6 Best Apps and Programs To Learn Spanish (Beginner-Friendly)

Learning Spanish is a great way to open the door to new opportunities. Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip, want to communicate with friends and family, or wish to expand your professional career, learning the language is a fulfilling and rewarding journey.

You don’t need to spend years mastering a language, as the consistent daily practice of just thirty minutes will lead to conversational fluency. During this time, you must focus on your speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills.

To help make the process easier, there are plenty of programs and apps available on the market that improve these skills. Save time and money by learning Spanish with just a few clicks on your laptop or mobile device! Let’s take a look at some of the best apps to learn Spanish.

1. Babbel (8.7/10.0 Average Rating)  

Product Pros

  • Do it at your own pace, in your own time
  • Fun, bite-sized 10 to 20-minute lessons
  • It makes language learning easy
  • Latin American (Mexico-Specific) and European Spanish
  • 20-day money-back guarantee

Product Cons

  • Not suitable for advanced speakers
  • It’s best used as supplemental learning

If you need to get a handle on the basic conversational words and phrases in Spanish, I suggest downloading Babbel.

This popular online program provides users with a comprehensive language course that helps build vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversation skills. It will help you speak conversationally as a beginner or intermediate learner and retain information through continuous practice and repetition.

Babbel lessons are very fun, motivating, and enjoyable, which will keep you hooked on the app from day one. The courses are broken down by learner level, and there are 3 to 5 courses within each level.

Is Babbel The Same as Duolingo?

While Babbel’s lessons may initially appear like Duolingo’s, they offer greater flexibility as you can choose to skip lessons. Babbel’s lessons are also more comprehensive and practical than Duolingo’s free version, enabling you to select what you actually want to study.

APP Features

In addition to the lessons, you will also have access to stories, podcasts, and mini-games. They can be completed when you have a few minutes during the day in your own time.

The review section will help you retain what you have learned, and the tracking tools map your progression, so you will see how you improve with time.

Better yet, there are live classes with native and qualified tutors, which is a great way to practice what you have learned.

Does Babbel offer free lessons?

No, Babbel is a subscription-based service with lessons starting at $13.95 per month. Opting for a longer plan can give you up to a 50% discount, so it’s more cost-effective to go for a longer commitment if you’re serious about learning a new language. There are 3,6, and 12-month plans available.

Live Class Option

The live classes are optional and come at a separate price, working out at roughly $50-$100 per month.

You can expect up to six learners in each class, and you will need to reserve your spot up until an hour before the lesson begins.

The classes are approximately 60 minutes long and cover a wide variety of topics. You have the flexibility to choose the times and days that best suit your schedule.

Alternatively, check out iTalki for classes, which offers one-on-one live classes online.

2. iTalki (9.4 /10.0 Average Rating)

Product Pros

  • Select your own tutor
  • Wide variety of tutors available
  • Find individualized and group lessons
  • Suitable for all budgets

Product Cons

  • The quality of the teaching and course material varies from tutor to tutor

iTalki is a great way to practice your Spanish with native speakers and qualified tutors. The platform offers private language classes online at different prices, starting at around $6, depending on the tutor.

You can also find free language exchange partners using the app. This is a great way to practice your Spanish with native speakers who are also learning other languages.

Choose Your Own Tutor

One of the biggest advantages of using iTalki is that you can choose the teacher who best suits your needs. You can read reviews from previous students and watch their profile videos before making your decision.

The website has thousands of experienced teachers from all over the world who offer personalized lessons to help you reach your language goals. They also recently added group classes, which may pique your interest.


3. SpanishVIP (9.8/10.0 Average Rating)

Product Pros

  • The teachers are helpful and patient
  • The quality of the lesson material is high
  • Great value for money
  • Suitable for adults and kids

Product Cons

  • They send many promotional emails
  • Some issues with slow customer service
  • Group classes may not be suitable for absolute beginners who have zero knowledge of the language

Don’t want to use iTalki for one reason or another? SpanishVIP could be right up your alley.

Their website has a straightforward, organized layout and provides clear information on what their program offers. Unfortunately, they do not have an app version yet, but I still thought including it on the list was worthwhile due to the amazing recommendations.

Lesson Material

The lessons are customizable, with options for creating a set lesson plan or practicing conversational skills, as well as the ability to work on grammar and vocabulary issues.


