103 Common Nouns List in English With Meanings

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This is a blog post about common nouns, which are words that name people, places, or things.

The common nouns list will be in alphabetical order. It includes an explanation of the word and its meaning and examples for each letter of the alphabet.

When you’re done reading this article, you’ll know how to use every single one!

Common Nouns List

103 Common Nouns List in Alphabetical Order

List of 103 Common Nouns in Alphabetical Order

  1. Action
  2. Adjective
  3. Adult
  4. Age
  5. Animal
  6. Back
  7. Bed
  8. Blood
  9. Body
  10. Book
  11. Box
  12. Boy
  13. Car
  14. Child
  15. Chocolate
  16. City
  17. Clothes
  18. Color
  19. Company
  20. Country
  21. Cycle
  22. Date
  23. Day
  24. Death
  25. Dictionary
  26. Direction
  27. Door
  28. Earth
  29. Egg
  30. Electricity
  31. Employee
  32. Face
  33. Family
  34. Farm
  35. Father
  36. Fish
  37. Floor
  38. Flowers
  39. Food
  40. Foot
  41. Fridge
  42. Friend
  43. Fruit
  44. Furniture
  45. Future
  46. Game
  47. Garden
  48. Girl
  49. Glass
  50. Government
  51. Group
  52. Health
  53. Hill
  54. Holiday
  55. Idea
  56. Island
  57. Jewelry
  58. Job
  59. Kitchen
  60. Market
  61. Material
  62. Mirror
  63. Mobile
  64. Month  
  65. Name
  66. News
  67. Number  
  68. Ocean
  69. Park
  70. Party
  71. Pencil
  72. Picture
  73. Place
  74. Plant
  75. Queen
  76. Rain
  77. River
  78. Road
  79. Rock
  80. Room
  81. School
  82. Shape
  83. Ship
  84. Shoe
  85. Shop
  86. Size
  87. Son
  88. Sun
  89. Street
  90. Table
  91. Taxi
  92. Tea
  93. Teacher
  94. Time
  95. Train
  96. Vehicle
  97. Water
  98. Weather
  99. Woman
  100. Work
  101. Year
  102. Yesterday     
  103. Zoo
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Meaning of the Nouns

Action- verb or gerund, an action that is being done

Adjective- a word describing a noun

Adult- fully grown-up person who is over eighteen years old.

Age- length of life for people and animals when measured in years

Animal- a creature that is not human

Back- the part of an animal’s body located in its rear, or one side of a thing from which it extends behind the main front portion

Bed- place for resting and sleeping

Blood- body fluid that carries oxygen (air from the lungs) to the cells and removes waste products

Body- the entire structure of a person or animal that encloses the internal organs

Book- written work which can be fictional, nonfictional, etc. held in the hand/stored on pages for reading purposes

Box- a container with a top lid that opens and closes

Boy- young male person

Car- motor vehicle for transportation with four wheels and an engine, enclosed compartment for passengers in the front seat(s) and back seat(s)

Child- young person between birth and puberty

Chocolate- sweet, flavored food made from cacao seeds

City- large, densely populated area of houses and businesses with fixed boundaries/location

Clothes- worn on the human body for protection or warmth; used for covering the body

Color- yellow, red, green, blue, etc.

Company- a business organization formed for profit through the investment of money or labor; also refers to a group of people with common goals/interests

Country- area of land with its own government, for example, Ireland, Spain, France, United States of America.

Cycle- series of events that repeat themselves over time in the same order as they occurred before; also refers to one complete turn of an object around itself or another object

Date- day of the month, for example, 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Day- the period between sunrise and sunset; also refers to the 24-hour period beginning at midnight.

Death- permanent end of life.

Dictionary- a book containing words usually arranged alphabetically along with their definitions/explanations for use in reading, writing, speaking, etc.

Direction- path or way of facing/moving, relative to another position or object that is used as a standard for orientation in space.

Door- allows us to enter or stops us from entering a building.

Earth- the planet where humans live.

Egg- female gamete (life cell produced by an ovary) capable of developing into a new individual by fertilization

Electricity- energy produced from the flow of electric charge, for example, it can be used to power laptops, TVs, fridges, etc.

