Apply to Cambly Kids and Get Accepted in 2020

Teach English to kids online all around the world with Cambly Kids.

Cambly is a Californian-based company founded in 2012. Cambly allows adults and children worldwide to practice their English speaking skills with tutors from native English speaking countries.

Cambly is used by students in over 120 countries worldwide.

Tutors can choose to teach kids, adults or both. Cambly Kids was set up for children between the ages of 4 and 15.

Cambly Kids


  • Native English speaker or near-native English speaker
  • No experience or teaching experience required.
  • No degree required

Cambly is one of the few teaching companies that accept teachers who don’t have a degree.

This makes it a great option for college students, those who don’t have any teaching experience, or those who need to fill up their teaching hours. 

If you do not have a bachelor’s degree, we also recommend Palfish. Read our Palfish review.

Lessons and Scheduling 

Cambly Kids tutors are free to open their schedule as they wish.

  • One-on-one classes
  • 24/7 schedule
  • No minimum hour commitment
  • Log in and teach OR add your priority hours in advance

Tutors can open slots as they wish at any time of the day. Tutors can also set up a fixed schedule, which guarantees some compensation, even if their slots aren’t booked.

You are more likely to get a regular base of students if you open priority slots ahead of time.


  • Cambly Kids pays $0.20 per minute spoken or $12 per hour.
  • Cambly Kids pays weekly 

Cambly is good for beer money or as a secondary teaching position.

Some teachers have it as their full-time job, and you may be able to get by if you have a low cost of living.

Cambly kids are an excellent option to pair with another teaching job because it is flexible and a great way of filling up those extra time slots.

You can find some other recommended teaching jobs here.

How to Apply to Cambly Kids?

  • Fill out the Cambly Tutor application here.
  • Create a profile and input your introduction, interests, tutoring style, and so forth.
  • Make sure to fill in all parts of your application, including your video.
  • Complete the 3-5 minute demo video
  • Wait until Cambly approves your account

As you can see, there is a section called “Who I Teach.” Select “I want to teach kids.”

Cambly Kids Application

Cambly Kids Video

The video to teach English to Cambly adults is much different from the video you upload for Cambly kids.

Show your personality and make sure you talk for the duration of the minute-long video. You want to show that you are a good conversationalist and have an interest in teaching others.

Tips for the Cambly Kids Video

It’s a good idea to be mindful of your background (plain or kid-friendly) and use some prop in your video, like a teddy bear or puppet.

Also, consider using TPR. If you’ve never heard of TPR, this is a teaching strategy that helps students understand your talking about employing facial gestures and body language. Read more about TPR here.

If you don’t have a headset, it’s okay because it’s not required on Cambly. However, the students might be able to hear you better if you have a headset with noise cancellation properties.

Cambly Kids Demo

If you want to teach kids, you will also be asked to complete a demo lesson. It is not like a formal interview; there is no student or interviewer on the other side of the screen.

This is just a three to five-minute demo, and you can submit your recording to be reviewed for approval. Act as if you are having a lesson with a young student.

Tips for the Cambly Kids Demo Video

In case you’ve never tried completing a demo before, here are some tips for success:

  • Introduce yourself and pretend you are talking to a student
  • Use lots of TPR
  • Use a prop if you like, for example, flashcards or a puppet.
  • Congratulate the “student” 
  • Correct the “student” by repeating the word again
  • Smile and have a positive energy
  • Speak slowly but conversationally, don’t use broken sentences.
  • Have good lighting and teaching background
  • Keep within the time frame stated

Take these steps to ensure you stand out from the crowd and create a great Cambly Kid Demo.

The demo will determine if you are suitable for the position, so it’s worth taking the time to plan and prepare for it.

Once approved, you can start teaching kids on Cambly! 

What do Cambly Tutors Teach?

The teacher and the student decide the curriculum and topics of discussion that best suit their needs.

Most students have already taken other English courses and wish to go over grammar, speaking, or listening exercises.

Lesson material is made available to the teacher and the student, should they choose to use it.

Tutors can also teach through songs, games, or just general conversation. Props, like a puppet, can also be helpful to keep the class going smoothly and enjoyably. 

Some Real Examples of Cambly Kid Classes

Here is a Youtube video of a Cambly tutor with a student who is having a trial lesson.

This is an exceptional teacher and class. It has over 100k hits on Youtube, and many comments are in praise of the teacher. 

As you can see from the above videos, it is important to keep the child talking throughout the lesson.

Ask them questions, talk about their experiences, and explore other lesson materials if needed.

Here is another example where the tutor and the student are following some of the Cambly Kids lessons:

Cambly Kids Review

It’s time to weigh up Cambly Kids with other platforms and see what other teachers have to say. Is Cambly Kids worth it in 2020?

Advantages of using Cambly Kids

  • Very flexible schedule
  • Relaxed pacing 
  • Amazing students from all over the world
  • Teach at any time
  • No minimum hours required
  • Reasonable cancellation policy

Cambly Kids doesn’t have any peak hour slots because they accept students all around the world.

This means, there is no peak time for you to teach; you can teach any time you wish!

There are also no minimum hours required each week, so you can always log in on a day or week that suits you.

Cambly Kids ask that you can cancel priority hours with at least 12-hour notice. The system is also designed to overlook one-off misses if you don’t attend your priority hour. It is better to cancel your priority hour than miss it.

Disadvantages of using Cambly Kids

  • Low Pay
  • You don’t receive full pay for cancellations.
  • Cambly is sometimes slow to approve teacher applications. 

Cambly Kids provide a flexible schedule for teachers and relaxed pacing. Teachers enjoy working there because they can meet students from any part of the world and work whenever they want.

Cambly Kids are still relatively low pay when compared to online teaching companies.

While we hope to get our full payment for the hour when working on a schedule, sometimes students might cancel their booked classes, and teachers will not receive their total compensation for these, 

Cambly Kids will pay you for ten minutes of chat time even if the student doesn’t show up for the reservation, and you could also receive other students during this wait time.


It is worthwhile applying to Cambly Kids if you are passionate about teaching children and want to fill in some hours.

Their offer is not for everybody as the pay is relatively low, so other teaching or work opportunities should be considered where income is concerned.

Cambly Kids pays better than teaching adults on the platform, but they might require special attention and energy as they are kids. 

If you would like to apply to Cambly Kids, click the button below to get started. 

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