“Comit” or “Commit”: Which is Correct?

Is it “comit” or “commit”?

Do we need one ‘m‘ or two?

This is a commonly misspelled word, so let’s find out!

Is it spelled as comit?

“Comit” is not a word.

“Comit” is a misspelling of “commit”.

The correct spelling is “commit”.

Commit Meaning

“Commit” has many meanings, including:

1. to carry out or perform a mistake, a crime, or something immoral: for example, to commit murder, to commit treason, to commit adultery.

2. to pledge or dedicate (oneself) to a cause, activity, etc.: for example, to commit oneself to the struggle for world peace, to commit oneself to the animal welfare project, to commit oneself to marriage.

3. to put (a person, oneself) in a new place or state: for example, he committed himself to a mental hospital, he committed the poem to memory

Examples of “Commit” in a Sentence

  • The company has committed itself to reduce greenhouse gases.
  • He’s been in jail for years, having been convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.
  • I can’t commit to anything until I’ve spoken to my boss.
  • The government has not yet committed itself to a course of action.
  • Please commit this poem to memory so we can recite it at the ceremony.
  • Did he commit all of these changes?

The first meaning of “commit” is to do something bad or illegal. The second meaning is to give your time or energy to something. The third meaning is to put someone or something in a place, like jail or a hospital.

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Commit Synonyms

Alternative words you might use instead of “commit” include:

  • Perpetrate
  • Undertake
  • Oblige
  • Achieve
  • Bind
  • Consign
  • Promise
  • Charge
  • Engage
  • Allocate

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In Conclusion

So, the next time you’re about to write “comit,” stop and think! The correct spelling has two m’s: “commit.”

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