The first lesson provides the foundation in which you can map out your goals with your tutor, and your tutor has the option to be flexible with the lesson materials, either selecting from the quality lessons available at SpanishVIP or choosing their own content.

All of their instructors have degrees in language teaching or are currently earning a degree. Additionally, SpanishVIP offers a money-back guarantee if a student is not satisfied with their experience.

SpanishVIP focuses mainly on Latin American Spanish as their tutors mainly come from Venezuela or Columbia, so those wanting to learn Castilian Spanish may want to try iTalki.

Great Reviews

The Trustpilot reviews are very positive, scoring a 4.9 rating in 491 reviews, which is quite unheard of for a language learning platform.

How Much Does SpanishVIP Cost?

SpanishVIP offers group and one-on-one lessons, and the pricing works out fairly reasonably. For example, unlimited group classes start at $99 per month, but you can receive two months free if you purchase the six-month plan. The one-on-one private classes start at $149 per month, but you can save immensely by committing to the 3 or 6-month plan.

4. SpanishPod101 (8.8/10.0 Average Rating)

Product Pros

  • Realistic conversations with everyday idioms
  • Explanations of important verbs that cause confusion
  • Breakdown of each conversation played at slow and normal speeds
  • Short bite-sized episodes that take 10-15 minutes
  • Use it on the go on your mobile device

Product Cons

  • Limited content available for advanced learners
  • They send a lot of promotional emails
  • Quite a lot of English at lower levels, but they speak less English as you progress

SpanishPod101 is an online language-learning platform that offers unique and personalized Spanish courses. It contains hundreds of video lessons as well as podcasts, downloadable lesson plans, and access to experienced teachers from all over the world.

A Robust Platform

This platform also provides multiple learning paths with detailed explanations of each grammar point, daily mini-lessons and Word of the Day, and various learning tools such as flashcards and quizzes.

With SpanishPod101, users can access thousands of hours of Spanish lessons and learn Latin American or Iberian Spanish on their own terms.

How is The Premium Plan Different?

The premium plans offer personalized plans with one-on-one instruction and the possibility of receiving a CEFR certificate when certain milestones are achieved. This is an ideal option for those looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Spanish language.

How Much Does SpanishPod101 Cost?

Get 7 days’ worth of premium content for just $1. There are various pricing plans, such as Basic, Premium, and Premium Plus. They regularly host deals and discounts, which is a steal considering the huge amount of resources they provide.

5. Pimsleur

Product Pros

  • Perfect for on-the-go when doing other activities
  • Great for building your pronunciation and accent

Product Cons

  • Pretty expensive
  • Complaints about customer service

The Pimsleur Method is a language learning technique that has been around for decades and is widely used by various organizations, including the FBI, Homeland Security, State Department, Marine Corps, and Navy, as well as by prestigious companies such as Mercer and Alcoa.

A Unique Approach to Language Learning

Developed by renowned language expert Paul Pimsleur, this powerful method focuses on teaching words and phrases in context rather than memorization and drills. You can start as an absolute beginner and work through its five levels. Its Spanish courses teach Latin American Spanish using dialects from Colombia and Mexico.

It works with every learner who follows it, integrating grammar, vocabulary, rhythm, melody, and intonation into every lesson for an immersive language experience.

Five Levels Which Will Leave You Speaking Confidently

With Pimsleur’s Spanish programs, students can expect to understand the lessons clearly and be understood by native Spanish speakers everywhere. By the fifth level, they promise that you will be approaching native speed and comprehension, learning to speak more in-depth about your personal life and emotional state, with the ability to create complex sentences.

You can find the digital files on the Pimsleur website to sync to all your devices. It’s also great to listen to it in the car or train on the way to work each morning. It is suitable for ages 13+, so feel free to listen to it with your kids on the journey!

With the Pimsleur Method, you can acquire Spanish quickly and effectively for both everyday conversation as well as travel. Many people report that it only takes a few lessons to learn the basics, such as greeting others, ordering food and drink, asking directions, making purchases and small talk.

How Much Does Pimsleur Cost?

The Pimsleur app offers two payment options. You can either pay a monthly fee of $14.95 to $20.95 for an all-access subscription, or you can pay upfront for lifetime access to the lessons, with prices ranging from $150.00 to $575.00, depending on the number of levels you want to purchase.

