Cambly Application Process And Introduction Video in 2022

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Cambly is actively hiring, so now is a great time to apply.

Cambly has quite a straightforward application process that takes roughly 15 minutes to complete.

In this article, we will break down the Cambly application process and introduction video to help you complete your application with ease and get hired.

If you haven’t already, check out the Cambly requirements for teaching online. In short, Cambly hire native English speakers (any citizenship). No degree or formal qualifications are required.

Cambly Application Process

Sign up for Cambly on the Cambly Tutor Page. Cambly will send you an email to verify your details.

Cambly Tutor Signup

You will be taken to the application page to fill in your basic information, complete your video introduction and do an internet speed test.

The application should take approximately fifteen minutes to complete. Fill it in its entirety. When you have finished your application you can submit it to Cambly to review.

When Cambly approves your application, you can start teaching!

Complete Your Cambly Tutor Profile

You will be asked to submit details on:

  • Basic information
  • Profile photo
  • Video introduction
  • Written introduction and about you section
  • Teaching style
  • Languages you speak
  • Work experience and education
  • Teaching certificate
  • Why you want to teach on Cambly

Basic Information

This includes your display name, date of birth and where you are from. For privacy reasons, you may not want to give your full name here. I just give my first name and the initial of my middle name.

Profile Photo

Your profile headshot should be professional and high-quality, with your face and the top of your shoulders visible.

It is proven by Cambly that tutors who smile in their profile pictures receive more students than their non-smiling counterparts.

Video Introduction

Your video introduction is a critical part of your application as it gives the students and Cambly a sense of who you are, your passions and your expertise.

Cambly encourages tutors to be seated in a quiet space with adequate lighting and a tidy background. The video should be 1-3 minutes long. Cambly want to see that you are friendly and conversational.

You should highlight your teaching style, expertise and personality in your video.


I believe this section is no longer included in your profile but you can include them in other parts of your profile, such as your intro.

Your demonstrable specialties are the areas you feel comfortable in teaching because you have previously specialized in them.

Specialities include friendly conversation, teaching slang and idioms, public speaking, test prep, business English, culture, grammar instruction, etc.


Your introduction will be one of the first things visible to students as they scan the profiles on the first page.

Your introduction will only be about two sentences (140 characters) before it is cut off, and students have to click into your profile to view the rest. Therefore, you can make your intro very brief.

For example, you could say “An ESL teacher with five years of experience. I can teach you English grammar, conversation, and vocabulary.”

Or you could target the audience you want to teach directly: “I love teaching beginners the English language. I am a patient, fun-loving teacher.”

About You

A short description about you and who you are. This expands on your intro.

You could mention your skills, personality, what you enjoy and have a passion for.

For example, you could say: “I have a passion for travelling and meeting people from different cultures. I enjoy learning new languages, visiting historical sites and hiking in my free time.


You choose your dialect, for example, British English or Australian English. You can list other languages you speak and your fluency in those languages.

Work Experience and Education

You can list your work experience and education. While there are no formal qualifications required to teach at Cambly, listing your education and work experience could help students relate to you more.

Teaching Certificate

This is not required by Cambly, however, it is visible on your profile so when students log in they can see which teachers have it immediately. It might be a better idea to get certified as it may be the difference between students choosing you and not choosing you over another tutor.

You can get one fairly cheaply at the International Open Academy. This is what most teachers purchase if they want to try teaching ESL online.

If you are thinking about teaching as a more long-term option for you, I highly recommend The TEFL Academy’s 168-hour course. This is really in-depth and will teach you what you need to know online or in the classroom. Their current offer allows you to specialize with a free top-up course, such as Business English or Teaching Young Learners.

Why do you want to tutor on Cambly?

Cambly also ask to answer the question, “why do you want to tutor on Cambly?”

This is a good opportunity to tell Cambly why you think you would be a good fit. For example, you could talk about your passion for helping others, your teaching experience, your love for languages, or meeting people from other cultures.

I would refrain from mentioning travelling as your sole basis for applying to Cambly, as most ESL companies want to know you are taking the job seriously and have a true passion for it. Therefore, try to give more reasons why you think you can help others and the relevant experience that makes you a good fit.

Connection Test

The final part of the application process is the connection test. The connection test will determine if you have the right equipment for teaching at Cambly.

You will need:

An internet speed of at least 3mbps download and 2mbps upload is required. Check your internet speed here.

Relevant Articles:

I have summarized some possible points to include in your application in these easy-to-follow slides:

Is Cambly currently hiring?

Yes, Cambly is currently hiring and now is a great time to apply. Your application only takes 15 minutes to complete so why not send it in now!

Is it easy to get hired at Cambly?

Yes, it is easy to get hired but you need to make sure you fill out your application with enough information about yourself and complete a video that is at least one minute long.

How long does it take Cambly to approve your application?

There is no timeline. Cambly can take a few days to approve your application or even a few months. They hire from all over the world and may need teachers from a specific timezone, depending on their hiring requirements at that time.

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  1. I would love to teach online with Cambly, because of the flexibility 24/7 and that it is worldwide. I am looking forward to be part of the team and to make a difference to people all around the world from different cultures and backrounds. What a great honor and privilege it will be for me to do this for the rest of life.

  2. Hi, useful video, thanks. I wish I’d watched it before applying, lol. Two weeks after my application and so far no response from Cambly. In hindsight, maybe I should have kept things a lot more simple, in the video I waffled on for over 3 mins. I’m thinking now whether to wait longer or reapply.

  3. Hi Catriona, strangely enough I got accepted; actually, can’t help but feel a tad excited lol Have some time today to go through the introductory bumph. Thanks for the encouragement to wait a bit.


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