Allschool Review: Requirements, Pay and Discounts!

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Considering a career in tutoring? Allschool is always looking for great new tutors to join the team! After reading this post, you’ll understand whether tutoring at Allschool is right for you. So let’s get started!

Allschool have a wide variety of courses, including languages, STEM, arts and crafts, cooking, and much more! Get $20 off as a newly registered parent.

What is Allschool?

Allschool is a Signaporean online education platform that offers a wide range of classes and subjects, taught by expert tutors from native English-speaking countries. Its mission is to provide quality education to every child, regardless of location or circumstance.

Allschool offers classes to students of all ages, from kindergarten to 18 years old. They are always looking for great new teachers to join their team and share their knowledge with students. Create educational classes and teach students from anywhere in the world at any time!

Allschool Tutoring Requirements

  • Native English speakers from the USA, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand
  • You must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • You’ll need to pass a criminal and education background check.

Once you’ve met all the requirements and been cleared to tutor, you can begin to set up your courses. You will need to provide their own learning materials for the students.

You’ll be able to start tutoring students in your chosen subject area(s). Allschool offers tutoring in various subjects, including but not limited to math, science, English, history, and foreign languages. Even wacky subjects do well; for example, I have seen a class about farts, frogs, chocolate, and escape rooms. The list is endless; pick what you are passionate about and go from there.

Earn an average of $50 per hour tutoring fun online classes at Allschool. Teach your passion and have a blast! Students are from all over the world!

Allschool Class Rules

  • Allschool does not provide lesson material. Teachers need to create their own lesson material or use existing material, provided there are no copyright issues. If teachers plan to use books or worksheets they found online, they may first seek permission to use those materials.
  • Teachers can teach their classes on Zoom or Classpod. Allschool prefers that teachers use Classpod, an Allschool product; however, they are not married to one specific platform.
  • Classes can have a maximum of 12 learners on Classpod and an unlimited number of learners (on Zoom) but are often kept small for learning purposes. The teachers can set a class to automatically cancel if it does not have enough students signed up.

Allschool Pay

  • Tutors set the price of their lessons. Allschool tutors make an average of $50 per hour.
  • Payments are released within seven days the following Tuesday. The platform takes a 15%-20% commission per student.
  • Allschool pays via PayPal or bank card.

I accept all my online payments via Wise to avoid any poor currency conversion fees. It’s free to sign up! Learn more in my Wise review.

Allschool Application Process

  • Follow the link here. Sign up ‘as a teacher’ or ‘organization.’
  • Enter your email and password. Add the verification code sent to your email address.
  • Add your personal information.
  • Complete a video demo (if you are an experienced Outschool teacher, you can skip the demo)
  • Fill out the remainder of your profile and include an introductory video for parents.
application process

Personal Information Stage

You will be asked to submit:

  • Public teacher name (for example, Ms. Caitriona, Teacher Rachel, etc.)
  • Profile photo (professional and well-lit photo)
  • Nationality, location, time, etc.
  • Educational and teaching background
  • Background check

Demo Video Requirements

  • 3-8 minute demo video demonstrating your teaching skills
  • Teach something you are passionate about
  • Include some teaching materials
  • Webcam turned on; kid-friendly background or plain background
  • Well lit classroom

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The demo video aims to evaluate your teaching style and ensure that you are the right fit for Allschool. Show off your expertise, professionalism, and passion at the demo stage, and you will pass with flying colors!

If your video is approved, you may move on to the next stage of the application process. You may be asked to redo the video if it doesn’t meet these minimum standards.

Teacher Email Signup

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Background Check

There are two parts to parts to the background check.

  1. Identification check: ID verification documents, Sterling criminal background check
  2. Educational background: educational documents

The third-party Sterling background check is conducted free of charge. You will need to give permission for the background check to be conducted. Results typically take a week.

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The Pros and Cons of Tutoring at Allschool

Being a new platform, Allschool is still working out the kinks. But, from what I’ve seen and experienced, the platform has great potential. Some teachers are already raving about it and earning double the pay they earned in their previous online teaching company.

Here are some pros and cons of tutoring at Allschool.