Employee- a person employed by a company

Face- the front part of the head, which includes the eyes, nose, and mouth

Family- group consisting of parents and their children living together as a unit

Farm- the land where plants and animals are raised/produced for food, also refers to a business organization that grows crops or rears farm animals

Father- male parent of an offspring; can refer more generally to any older man in authority such as the father of a family, head of household, etc.

Fish- cold-blooded animal with gills, fins and scales living in water            –

Floor- bottom surface of a room or vehicle

Flowers- plants with bright, colourful parts, usually grown for pleasure/decoration

Food- substances eaten by humans/animals to sustain life, provide energy, etc.

Foot- part at the lower end of the leg which supports the body’s weight and includes your toes

Fridge- a cooling device used to store food at low temperatures.

Friend- a person you know and like, but are not related to or married to

Fruit- plant product is eaten as food for humans/animals

Furniture- objects used in a house or other buildings that you can move around, including chairs, tables, beds etc.

Future- coming time/period after the present or past

Game- activity played for pleasure or competition.

Garden- an area used as a park/recreational place with plants growing in it; it can also refer to an enclosed space where flowers, fruits, etc., are grown.

Girl- female child

Glass- a hard, see-through substance used to make drink containers, windows, etc.

Government- a group that rules over an area

Group- a number of things or people considered together

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Health- a condition of a person’s body and mind with regard to strength/sickness

Hill- raised area of land; can also refer to a high point in the landscape.

Holiday- period of time when an employee does not work for the purpose of enjoying themselves, but are paid for this time

Idea- something in the mind which is formed by thought, experience or the senses

Island- land surrounded by water/sea which is not connected to any other land

Jewelry- small decorative objects worn for decoration/ornament

Job- work that is usually paid

Kitchen- room used for cooking and preparing food, including a stove/oven etc.

Market- place where people can buy and sell goods

Material- something that has been made from a natural substance such as wood, metal etc.

Mirror- object that reflects light/images to produce an image of the person or thing that is being looked at

Mobile- a handheld device used to take and make calls

Month- unit of time equal to approximately 30 days

Name- word or phrase used for identification, including given name and surname

News- information about recent events or changes; can also refer to a newspaper/magazine that provides information about current events

Number- word or figure used to represent quantities, especially of objects/people etc.

Ocean- a large body of water separating landmasses.

Plant- living organism without a brain/spine etc. which can make its own food

Park- area of land used for recreation, including sports and walking etc.

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Party- a social gathering involving entertainment and food, generally held by invitation for people to celebrate an event or to mark a special occasion

Pencil- writing implement which consists of a thin piece of wood with an attached sharp end

Picture- image created by painting or drawing on paper, canvas etc.

Place- name of a town, city or country

Plant- living organism that does not move and which is able to make its own food

Queen- female ruler of a kingdom, state or power

Rain- liquid substance that falls from clouds

River- large body of water which flows to the sea or another larger river

Road- hard surface that people/vehicles travel on for transport

Rock- large piece of sand/stone

Room- space within a building enclosed by walls and floor/

School- place where students receive education from teachers

Shape- two dimensional outlines of an object

Ship- watercraft used for transporting people or goods over sea

Shoe- piece of protective footwear

Shop- store where goods are sold

Size- the magnitude, amount or quantity of something

Son- the male person born in relation to people or animals

Sun- star that is the source of light and heat for Earth

Street- road that runs through a town or city

Table- piece of furniture used for working at, eating

Taxi- vehicle used for transporting people in return for payment

Tea- hot drink made from leaves of the tea plant

Teacher- person who gives instruction to students

Time- unit of measurement used for counting periods, including day and year

Train- vehicle on railway tracks

Vehicle- machine for transporting people or goods by land/water/air

Water- chemical substance that is a clear, tasteless and odorless liquid

Weather- state of the atmosphere with respect to temperature and wind, including rain etc.

Woman- adult female human

Work- activity involving mental or physical effort, usually done in return for payment.

Year- period of time between one birthday and the next; with about 365 days in a year

Yesterday- day before today

Zoo- place where animals are kept for people to look at

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