7 Best Cheap TEFL Certification Online in 2023

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Are you interested in a career change or even a change in scenery?

The adventurous souls would be glad to know that there is a global market for English as a second language (ESL) teachers, should you wish to travel abroad or earn an income teaching online.

Leaving your home country might seem daunting at first, but most Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) providers support you on that journey.

The best part about TEFL is that you get a fresh start in an enriching teaching career, with the choice of teaching adults or children in any location you desire.

You can take it up for a year or even a summer or decide to make it your full-time career if you find it interesting.

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Cheap TEFL Certification Online

There are many quality yet cheap TEFL certification online courses that you can take to help meet your career goals and find a high-paying teaching position online or abroad.

You can teach English as a second language almost anywhere. They come with many benefits; usually, schools provide housing, flight reimbursements, holidays, insurance, and a lot of other support to help you enjoy your stay in a new country. 

Not only that, but you can find many students eager to learn online too. Depending on what you decide to teach, you can typically earn $10-$45 per hour online.

Secret: Don’t buy a TEFL course unless it is on sale! TEFL websites regularly hold special offers, so be sure to get them when there is a discount on the course!

Let’s take a look at some of the most affordable TEFL courses online to see if you can find the perfect option for you. Our findings are based on the standard 120-hour to 170-hour online TEFL course.

Are cheap TEFL courses legit?

Please be aware that “cheap” does not necessarily mean quality!

In fact, it can mean quite the opposite! I am appalled to see fake TEFL certification courses when scouring the internet… Some people just create a phony course and sell it, but the course is worth absolutely nothing. 

Choosing a free or very cheap TEFL course will not get you a good job!

In fact, it has probably left a lot of people in a devastating situation, as their certificate cannot be verified, leaving them stranded and unable to start that new job.

This is why we need to be so careful to choose a reputable TEFL course.

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Can I get a free course?

The truth is there is nothing for free in this life! However, there are ways around this.

For example, you might be able to get a free course in exchange for doing an internship or volunteer opportunity abroad.

Therefore, you would train for your TEFL course while working on the job. You may be able to get this for free or at a reduced rate.

The downside of this is that you won’t receive the same pay benefits at this type of job placement.

Still, it might be a good way to gain some new lifelong experiences while working toward your TEFL.

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Cheapest Online TEFL Course: International Open Academy

Price: $119 (Get it for $19 with our discount code)

  • 120-hour online TEFL course
  • Teach Abroad or Online – YES
  • Accredited – YES
  • Government Regulated – NO
  • Bonus Course – NO
  • Tutor Support – NO
  • Job Support – NO
  • Teaching Practice – NO

So, why should you choose IOA TEFL?

A course that countless TEFL teachers have taken to teach online is the International Open Academy course TEFL Course.

If you want to get a quick job teaching online, the online schools I’ve recommended in the past accept that certification. 

This cheap online TEFL certification can be verified by the online school, and many new teachers have used this to get a job as independent contractors online. 

Typically teachers earn between $10 and $45 per hour teaching online, but it is possible to earn more if you specialize in a niche or teach groups of students.

This course does not have the same level of tutor support and assessment as other TEFL courses.

It also does not take that long to complete– it says 120-hours, but most teachers completed it in just a short weekend!

If you want an online teaching job and don’t want to wait around for your TEFL course, this may be the best option for you.

It works for a number of schools abroad, too, if you get the hard copy of the certificate.

For more information, read our International Open Academy Review.

Best-Value TEFL Course: The TEFL Academy

  • 168-hour TEFL course
  • Teach Abroad or Online – YES
  • Accredited – YES
  • Government Regulated – YES
  • Bonus Course – YES
  • Tutor Support – YES
  • Job Support – YES
  • Teaching Practice – OPTIONAL
  • 4.9/5 Star Average Rating (Reviews.io)

So, why should you choose The TEFL Academy?

According to The TEFL Academy, they became the first TEFL course to be recognized by both the UK and US governments.

They also have more course locations running than any other TEFL provider and can be found throughout Europe, South Africa, Australia, and North America. Therefore, if you want to take the combined course (online and in-person), you will have a chance to meet up in a location nearby!

