5 Historical Events That Weren’t Taught in School

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The average American student spends over one thousand hours in a classroom in a year. And though some of that time is dedicated to learning about historical phenomena, it would be impossible to cover the thousands of years worth of

9 Movies That Teach Us Terrible Moral Lessons

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Over the years, Hollywood has given us some incredibly entertaining movies. They make us laugh and cry. They thrill us and anger us. They educate us and offer us a brief escape from our daily troubles. Captivating Yet Confusing However,

America’s 7 Most Depressing Career Choices

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New and expanding industries are in motion every day, and workforce variety is only growing. And while children may be adding astronomer and artist to their dream journals, the eventual reality is often much different.  A job can provide satisfaction and

AI Imagines What Billionaires Would Look Like Poor

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Since the dawn of time, wealth and status have played a major role in society. From kings and queens to modern-day billionaires, there has always been a fascination with the lives of the extraordinarily wealthy.  Stripping of Their Fortune With