Experts Reveal 10 Greatest Ways To Boost Self-Esteem And Confidence

Discover how self-esteem, rooted in self-perception and beliefs, can be elevated. Here are the best ways to boost your self-esteem, according to experts.

1. Compliment Yourself

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“One of the best ways to boost self-esteem involves standing in front of a mirror, looking deeply into your own eyes, and genuinely complimenting yourself.

This might sound simple, but simply verbally acknowledging your strengths and achievements while making direct eye contact with your reflection can be incredibly powerful,” says Bayu Prihandito, a certified psychology expert, life coach, and founder of Life Architekture.

1. Compliment Yourself

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“It’s an intimate moment of self-recognition and affirmation. Over time, this practice can rewire your brain to focus more on your positive attributes rather than dwelling on perceived flaws or past mistakes.

I like to think of our eyes as being the window to our soul, so what better way to connect with and uplift your inner self?”

2. Surround Yourself With Positive Influences

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“The people we surround ourselves with can greatly influence our self-esteem. Spend time with supportive and uplifting individuals who believe in you and your abilities.

Avoid negative or toxic relationships that bring you down,” advises Aditya Kashyap, a life coach and cofounder of Mood Fresher. Surrounding yourself with positivity and encouragement can help you feel more confident and valued.

3. Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

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“A helpful method for improving your self-esteem is to recognize and question any negative thoughts you may have about yourself.

These thoughts could be unrealistic, exaggerated, or distorted,” suggests Ketan Parmar, a psychologist, psychiatrist, and MD at Clinic Spots.

3. Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

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“You can utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies to modify your thinking patterns and behaviors that contribute to your low self-esteem. One approach is to use evidence, logic, or different perspectives to counteract your negative thoughts.”

4. Practice Micro-Affirmations

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“One of the quickest yet profound ways to boost self-esteem is by micro-affirmations.

These are targeted, highly specific affirmations focused on real skills or attributes you possess, unlike broad statements like ‘I’m amazing,'”

4. Practice Micro-Affirmations

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Lachlan Brown, a psychology expert and founder of Hack Spirit, reveals, “So, instead of saying, ‘I’m good at my job,’ you should say, ‘I’m fantastic at doing some calculations within tight deadlines.’

The more specific, the better. This exercises your brain to recall factual instances of your abilities and acts like a reality check. It’s perfect for those moments when you need to believe in yourself, and fast.”

5. Try Power Pose

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“One of the best ways to boost self-esteem is the power pose, especially if you want to do something you have never done before.

Simply stand with your feet apart with your hands on your hips for one minute,” Toni Teixeira, a therapist and founder of Strong at the Core, recommends.

5. Try Power Pose

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“This way, you are giving your body feedback that you are open and capable. You can quickly go into a bathroom before the start of a meeting and do it, or just do it before you start your day.”

6. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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“Insecurities can be caused by a fear of the unknown. To help yourself overcome insecurities, try pushing yourself to do something that you have never done before.

You could try something like going to a new restaurant, going to the movies alone, or taking a dance class,” notes Haley Hicks, a licensed clinical social worker and vice president of admissions at BasePoint Academy.

6. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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“It doesn’t have to be something big, but challenging yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone can help boost your self-esteem. Once you realize that things aren’t so scary outside of your comfort zone, you’ll feel more confident and capable of your abilities.”

7. Appreciate Your Body

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“If you are having negative or self-critical thoughts about your appearance, one way to boost your body image is to think about what is helpful or positive function that body part serves,” Regina Lazarovich, a clinical psychologist and founder of Compass CBT, advises.

7. Appreciate Your Body

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“For example, you can thank your stomach for digesting food, your heart for circulating blood and keeping you alive, your thighs for helping you walk and get to places you want to go, your arms for helping you hug your loved ones, and so on.

It may help to actually say these things out loud so that your brain can better take in these more positive and helpful messages about your body. Remember, your body is an instrument, not an ornament.”

8. Set Goals

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“Build your self-esteem by reflecting back on one thing you are proud of from the prior week and then setting your intention for one goal you can achieve in the upcoming week, with a reward for the weekend once you achieve that goal,” Leslie Dobson, a clinical and forensic psychologist, recommends.

8. Set Goals

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“Set smart goals—goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.”

9. Reflect On Previous Successes

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“An effective way to boost your self-esteem quickly and easily is to reflect on previous successes that you’ve had.

Often, we fall victim to imposter’s syndrome or simply believe that something is too hard or we just can’t do it for whatever reason.

9. Reflect On Previous Successes

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As a life coach, one of the best strategies I have to combat this tendency is to ask a person to identify a couple of examples of how they’ve overcome something difficult in the past,” according to Lisa Dimino White, a motivational speaker, author, and certified professional coach.

“Even if what they’re currently dealing with has nothing to do with the examples of success that they think of, it reminds them that they can do hard things.

9. Reflect On Previous Successes

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Reflect on your previous successes. They can be strong, take risks, and figure stuff out, and they can use those same skills for whatever it is that they are currently facing.

When we reflect on times that we’ve shown that ability in the past, we can use that memory to motivate us to believe that we can be successful in the present as well.”

10. Accept Yourself Unconditionally

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“The best way to boost your self-esteem is by choosing to accept yourself unconditionally.

Accepting yourself unconditionally doesn’t mean that you’re proud of everything you’ve ever done; it simply means that you recognize you’re imperfect, just like everyone else, and that people are too complex to rate in totality,” therapist Julia Baum suggests.

10. Accept Yourself Unconditionally

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“To do so, you’d have to account for every moment of your existence—past, present, and future—and that’s impossible. You can’t accurately rank human beings, but you can decide that you’re worthy just because you’re alive.

Try to be the best version of yourself by being kind to yourself about your flaws and past mistakes rather than judging yourself.”

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Key Takeaways

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In summary, if you have high self-esteem, you will likely have more success at school and at your place of work, better social relationships, improved mental and physical health, and less antisocial behavior.

Otherwise, you’ll tend to experience self-doubt, engage in negative self-talk, compare yourself to others, have trouble setting boundaries, and experience difficulties in your interpersonal relationships.

Key Takeaways

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So, if you struggle with self-esteem, practicing these expert tips on the best ways to boost self-esteem can help you overcome some of the challenges often associated with it.

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