Most TEFL providers charge a high price for an internship abroad but not The TEFL Academy. Enjoy the crystal clear water beaches in Vietnam or view the iconic cherry blossoms in Japan with no fees attached to your internship!

The TEFL Academy provides the prospective teacher with a great bundle deal that includes some of their most popular courses as an add-on to the 168-hour TEFL course.

The 168-hour course aids the new teacher in lesson planning, classroom management, teaching skills, and finding a job.

The bonus course will strengthen teaching skills in the area you are interested in (whether it is teaching young learners, teaching business English or teaching online).

The TEFL Academy has a combined course that includes twenty hours of teaching practice. Here you get the chance to meet others face-to-face and learn from an ESL teaching professional.

Teach abroad or online after you have finished your studies at the TEFL Academy. They provide tutor support and have an active job board so you can find the best option for you!

For more information, read The TEFL Academy Review.

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Best Range of Courses: i-to-i TEFL

  • 180-hour TEFL course
  • Teach Abroad or Online – YES
  • Accredited – YES
  • Government Regulated – YES
  • Bonus Course – YES
  • Tutor Support – YES
  • Job Support – YES
  • Teaching Practice – OPTIONAL
  • 4.7/5 Star Average Rating (Reviews.io)

Why should you choose i-to-i TEFL? 

i-to-i TEFL is so confident about their course, they GUARANTEE their students will get a job, or they get their money back! Therefore, in the unlikely event you can’t get a job after the course, don’t sweat it and let i-to-i do know your circumstances. 

i-to-i TEFL offers an eResume to their TEFL graduates. As you complete your TEFL training, your eResume will automatically add to your skills and qualifications that can be viewable to future employers.

They are also said to offer unparalleled support in getting your dream teaching job by helping you choose from hundreds of their live listings on their website. 

To show just how far they are willing to go, one reviewer called Christina, who was absent from the job market for ten years, said that the staff provided her with advice on how to structure her resume and other tips she should know.

At the moment, i-to-i TEFL is also offering free live Zoom classes with 12 hours of live and on-demand TEFL classes when you purchase a course. This will give you a chance to chat with your tutor or other like-minded individuals taking the same course.

The 180-hour course also comes with a bonus course that will enable you to specialize in teaching young learners. This will give you an advantage when teaching kids in school or online.

If you want online teaching practice, you can pay for this separately for $50. This is a 2-hour live Zoom session with a live discussion with an experienced TEFL tutor. You can get their names as a reference for future employers.

For more information, read our i-to-i TEFL Review.

Best for Discounts: MyTEFL

  • 120-hour TEFL course
  • Teach Abroad or Online – YES
  • Accredited – YES
  • Government Regulated – NO
  • Bonus Course – NO
  • Tutor Support – YES
  • Job Support – YES
  • Teaching Practice – OPTIONAL
  • 4.7/5 Star Average Rating (teflcoursereview.com)

Why choose MyTEFL?

MyTEFL is said to offer lifetime job assistance to its graduates. This includes CV creation, matching graduates with the right employers, and securing interviews. 

They also provide support with everything related to pre and post-departure preparations so MyTEFL graduates can feel prepared when beginning a job in another country.

MyTEFL has some hidden opportunities, especially for students. If you decide to take their 120-hour TEFL course online at $299, MyTEFL is currently offering to slash the price by 50% for students only. 

All you need to do is prove that you are a current university student or have graduated within the last six months to be eligible for this amazing deal.

Not a student? Consider signing up with a “buddy” (whether that’s a friend, coworker, boyfriend or girlfriend) and get a 35% discount sent to your inboxes.

MyTEFL is accredited by OTTSA (Online TEFL Accrediting Body) and by the International TEFL Accreditation Council (ITEFLAC), which is committed to increasing teacher training standards. Accreditation is monitored regularly to ensure the courses meet industry standards.

Every time someone enrolls in a course with MyTEFL, they make a donation to a non-profit organization that protects and empowers vulnerable children, such as Little Footprints Big Steps or Trek to Teach. 

For more information, read our MyTEFL Review.

