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Cambly is a digital networking platform founded in 2012. It allows students from all over the world to connect with native English speakers. Cambly is a unique platform that allows you to teach English with zero teaching experience. This may be a great place to start out teaching English online and learning more about your tutoring style. It may also be a good platform to use if you want some extra beer money or rack up a few hours while traveling.

Some people might think that getting paid to talk sounds like a dream… But it is possible with Cambly!

Requirements to Work at Cambly

  • Native and non-native English speakers
  • A unique platform with no experience or teaching certificate required
  • No degree required
  • You will have to show that you are a good conversationalist
  • Computer with headset and microphone
  • High-speed internet, which is checked upon entering the Cambly platform
  • There are no minimum tutoring hours required

If you would like a break from tutoring students or if you have extra teaching hours to fill, Cambly is a good alternative to receive pay. Simply log in and accept calls from students in minutes. You also must have a computer, headset and microphone to talk online. The best thing is that you can sign up and teach as little or as many hours as you like, so there are no obligations for the online teacher.

How Much Does Cambly Pay?

  • Cambly offers $0.17 per minute, which is the equivalent to $10.20 per hour
  • Receive payment weekly each Monday via Paypal
  • Sign up for Cambly Kids to receive $0.20 per minute or $12 per hour. 

Cambly records the number of minutes that you are tutoring. You may talk for 15 minutes in one class or an hour in another. They will issue the payment provided you have made at least $20, which is approximately 2 hours of tutoring. 

Cambly kids is completely optional, you do not have to sign up for this. This requires a separate introductory video. You can choose to apply for it later, after your account has been approved. Or you can apply to teach both adults and kids when you first sign up.

You can earn more if you decide to teach kids on the platform. Cambly Kids (4-12 years) offers $0.20 per minute, which is the equivalent of $12 per hour. If you teach adults, you will earn up to $10.20 per hour.

Simply set your schedule or log on whenever you want, and start calling within minutes. Work from home or travel.


  • Create your own schedule
  • One on one sessions
  • A relaxed environment to have a conversation
  • Teach as many or as few hours as you want

Students can choose who they call or get matched to your profile. Once you get matched to a student, you can pick up the call. You can go online whenever you want and receive students or you can sign up for priority hours. This means that you can choose your availability in advance.

You will be paid for 15 minutes of your priority hour even if no student signs up. During your priority hour, you are required to wait online and answer all incoming calls. Students can also reserve classes with you and see your schedule. You are paid based on the number of minutes you chat.

Conversation Topics

Worried about what you will speak about next? No problem. You can ask students what they want to practice that day. It may be the case they have a question or topic that they’d like to discuss. You can ask details about their lives, fashion, culture, leisure, work or school.

Cambly has helpful resources for teachers to aid discussions. You can find more topics to discuss here.

Cambly has even some short course slides that a teacher can choose to show the student. Some students like to learn this way, and the teacher can begin on any slide, without prior background knowledge or preparation. If you do not feel comfortable delivering these lessons, you can politely decline and allow the student to pick another teacher. 

Cambly Review

Cambly Review

Cambly really is not like any other platform. Unlike teaching platforms that cater to a specific audience, Cambly allows you to talk to people from many cultural backgrounds. Anyone can sign up to chat on the platform, so you could find yourself talking to a wide range of people.

Maybe one day you will talk to a Chinese businessman, whereas the next day you might talk to a Brazillian beautician or an Italian college student. It provides really interesting conversations as you get to know and talk to many interesting people from all walks of life.

What do teachers like about Cambly?

Building a group of regular students is very possible with Cambly and can be a very rewarding experience. You can develop relationships with students by asking when they usually log in and invite them to meet for another session.

Teachers like the flexibility that Cambly give them and their fair cancellation policy. You can log in at any hour of the day and begin teaching.

Cambly is also a great way to fill up any missed hours in your teaching schedule. You can log in at any time, show that you are available to teach, and almost instantly receive students.

What do teachers not like about Cambly?

Teachers don’t really have anything bad to say, the main criticism being the poor pay. While it is a relatively easy job to do with little to no preparation required, the 5-minute trial classes can feel like a time-waster.

Account Approval Process

On another note, please be aware that Cambly takes awhile to look at your profile and approve your application. You could be waiting for days, weeks, or even months for account approval. This depends on their teacher demand requirements at that time.

