of justice and have a deep commitment to doing what is right. They are often highly skilled and talented, with a natural ability to lead and inspire others. People look up to them as an example of strength and hope.

Adjectives to Describe Appearance

adorable, attractive, chic, cute, elegant, frail, good-looking, glamorous, gorgeous, graceful, homely, scruffy, sleek, ugly, unkempt

  • Adorable: lovely or cute, especially in a childlike way

The adorable little girl smiles and makes everyone around her happy.

  • Attractive: pleasing or appealing to the eye

The attractive woman gets many compliments on her looks.

  • Chic: stylish or fashionable

The chic woman wore the latest summer trends.

  • Cute: attractive in a childish or youthful way

The cute puppy wagged his tail and licked everyone’s face.

  • Elegant: tastefully graceful and stylish

The elegant woman was well-dressed and carried herself with poise.

  • Frail: weak; lacking physical strength or energy

The frail man found it difficult to walk.

  • Good-looking: attractive, beautiful

The good-looking man was tall and dark.

  • Glamorous: having an air of allure, romance, and excitement

The glamorous movie star melted the hearts of Hollywood directors.

  • Gorgeous: very beautiful or magnificent

The baby was so gorgeous that everyone stopped and cooed

  • Graceful: having or exhibiting grace; elegant

The graceful dancer looked effortless as she floated across the stage.

  • Homely: not attractive or good-looking; plain

The homely woman liked to wear makeup to transform her appearance.

  • Scruffy: untidy or dirty in appearance

The scruffy man hardly ever took a shower.

  • Sleek: smooth and shiny, often as a result of being well-groomed

Her sleek, shining hair looked professionally done.

  • Ugly: displeasing or repulsive to the eye; unattractive

The ugly duckling eventually turned into a beautiful swan.

  • Unkempt: not combed or brushed; untidy

The unkempt man’s hair was a mess.

In Conclusion

Adjectives are a great way to describe someone’s appearance, personality, or even mood. Using descriptive words can paint a picture in someone’s mind of what you are talking about. The next time you need to describe someone, try using some of these adjectives.

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