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Most Innovative TEFL Course: TEFL Pros

Update in 2022: Contact TEFL Pros for a Free Consultation

  • Teach Abroad or Online – YES
  • Accredited – YES
  • Government Regulated – NO
  • Bonus Course – NO
  • Tutor Support – YES
  • Job Support – YES
  • Teaching Practice – NO
  • 4.7/5 Star Average Rating (teflcoursereview.com)

So why choose TEFL Pros?

TEFL Pros goal is to prepare you for real online teaching.

They believe other large TEFL providers offer lower-quality instruction, no accountability, and lackluster course materials.

They created TEFL Pros to revolutionize ESL teacher training by providing dozens of real-life classroom and instructional videos to give you the practical skill-building techniques you need to master.

They provide 17 hours of in-class observation videos and ten complete example lessons with step-by-step video instruction.

The TEFL Pros offer live weekly coaching calls with their TEFL course, which are sure to help you deliver high-quality lessons and thrive as a teacher.

TEFL Pros offer interview preparation and help you create a professional portfolio of your work that you can take to your job interview. Their job assistance team is ready to help you with any questions you might have.

TEFL Pros is accredited by ACCREDITAT, which is a registered UK Learning provider. 

For more information, read our TEFL Pros Review.

Most Experienced: International TEFL and TESOL Training

  • Teach Abroad or Online – YES
  • Accredited – YES
  • Government Regulated – NO
  • Bonus Course – YES
  • Tutor Support – YES
  • Job Support – YES
  • Teaching Practice – OPTIONAL
  • 4.7/5 Star Average Rating (teflcoursereview.com)

ITTT is a long-established TEFL course provider that has been leading teacher-training companies since 1993.

So why choose ITTT?

ITTT believes that completing your TEFL certificate is only your first step toward a career in teaching English. Therefore they promise to offer their graduates extensive job support and career assistance before and after training.

ITTT provides an extensive range of TEFL courses to choose from, even as much as a 550 hours “expert package” diploma, which comes with six courses (and may seem excessive at first glance, but fully prepares you for the role). 

They also seem to be one of the few TEFL providers that offer four-week-in-class CELTA and Trinity College CertTESOL courses, which are well-known and excellent TEFL courses. These are accredited by Cambridge Assessment English and Trinity College London, respectively, which are highly recognized.

The 120-hour TEFL certificate is a level-4 course that starts at $249, but if you want tutor support and video content in the course, you need to pay $339.

ITTT’s 120-hour TEFL course is accredited by the internationally accredited Paris College of International Education (PCIE). ITTT TEFL courses are also accredited by the Online TEFL and TESOL Standards Agency (OTTSA), The Board of Academic Advisors (BOAA) and The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).

Most Accessible: Premier TEFL Review

  • 180-hour online TEFL course
  • Teach Abroad or Online – YES
  • Accredited – YES
  • Government Regulated – Yes
  • Bonus Course – NO
  • Tutor Support – YES
  • Job Support – YES
  • Teaching Practice – NO
  • 4.7/5 Star Average Rating (reviews.io)

Why choose Premier TEFL?

Premier TEFL is a TEFL provider that gives teachers the confidence to complete the TEFL course– or their money back.

Premier TEFL offers government-regulated and accredited level-5 TEFL courses that they claim can be completed in as little as 6 weeks.

Premier TEFL also offers drop-in live tutor support sessions to provide continuous advice about coursework and assignments.

Better yet, their tutors are DELTA qualified, which means these tutors have probably worked in senior teaching positions or teacher training for awhile. They will have a lot to share with those who are first starting out!

Premier TEFL actually has an app so you can take your learning with you on the go. Whether you’re on the train or have a few spare minutes in the day, you can easily study on the app.

For more information, read our Premier TEFL Review.

teaching online

In Conclusion

Qualified teachers are in high demand, as there are English language learners across the globe.

There are many TEFL course providers on the market. These cheap online TEFL courses will save you thousands of dollars while offering you a high-quality TEFL qualification.

These courses are the first step you need to take to start your teaching career, and from there, you become a qualified TEFL teacher with many opportunities at your feet!

Best of luck with your TEFL course!

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