Cold Feet Before Wedding As Fiancée Keeps a Big Secret From Him

It’s every romantic’s worst nightmare. Mere weeks before the wedding, the groom learns something about his fiancée. After hearing her conspiring on the phone, he shared his horrifying realization online.


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The couple started dating seven years ago. Over the last year, the groom and his fiancée Sarah planned their wedding. Tens of thousands of dollars went into vendors for the event. The venue, catering, travel expenses—all of it added up. The groom felt the price was worth it to marry the girl of his dreams.

It Took Just One Conversation

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One day, he overheard a conversation that made him doubt everything he thought he knew about his future wife.

“Our wedding is scheduled to take place in just two weeks,” the groom said, “And I just witnessed something that is making me feel like I am making the biggest mistake in my life.”

The Moment That Changed Everything

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Sarah and the groom were taking a day to relax at home. While he was out back working on a firepit, Sarah prepared dinner in the kitchen. The groom went inside to get himself a drink and heard Sarah speaking on the phone.

The call was on speaker, and he instantly recognized the voice on the other line as Sarah’s brother-in-law, Marty.

He Had a Good Relationship With Marty

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Marty has been married to Evelyn, Sarah’s sister, for five years. Nearly the entirety of the groom’s relationship with Sarah. He considers the man a friend and part of his own family.

She Should Be Home in Half an Hour

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“Now, this is where my brain gets totally twisted— Marty asks Sarah where her sister Evelyn is as he’s been trying to get in contact with her, and she’s not answering texts, and I hear Sarah say to him, ‘She just left here, she should be home in a half hour or so.’”

What Was That All About?

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The lie didn’t immediately register. After Sarah hung up, the groom asked what the call was about. Sarah explained that Marty was looking for her sister and that she was texting to let Evelyn know.

Things Seemed Suspicious

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It wasn’t until later that a few things clicked into place for the groom. First off, Evelyn wasn’t at their house. His fiancée had lied to Marty—the couple hadn’t seen Evelyn since the day before. Second, why was Sarah getting responses from Evelyn when the woman’s own husband couldn’t get a hold of her?

Putting All The Details Together

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Last, and perhaps the most unsettling, how did Sarah know how long Evelyn would take to get home? As the groom put it, “Why the h*** would she tell Marty that Evelyn should be back in 30 minutes unless she either knows where she is (then why did she lie?) or she is, right now in front of me, texting [Evelyn] to tell her to get her butt home quickly.”

He Dug Deeper

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The obvious—and worst—explanation was that Sarah was helping Evelyn hide an affair. A quick midnight scroll through his fiancée’s phone confirmed it.

“There are literally hundreds of texts between them discussing it, discussing the coworker, discussing sex stuff, really embarrassing things about Marty (and probably uncharitable), just stuff that makes my stomach churn, and here is my soon-to-be wife going along with all of it without batting an eye.”

It Was a Messy Situation

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Evelyn’s affair had been going on for six months. The groom sent himself screenshots of a few key messages and spent the rest of the evening sick with dread.

He Told Himself He Couldn’t Marry Sarah

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He knew in his gut what he had to do next, but facing it was easier said than done. “I am, totally 100% scr**ed. I cannot marry Sarah. I just cannot do it. I can’t think of any reasonable excuse she could offer me about assisting her sister in this affair and victimizing not only Marty but their 2-year-old daughter as well.”

Weddings Aren’t Refundable


But weddings are costly. They’d spent a year preparing. Their family booked flights—some from as far as Australia. The honeymoon was scheduled and paid for.

“There is no way we are getting any of that money back,” the groom realized. Most wedding vendors require full, non-refundable payments four-to-six weeks prior to the event—the groom’s assessment was absolutely correct.

He Couldn’t Trust Sarah The Same Way as Before

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And there was the small issue of his love for Sarah.

He thought he knew her, but if she was capable of such cruelty and deceit—what else was she capable of? It was too great a risk.

He Confided in His Family and Friends

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The groom left for work early the following morning and planned his next moves. He called his immediate family, updated them on the situation, and gained their support for his decision. With that out of the way and the cancellations handled, he reached out to Marty.

He Broke The News To Marty

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Breaking the news to his friend wasn’t easy. Marty had suspected Evelyn was cheating for a while, but his wife covered her tracks well. After a “brutal” talk in the kitchen, Marty requested the groom’s assistance in catching Evelyn in the act.

He Needed Evidence

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Marty and the groom, along with their friend Mark, followed Evelyn to a bar after her shift. The woman was accompanied by a few girlfriends and Jake, the coworker with whom she was cheating. While Marty waited in the car, Mark entered since Evelyn did not know him. He discreetly captured compromising photos of Jake and Evelyn making out.

The Groom Made an Entrance

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Then the groom entered, pretending to be meeting Mark for drinks. He feigned surprise when seeing Evelyn. “She’s obviously shocked to see me and everyone around her tenses up immediately.” After hasty introductions, the groom and Mark hang out for a while at the bar.

It Didn’t Stop There


Feeling like she got away with it, Evelyn invites Jake over to her place. Marty caught them in the act and had enough to aid in the divorce process.

Recounting The Previous Months’ Events

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The groom went home hours later to tell Sarah the wedding was off but found Evelyn sobbing on his couch. Sarah told him what happened—neither woman knew of the groom’s involvement.

The groom played dumb as his fiancée confessed to knowing about the affair and its duration. Once she was done speaking, he made his declaration.

It’s Over

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“We’re not getting married. I can’t marry someone who would cover up adultery, especially not for six months.”

Sarah cried, argued, and cried some more. She brought up all the reasons they should stay together, from true love to financial waste. No matter what the groom said, she continued to sob and try to change his mind.

“It was this point, I probably made a big mistake,” the groom admitted. “In an effort to convince Sarah of the finality of it all I said ‘Look, I already canceled the honeymoon! It’s not happening!’”

He Gave Away His Involvement

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Evelyn connected his appearance at the bar earlier and realized what the groom had done.

“YOU SON OF A —–!” She screamed before attacking the groom. Cops were called. Evelyn was arrested.

Bringing a Seven-Year Relationship to a Close

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In the days that followed, Sarah and the groom discussed their issues. They met with family, divided assets, and learned more about each other than they had in their seven-year relationship. The wedding was officially canceled, and all guests were notified.

Social Media Users Reacted To The Story

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Social media users agreed with the groom’s choice. “I think you’re doing the right thing by calling off the wedding,” one wrote, “At least until things are fully resolved enough for you to decide if reconciliation is possible.”

Others felt Sarah’s actions condemn her, “If she’s happy to help someone cheat, then she can also cheat because to her it’s not a big deal to her; she’s doing nothing wrong.”

While things are still up in the air, the groom felt grateful for this situation because it showed him that his fiancée had a lot of growing up to do.

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