Boy With Down Syndrome Rejected By All The Girls He Asked To The Homecoming Dance But Received a Pleasant Surprise

Homecoming is a highly anticipated part of the American high school experience. Usually held at the beginning of the academic year, it’s a week-long celebration of school spirit.

Many bring a date, usually another student from the same school. But for some students, finding a date can prove challenging. As the dance approached, one student called Daniel Rivas found his excitement ebbing after not one, not two, but every girl he asked turned him down. Rivas has a well-known condition called Down Syndrome.

What is Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome is a condition that occurs when an individual has a partial or full copy of a certain chromosome. Certain physical and cognitive attributes come with the condition.

“Low muscle tone, small statue, upward slant to the eyes, and a single deep crease across the center of the palm” are characteristics that individuals with Down Syndrome may possess to various degrees.

He Was Previously Looking Forward To The Dance

Seventeen-year-old Daniel had looked forward to his homecoming dance. He planned to take a date, but all the girls he asked rejected him. His hopes were dashed, and he was forced to accept that he’d be attending the dance alone.

But a classmate of Daniel’s refused to let his story end that way.

Tenth-grade student Kylie Fronius heard about what happened to Daniel. She decided to surprise her classmate and ask him out herself.

Kylie Saved The Day

Kylie didn’t care that Daniel had Down Syndrome. She told reporters, “I don’t see disabled people as different. They are just normal people that learn in a different way.” She added, “I hope I can make his night fun.”

Daniel’s mother was overjoyed. It broke her heart when Daniel received all those rejections. Kylie showing up to take her son to the dance moved her to tears. “Someone took the time to take my son to homecoming. Words can’t even describe what I’m feeling right now.”

The News Spread Quickly

Hearing of Kylie’s kindness, a news station decided to surprise both her and Daniel.

The news team sent a Rolls Royce to pick up the pair. The luxury vehicle then took Daniel and Kylie to an elegant dinner at the Aliante Casino’s Bistro 57. Both teenagers were overwhelmingly grateful for the experience—and the surprises kept coming.

When the Rolls Royce pulled up to their high school, a red carpet awaited them. Daniel and Kylie got emotional and began crying. Daniel called the event “very cool” and felt his mother was proud of him.

As if the night couldn’t get any better, both the students and their families received an all-expense paid trip to Disneyland!

The story spread across social media. It was so touching that the owner of United Nissan in Las Vegas, Don Forman, reached out to Daniel and Kylie. He awarded Daniel a $10,000 scholarship to help him attend college and achieve his dream of becoming a chef. Kylie was surprised with a new car.

“All you had to do was watch the [original] news story that aired, and you saw a young lady with a huge heart, and she was inspirational,” Forman said, explaining how Kylie’s actions affected him.

Social Media Users Expressed Their Well Wishes

Those that heard the story online congratulated the pair. “Glad to see someone is raising their kids right,” one of them wrote with regards to Kylie’s kind spirit.

Many shared in the celebration. “Daniel, not just your mom is happy for you,” another user wrote, “The entire world is happy for you.”

A Seemingly Small Act of Kindness That Had a Great Impact

Kylie’s thoughtfulness triggered a series of random acts of kindness and inspired so many others. With one small gesture, she changed both her and Daniel’s lives for the better.

Kylie never intended to receive accolades and rewards. Her goal was to make a classmate happy—the rest was an unexpected bonus.

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