The Fight To Save Indigenous Languages in the Digital Age

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There is a significant lack of diversity in internet content– specifically, language diversity. Research by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) shows that a staggering 76.9% of online content is monopolized by the top ten most spoken

10 Hardest Languages to Learn (For English Speakers)

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Discover the challenges and rewards of mastering multiple languages, with insights on the ten hardest languages to learn according to the Foreign Service Institute (FSI). From Mandarin Chinese’s intricate characters to the unique grammar of Hungarian, explore the complexities of languages that will test your linguistic skills. Whether you dream of becoming a global communicator or expanding your horizons, this article equips you with knowledge to conquer the language barriers ahead. Start your linguistic adventure now!

Duolingo ASL: Learn ASL Fast With These Free Apps

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So you’re thinking about learning American Sign Language (ASL) on Duolingo? That’s awesome. As many as half a million people in the U.S. and Canada have ASL as their native language. Knowing sign language lowers communication barriers between you and

Duolingo Icelandic 2024 and Amazing App Alternatives

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If you’re interested in visiting Iceland or exploring Nordic myths, learning Icelandic (Íslenska) could be a great idea. In the past, learning the language has been challenging due to its intricate grammar and complex spelling. However, with technological advances and