Nerdy Types of Men Make ‘the Best Husbands’ According to Millenial Women

Dating these days is exhausting. Between the pressure to look swipe-worthy on dating apps and deciding who pays the bill, many women seem tired of fishing in a dating pool full of zeroes.

One possible solution might be to change the pool entirely. 

Super Smart Is The New Ideal

According to a recent social media post, women have been vocal about their love of nerdy men.

No longer does Prince Charming come in the form of a tall, dark, and handsome stranger. Instead, the ideal partner seems to be geeky, obsessed with Star Wars, and super smart. 

Their Glow-Up Makes Them Top-Tier

The conversation kicked off after a viral TikTok post from user @theisabelbrown.

In the video, which the bride-to-be captioned, “Nerds make the best husbands. It’s a fact.” Isabel Brown addresses a different user’s distress over where to find a decent partner.

“They’re nerds; you go for the nerds,” Isabel answers the user. She goes on to address the popular movie trope of the “makeover” or “glow up”, where a nerdy girl gets transformed into the “girl next door.”

Despite the lack of representation in media, Isabel says that the same thing happens to nerdy boys. The dorky kid obsessed with lightsabers in your high school English class will likely grow into the guy of your dreams.

The Total package

But what exactly is it about nerds that make them top-tier?

A sense of safety is a big theme among these posts. Many women felt that nerds provided a safe space because they tend to be invested in intellectual pursuits and want to hold conversations.

They are more interested in what a woman says than her physical attributes. As women often contend with catcalls and harassment, having a man who sees their humanity first can be deeply comforting.

Major Green Flags!

Nerds know how to treat a woman respectfully. The media they consume often has female heroes who help drive the story forward.

One example Isabel noted in her list of green flags was Harry Potter. “If he has purchased a wand from the wizarding world of Harry Potter — greenest possible flag.”

This may be due to the overwhelming female presence in the wizarding series. Heroines like Hermione Granger and Nymphadora Tonks are just two characters of many that show up and save the day time and time again.

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From Outcast To Stand-Out

Many nerds are outcasts during their high school years. As one TikTok user shared, this exclusion has a major benefit in the long run.

“Nerds are the ones that are always outside looking in,” TikTok user @urdivorcesurvivalguide elaborated in a stitch to Isabel’s video.

“You see all the jocks, all the so-called hot guys, all [those] types getting selected. [Meanwhile, nerds are] watching those good girls, those beautiful girls that [they’ve] always been attracted to get completely dogged and cr***ed on entirely, [and are] saying like ‘gosh I wouldn’t do any of that stuff’ and [they] get to learn what not to do.” 

It Does Not Work For Everyone

Not all women agree that nerds are the best route. One woman commented on Isabel’s post and shared her experience dating the dorky guys. “I’ve only dated nerds, and not all of them are nice,” Monica Rico shared.

Another woman agreed with that assessment and even expanded on Monica’s point. “Any nerdy guy I met didn’t know how to date properly, couldn’t stand up for me, etc.” Sara wrote. “And the more masculine guys were the ones who treated me well. The ones who knew what to do, and I didn’t have to sit and wait for help or anything. Nerds suck at that stuff.”

They’re A Cut Above The Rest

Despite these takes, most women boasted about their nerdy husbands on the post. Famous TikTok Influencer Elyse Myers shared of her partner, “Mine has a LOTR [Lord of the Rings] sword, and I knew he was the one after that.

One woman wrote, “Married my nerdy engineer high school boyfriend. We built Legos on a date. No lie.”

“ALL OF THESE!” An enthusiastic user commented. “My husband is a part of the 501st Star Wars group. We have basically a whole Star Wars museum in our house. THE NERDS ARE THE ONES.”

Overall, women seem to be learning the value of those often-overlooked nerdy guys. “Because those little underestimated nerd boys grow up to see what’s in [your heart],” Isabel concludes.


This article was produced and syndicated by TPR Teaching.

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