  • Choose your own hours and work from home
  • Complete flexibility and freedom with course design and development
  • Teach one-off classes or offer ongoing courses
  • Get paid weekly via PayPal or bank transfer
  • Low commission fees relative to other platforms
  • Learners from around the world
  • 24/7 support team to help with technical issues or concerns

A significant advantage of being an Allschool tutor is that you can earn more money than you would if you were working in most other part-time jobs. As an Allschool tutor, you have unlimited earning potential and can build up your schedule around your availability.

The upfront work you do pays off. When you create and refine your course to an excellent standard, you can continue to teach that to hundreds or even thousands of students with little to no planning preparation!


  • Still building up the features and functionality of the site
  • Expect a learning curve at first
  • Developing classes and courses can be time-consuming and require some testing

On the downside, tutoring itself can be demanding and requires a lot of patience. If you’re not passionate about teaching or don’t like working with kids, this position is not the right fit for you.

My Take on Allschool: Why You Should Get in Now

Allschool is relatively new, and it is still building up its marketplace of teachers and students. This doesn’t happen instantly, but I have noticed they are getting busier and busier in the last couple of months.

Some teachers have hundreds of ratings from students. It seems a success so far. Therefore, I would recommend getting in sooner rather than later. The more time you wait, the more competitive it will come. It’s better to get in before other teachers and build up your credibility and ratings to continue attracting learners.

Now is the easiest time for your courses to gain popularity. You can keep a steady stream of students coming your way when you build up your reputation and relationship with parents.

If teaching your own lesson materials sounds daunting, consider offering your classes to only one or two students at a time. Once you get a feel for the platform and learn how to deal with the students, you can then progress to teaching multiple students in a class.

Follow Allschool’s best teaching practices in their help section to ensure you offer the best experience.

Do Teachers Really Earn $50 Per Hour on Average?

Allschool and Outschool are two practically identical educational platforms, and I am guessing that Allschool got the “earn $50 per hour on average” from Outschool, which says the same thing in their advertising for teachers.

Outschool is a U.S. company that has been operating since 2015. It has seen tremendous results for teachers. Successful teachers have certainly earned $50 (and more!) per hour. However, Outschool has now become more competitive, and it may be harder to stand out as a new teacher to date.

I foresee Allschool moving in the same direction as Outschool and taking some of that market share. Allschool is much newer as it only established itself in 2021, yet it is still seeing some great successes, and I expect it will continue to do so.

Teach English Online

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Outschool or Allschool?

I would advise listing your courses on both Outschool and Allschool. That way, you can reach the maximum number of potential students. You may find that one platform works better for you than the other, but it’s certainly worth listing your courses on both to see which gets you more students.

Allschool is Singaporean based and may attract more students that operate in that timezone (GMT+8). I have noticed that Allschool has a lot of English language learning classes, so if you have course ideas in this area, it would be worth testing them out here.

Both platforms operate 24/7, so it is easy to trial them, set flexible schedules, and see which ones pick up for you.

Allschool has a much lower commission rate than Outschool, but Outschool has a larger student base at present. Read more about Outschool in our Outschool review.

Interested in Teaching English on Allschool?

An excellent way to get started on Allschool is to offer English language classes. These are very popular on Allschool and teachers have seen great results.

If you want to get started, I recommend taking a TEFL course. A TEFL course will provide you with a qualification to teach English as a foreign language. I recommend the following TEFL courses:

In-depth, internationally recognized and accredited TEFL courses for those who want to teach English online or abroad. Read The TEFL Academy review.

Suitable for some online part-time teaching. Accepted by some teaching companies. Read The International Open Academy review.

Final Thoughts: Allschool Review

Tutoring at Allschool is a great way to earn extra money and build upon your teaching experience. The platform has a lot of potential and is constantly adding new features. I recommend getting in now before it becomes too competitive. You can build up your reputation and courses to attract students easily. Be patient, professional, and passionate about teaching, and you’ll be sure to succeed.

Earn an average of $50 per hour teaching fun online courses at Allschool. Teach your passion and have a blast! Students are from all over the world!

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