An Unexpected Resignation: Big 4 Employee Quits Her Job Citing Inability to Comprehend Her Role

In an unanticipated turn of events, an employee at Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four accounting firms, chose to resign from her high-ranking corporate position.

The reason, as she stated, was an unsettling realization that she wasn’t comprehending her job.

Sabrina Bui took to the popular social media platform TikTok to elucidate the departure. Her video attracted a staggering viewership of over 194,000, with many sympathizing with her predicament.

The ex-employee candidly confessed her struggle with understanding the intricacies of her job, a profession in accounting, which led to her decision to leave.

A Pleasurable Work Environment but a Complicated Job

Contrary to popular assumptions, Bui’s exit had nothing to do with a toxic work atmosphere. She commended her coworkers and supervisors, expressing her delight in working with them.

However, a year into her role, she recognized her dissatisfaction and the profound unhappiness that her job brought her.

Numerous studies highlight the impact of job satisfaction on overall well-being. For example, a comprehensive investigation available on CiteSeerX explores the intricate relationship between job satisfaction and life satisfaction.

It emphasizes how contentment in one’s professional life can significantly influence their overall life satisfaction. This realization was a key factor in Bui’s decision to resign from her position.

The Fear of Faking It

Bui’s apprehension escalated when she was tasked with training newcomers and taking on more leadership responsibilities at Ernst & Young.

She found herself plagued by sleepless nights and daytime anxiety, fearing that she would be unable to answer potential questions from her superiors. She confessed to having “faked it for a year.”

Her coworkers attempted to reassure her by claiming that everyone was in the same boat. But, their words of comfort did little to alleviate her anxiety.

According to a Harvard Business Review article, the feeling of “faking it”, known as the ‘impostor syndrome’, is common in many workplaces, often leading to high-stress levels and reduced job satisfaction.

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A Wave of Support and Shared Experiences

Following Bui’s candid disclosure, a surge of support and shared experiences flooded TikTok. Comments ranged from offering words of encouragement to providing actionable advice.

One user suggested, “Apply for accounting in a retail company! It’s way easier and less stressful. Just remember, with this economy, it takes a while to get interviewed.”

Many empathized with her situation, revealing similar sentiments from their professional journeys. One such comment read, “Don’t let the Big Four discourage you. I did the same thing and was in tax. I was lost and hated the company, but I moved to NYC and now work for a small firm.”

The role of previous experience in succeeding at the Big Four was also highlighted. A user emphasized, “That’s something that I always say: before working in a Big Four, you need previous accounting experience in a smaller company.”

Recognizing the Need for a Job Change

Eventually, the stress proved to be overwhelming for Bui. She found herself shedding tears daily after work, leading her to recognize that the job wasn’t right for her.

This sensation resonates with many workers in high-pressure jobs. Her story highlights the importance of understanding one’s job and the necessity of work satisfaction in maintaining mental wellness.

It also underscores the importance of mental health in the workplace, a topic that continues to gain significant attention in today’s fast-paced corporate world.


This article was produced by TPR Teaching.

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