7 Best ESL Job Boards for Teachers [And Ones to Avoid]

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Unsure where to find an ESL job? How can we find legit jobs that secure the best rates for ourselves as teachers?

Whether you are a new teacher just starting out or looking for your next ESL job, you can find plenty of jobs listed online. If Indeed or Jobora is not yet finding the kind of job you are looking for, consider looking ar devoted ESL job sites for teachers.

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You can get a job in a snap because other countries continue to demand teachers, although a lot of plans have been upheld due to the coronavirus pandemic. That’s not to say you can’t find a job teaching abroad.

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There are many job sites dedicated to ESL teachers. Let’s take a look at the options below:

1. Indeed

You never know when you might be lucky with Indeed, but they always advertise some teaching companies. Be the first to hear about them!

Simply search “online English teacher, “TEFL teacher,” “teaching jobs” and find some hidden gems. Keep your eyes peeled for new and upcoming jobs.

2. Go Overseas Website

The Go Overseas website allows you to search programs across all locations of the world. Teachers can find teaching positions at schools, universities, or teaching adults.

The “Teach Abroad” jobs are updated daily with jobs, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled. Each job usually gives plenty of information such as a job description, qualifications, and benefits.

Go Overseas also features a “Work Abroad” job section which includes other similar job roles, such as au pairs and nannies.

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3. Teach Away

Teach Away has thousands of jobs featured on its site, so ESL teachers are bound to find a suitable jobs.

Teach Away doesn’t just list ESL jobs, but science, math, and other teaching roles. Teachers can easily find information about the job position, the school, and the location on the site.

What’s unique about Teach Away is that they even offer a job section dedicated to teaching opportunities in the US! These jobs require a teaching license.

4. Go Abroad

Go Abroad allows teachers to find the perfect teach abroad program.

To find a program, teachers should already have an idea of where they would like to go by searching by country.

Teachers can see reviews and ratings of the different schools, which helps give peace of mind when choosing the best program.

Go Abroad also features top-rated volunteering programs, such as IVHQ, and there is a wide range of teaching positions available.

Teach English Online

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5. i to i

i to i TEFL, which heavily promotes their own TEFL course, also has a small jobs board for teachers.

I like this board because you can see the salary of the positions before you can click into the posts, which saves a lot of time that you would normally spend searching.

Teachers can also add jobs to their favorites to view at another stage.

While they don’t have a huge range of jobs to choose from, you might be lucky to stumble across a job and location you are interested in.

5. The TEFL Academy

Of course, I would include The TEFL Academy, as I am a proud ambassador of their TEFL course, which I took in 2016.

The TEFL Academy currently features almost 1.5K jobs on its board and offers job support to anyone who takes its TEFL course.

You can sort jobs by geographic location and most recent listings. What’s unique about The TEFL Academy is that you can also sort the jobs by education level, so you can find jobs that don’t require a degree more easily.

6. TEFL.com

TEFL.com was always a favorite of mine to find ESL jobs online. This was where I found my first job in 2016.

There are frequent job updates, and you can add a profile to the site, which can be used to apply to any job. However, some jobs will require you to complete the application on their site.

TEFL.com allows teachers to set alerts for the kind of jobs that they are interested in, so teachers can apply to jobs more quickly when there is a new position.

7. Jooble

With a quick search, you can find jobs in online English teaching. While this site isn’t dedicated to online ESL teachers, you can find some great opportunities if you check back every now and then.

Avoid: Dave’s ESL Cafe

Dave’s ESL Cafe offers job opportunities to teachers from around the globe. Teachers can post their resumes for free and be contactable by a range of schools.

The jobs on this site don’t provide that much information in their descriptions. Therefore, it’s important to research every job advert and make sure it’s a legit job opportunity.

I would personally avoid this job site altogether. Many people have spoken out about the teaching scams that are prevalent and are not dealt with on Dave’s ESL Cafe. See my ESL Cafe Review before you consider using this site. It also tells you how to spot and avoid scams.

In Conclusion

We are sure you will find a great job from the ESL job sites mentioned. It might take a little perseverance to find the right job, but your hard search will be worth it when you make the life-changing move abroad!

As with any site, always take precautions when applying for an ESL job. Run a mile if they ask you to pay money upfront before you’ve even arrived at the job, if the recruiter seems shady, or if the school is unknown.

Research the country you want to go to and determine the potential rates and working conditions before you go. Find a job that you feel lives up to that standard and quality of life.

Before you know it, you will be off on your TEFL adventures, saving money and traveling. Enjoy the journey!

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