Cambly Rejection: Reasons Why and How to Fix

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Cambly hasn’t accepted my profile?! 

I haven’t heard anything from Cambly.

I got a rejection from Cambly… Can I apply again?

These are common complaints I’ve heard when people try to sign up for Cambly. Cambly is a platform that connects native speakers with non-native speakers across the globe. You can read my Cambly pay and review here, where I discuss the platform in depth.

Why did my profile on Cambly get rejected?

Unfortunately, Cambly, like all other platforms, have the right to reject or accept your profile. Why remains a mystery, but we will dive into some of the common reasons below.


Firstly… It’s not about experience!

Many teachers who have years and years of experience apply and do not receive a response. It doesn’t seem to matter if you have a lot of experience or not.

There are many regular folks with no teaching qualifications on the platform. In fact, Cambly doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree or any teaching qualifications to apply.

Don’t feel bad if they don’t accept you. Look at it this way. It’s not a typical job. They don’t know you, and there is no interview or training.

Sometimes people don’t hear from Cambly for months on end, while some don’t hear from them at all!

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They have enough teachers

Sometimes Cambly will send a message in response to your application saying that “they will contact you when they need more teachers.” They like to keep a balance between teachers and students.

Cambly has a client base from all around the globe, and there are many students throughout the day logging in. They need teachers to also be available to them at all points of the day, which is why they hire from many different locations.

While there may be enough teachers now, don’t give up as you may be looking for more teachers shortly.


They have many applications

Many individuals are applying for a job at Cambly. This can mean that Cambly doesn’t see your application for months on end. The waiting time can be very frustrating, but most people applying to Cambly have to wait a long time before Cambly recognizes their profile. 

Some teachers report getting started in as little as a few days while others say a few months. 

They don’t think you are a good fit

Cambly may have viewed your profile and do not think that your profile is a good fit.

Maybe you haven’t filled in the descriptions or added an introductory video. Perhaps you didn’t comb your hair! You can go back over your profile and see what you can do to touch it up and make it look even better.

Try to include any teaching experience you can think of or even just times you’ve worked with people. 

Cambly wants teachers who are good conversationalists, so make sure to show that in your introductory video. When I applied to Cambly, they sent me a message saying that my video was too short and that I should make a new one. 

You have poor internet connection

Cambly encourages South African tutors to apply; however, sometimes, tutors have connection problems from certain areas of South Africa.

If you are from South Africa and you don’t hear back after a few weeks, it is likely because of a connection issue.

What can I do now?

Can I still get my profile accepted by Cambly? Why of course you can! Here are some things you should do.


Update Your Profile 

Consider updating your profile. See if you can edit anything that you think may make your profile more professional and welcoming.

Resubmit Your Application

Your application may have been lost in a wave of teacher applications from an off-peak season. Consider applying using a different e-mail address and see if you are successful.

Apply to Cambly Kids

You could even apply to Cambly Kids if you haven’t already. They sent a notification to me awhile ago saying that they need more Cambly Kids tutors, so if they are experiencing tutor shortages, it could be something to consider applying for.

Complete Your Profile Cambly

Update Your Video

Your video could very well be the culprit. Here are some ideas to help you improve your video:

  • Look professional and present yourself well
  • Have a suitable plain background
  • Have sufficient lighting
  • Show your face in the camera.

Things that you can talk about:

  • Your story
  • Your qualifications
  • Your passions
  • Your experiences teaching or working with others.

Make sure your video is pleasant, welcoming, and you are looking forward to meeting others. Your video should be about a minute long. Cambly wants to see that you are social and can chat for this period.

My Experience Applying to Cambly

I sent my application to Cambly last year in 2019, and I waited but heard nothing from them. I remembered it after about 2-3 months and decided to try and apply again.

I applied again, and they contacted me, saying they needed a longer video! My video now is only 56 seconds, which is still short, but I was accepted!

Cambly Rejection

So as you can see, it took me some trial and error to finally get my application approved. It is a good gig because it is a log-in/log-off system with no minimum hours required, and you can literally teach at any time.

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To Conclude

Be patient as Cambly processes your application. Cambly is excellent for filling in gaps in your schedule and really passes the time without feeling like work. You can meet so many people from unique cultures.

The main thing is not to give up! Sometimes it takes people more than two, three, or more applications to be accepted. You can always try again.

If you are interested in applying for Cambly, you can do so here. Or read my full Cambly review here. Best of luck with your application!

These are my opinion and hunches based on my prior experience and other tutors’ reports. I’ll try to get in touch with Cambly and see what they have to say.

 What has your experience been like with Cambly? Let me know in the comments section below.

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2 years ago

Comprehensive and helpful review.

2 years ago

May I know how to reach out to Cambly HR?

2 years ago

hello, I applied to cambly 1 month ago and the only response i get is they will let me know if I’m accepted. Is there a chance for me to be accepted? how long did you wait to be accepted? thank you!

1 year ago

Hi Catriona, When you sign up again with a different email, what happens with your previous profile? Like is it an issue?

2 years ago

Hi caitriona
I am an irish citizen myself currently living in brazil. I applied to cambly with my paddys day hat to make it funny and they rejected my video and they asked me to do again. I did it again 1 month ago wearing a brazil shirt and i haven’t heard back from them. They did email me to update my cambly kids profile but i am not interested in teaching kids at the moment. I am currently doing a tusol course at the moment so do you think i should wait until i am finished that and re-apply again updating my tesol cert on my teaching experience and maybe do a different video if my Brazil T-shirt was not appropriate.

Anne Rinita
Anne Rinita
1 year ago

Hi Catriona, I’m From India. Do Cambly accept teacher from India, as if I’m good in English.

1 year ago

Hie im from zimbabwe but based in south africa, will i be accepted.

7 months ago

Hello Caitriona, and your information was extremely helpful.
I’m a native English speaker living in the Philippines, with substitute teaching experience (in the U.S.), I’ve posted on the Cambly site, but still waiting to hear back from them (it’s been about a month).
It’s getting a bit frustrating, but nice to know I’m not alone, with the waiting. I’m still hopeful of hearing back from them, even if it is a rejection.

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