Your choice depends on your budget and how long you plan to use Pimsleur. If you plan to use it for a long time, lifetime access might be better. But if you only plan to study for a few months, a subscription is more cost-effective.

6. Quizlet

Product Pros

  • Digital flashcard set
  • Spaced repetition
  • Memorize new words in a flash with gamification
  • Excellent student resource

Product Cons

  • Quizlet recently started charging for some of their features

Quizlet can be a very helpful tool for language learning and is often used by students for studying and memorizing a broad range of subjects.

This digital flashcard app incorporates space repetition, which can help you learn and review new words and phrases. You can strengthen your knowledge of vocabulary words through fun and engaging activities such as sight recognition games, spelling games, and practice tests; however, many of these sets are now behind a paywall.

Additionally, uploading images to the flashcards alongside dictionary definitions can help visual learners and give students a better context for the words they are learning.

You can also monitor your progress with the analytical tools. All of these features make Quizlet a great tool for language learners. If you are looking for a more basic flashcard app, try Anki.

If you like to use traditional pen and paper, why not try writing them down for memory? For a one-time purchase, consider downloading our language learning printables for a low price. You can keep track of your verbs, grammar, vocabulary, synonyms, and more.

Best Apps To Learn Spanish For Children

Looking for suitable programs for your children to try? You may wish to take a look at:

Canticos (Suitable for AGES 3-6)

Canticos is a fun and engaging tool for language learning that is designed to teach children a second language through games, read-alongs and more.

Kids will have the opportunity to explore different ways of learning Spanish through Canticos’ colorful illustrations, learn foundational phonics and number sense skills in both English and Spanish, listen to the sound and rhythm of spoken language with follow-along videos and read-along books, and build language awareness.

With this program, kids will be able to enjoy a fun and immersive way of learning Spanish.

Spanish School Bus For Kids (Suitable for Ages 4-8)

The Spanish School Bus is an interactive and fun way for children to learn to speak and comprehend Spanish. Developed with 20+ years of teaching experience from certified Montessori instructor Yvette Montalvo, this app offers engaging lessons on vocabulary, verbs, and other basic language skills. Kids can complete levels and unlock unique achievements while playing four different game modes that make learning fun.

The Spanish School Bus allows children to rapidly increase their understanding of the language and culture with engaging music videos, educational facts, and a verb conjugation tool. It has been named as one of the top 5 apps to learn Spanish by Parents Latina Magazine! With this app, it’s easy to start building a strong foundation in Spanish.

Other Tips and Advice For Learning Spanish

1. Read Spanish books and novels: Reading is a great way to learn new words and phrases as well as expand your understanding of Spanish grammar. Try reading newspapers, magazines, or children’s books for beginner-level Spanish learners, or try some of the authentic national newspapers from the country. Learn our top tip for reading the target language.

2. Watch Spanish movies and TV shows: Watching Spanish movies and TV shows is a great way to improve your listening skills. Try local television or streaming sites like Netflix for Spanish language options.

3. Listen to Spanish music: Music is a great way to pick up on popular colloquial phrases and understand the culture of the language you are learning. Listening to Spanish music can help you familiarize yourself with different accents and dialects.

4. Practice speaking with native Spanish speakers: Try to find a language exchange partner or look for online communities dedicated to Spanish learning. You can also try attending local meetups or joining social networks specifically for Spanish learners.

5. Use flashcards to review words and phrases: Flashcards can be a helpful tool for language learning. As mentioned above, Quizlet is an excellent resource, but you can also make your own flashcards and save them in a binder or on index cards.

6. Change your phone language to Spanish and one default browser to Spanish. That way, you can learn Spanish whenever you pick up your device. However, ensure that you have all your necessary apps set to English so you don’t get confused in emergencies, for example, your banking app.

7. Listen to podcasts: Do you like podcasts and want to challenge your listening comprehension skills? Coffee Break Languages and SpanishPod101 offer a ton of free audio podcasts based on the Spanish language.

View more pro tips that polyglots use to learn languages.


Learning Spanish can be a challenging but rewarding experience. With the right resources, practice, and dedication, you can achieve fluency in no time. Try any of the above programs and apps to help you learn Spanish and start speaking like a native! Good luck on your language-learning journey!

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