Cambly receives many applications each day, so make sure your application stands out above the rest. Provide a presentable, informative application that describes the kind of person you. Give a compelling reason why you want to join in your application. 


You are an independent contractor and therefore responsible for your own taxes

Application Process

The application process is simple and straight-forward. There is no formal interview.

The introductory videos tell Cambly and the students a little bit more about you. You can talk about yourself, such as who you are, where you are from and your hobbies. Be sure to be talkative and optimistic during this introductory video as it will reflect whether you are a good fit for Cambly.

The video only needs to be 2-3 minutes long. Make sure to show that you can carry a conversation by talking for those minutes.

When filling in your application, you will include an introduction, your personal experiences and why you want to teach on Cambly. 

  • Your introduction – talk a bit about yourself
  • Your personal experience- how does your own personal experiences contribute to Cambly?
  • Why do you want to teach on Cambly? Give a compelling reason, for example, you like to meet new people or enjoy learning about new cultures. 

You can choose what type of students you’d like to teach (for example, intermediate students), your tutoring style and education. If you have teaching certificates you can upload them, but these are not required. The only thing required is that you are a native English speaker.

Here is a snippet from my application…

If you check other peoples’ profiles you will realise this is a nice, casual platform to relax and have a chat. There is no need to be nervous having informal conversations with students on Cambly. 

Is Cambly Safe?

Cambly has a strict protocol to ensure their teachers feel safe at all times. Teachers can ban students immediately if they experience any major issues. Another option is to report a student if you had a problem in the class, such as a poor internet connection or disrespectful behavior.


Getting Reservations

Teachers will have to open some priority hours (one-hour shifts) to reach new students. Teachers should try to open time slots at the same hours every day (even if it’s just one or two hours each day) when building their regular student base.

Your priority time slots may take a few weeks to build up if you are new. Encourage new students that you meet to reserve classes with you.

Another thing to consider is asking the students what do they want to learn today. Establishing a rapport with your student will help you earn their trust. You can also check out their Facebook group, the Cambly Corner, for useful tips and resources.

My Cambly Experience: A Teacher Review

While there is no experience required, I recommend setting up a presentable-looking account. There is a lot of competition to tutor at Cambly so make sure your profile looks good.

When you are signing up, be sure to create an amazing 2-3 minute introductory video about yourself and why you want to join Cambly. An upbeat, presentable video will most likely get your application accepted.

My application was not accepted the first time, however, I went back to my profile and created a 2-3 minute video, as they said my first one was too short. You will receive a notification that you uploaded a new video and Cambly will get back to you. My account was then accepted!

So if you find you are waiting weeks or months on end to be accepted, change up your profile in some way and see if you can get approved.

Cambly is a great platform to chat and make friends all while working at home. I’ve plugged in a few hours and received some trial students. They were really nice and we had some interesting discussions about culture. Within an hour, I had met someone from Saudi Arabia and Japan.

It was nerve-racking at first, but as I got more trial students, I felt my confidence growing. Keep asking questions, keep your students engaged, and show an interest in helping them.

I decided not to pursue further teaching with Cambly due to the pay rates, and I am already earning enough with other online ESL companies. With that being said, I am glad to have an account on the platform and put some hours in if I feel like having a good conversation.


Cultural Awareness

Keep an open mind, every culture is unique. You will get students from a variety of backgrounds, with different experiences, beliefs and attitudes. You can respect their culture and they respect yours. It shouldn’t be a problem when communicating with students across the globe.

You will get a lot of students from Saudi Arabia; this is certainly a very different culture in the western world! You will develop more cultural awareness as time progresses, and it’s very interesting to hear about their culture and not at all daunting, even as a woman.

Always keep in mind that you can contact Cambly should any issue arise and you have the upperhand as a teacher.

My Recommendation

Cambly is a very interesting platform and a good way to fill your teaching hours while meeting students from around the globe. It gives confidence to new teachers and you get to meet a great variety of folk. It’s an easy job and even if you are introverted like me, you can do it!

Listen, be kind and ask lots of questions. Make the students smile and feel comfortable. They will more likely book classes with you in the future, and eventually, you will have a set of regulars on the platform.

You can definitely learn a lot from students on this platform as you have unique conversations around the world. It’s incredible learning about the world through another person’s eyes.

Teach English Online with Cambly No Certification Required

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