How Students Can Make The Most of Winter Break

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Winter break comes on the heels of stressful final exams and term papers. Researchers for the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute’s Children Journal found that “9–21% of students are at risk of developing burnout” within their first semester. According to the

101 Positive Affirmations For Kids to Empower Your Child

Positive Affirmations for Kids

Self-confidence can be challenging for many people. Positive affirmations are crucial when building confidence and self-worth. For kids, it can be a powerful tool to teach confidence at a young age because they will learn to respect themselves early enough

How To Save Money for Kids (9 Best Ways)

How to Save Money for Kids

Raising kids is costly. You’ll spend money on food, clothes, education, medical bills, birthday presents, extracurricular activities, and much more. Parents often want to know how to save money for their kids. A strategic saving plan is essential if you

11 Outdoor Activities With Kids For Nature Lovers

Outdoor Activities for Kids

With all the technological advances of our time, the outdoors is starting to feel like a foreign environment. It’s not uncommon for kids to spend lots of time indoors on electronic devices. They are either playing video games, watching TV,

Best Meal Prep Tips For The School Week

Meal Prep

Sports practices, music lessons, homework, and other kids’ activities can throw a wrench in your meal plans. Fast food and takeout are so tempting when you have a busy night and don’t have time to cook. However, consistently eating fast