+25 Compound Prepositions To Improve Your Writing

A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and some other word or element in a sentence.

If there are two or more prepositional words, it is a compound preposition.

They can consist of two-word combinations (instead of) or three-word (in addition to) combinations.

Compound Prepositions

Here are some examples of compound prepositions:

  • In front of
  • According to (meaning: as stated by)
  • Instead of (meaning: as an alternative)
  • Ahead of (meaning: in front of or before)
  • In view of (meaning: because of)
  • As of (meaning: indicates the time/date when something starts)
  • On top of
  • On account of (meaning: because of)
  • In lieu of (meaning: instead)
  • In accordance with (meaning: something we are complying to)
  • Because of
  • Along with (meaning: together with)
  • By means of (meaning: a particular method or process of)
  • In addition to (meaning: when you want to say another item connected to what you are talking about)
  • Rather than (meaning: a contrary choice or wish)
  • Relating to
  • As a result of
  • Out of (meaning: from)
  • In spite of (meaning: without being affect by something)
  • Next to
  • Apart from (meaning: except for; when you are making an exception)
  • On behalf of (meaning: used when speaking for someone)

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Examples of Compound Prepositions in Sentences

  1. My house is in front of the supermarket.
  2. According to the weather report, it is going to rain tomorrow.
  3. Instead of going to the beach, we went shopping.
  4. The plane is ahead of schedule.
  5. She was sick, so her friend stood in place of her.
  6. The store is open as of today.
  7. She stacked the heavy boxes on top of each other.
  8. She bought a new dress in addition to the shoes.
  9. In spite of his parents’ protests, he went to the concert.
  10. I couldn’t go to school on account of the blizzard.
  11. The business gave their employees bonuses in lieu of holiday time.
  12. The project was completed in accordance with the guidelines.
  13. The show was cancelled because of the snowstorm.
  14. The date was postponed on account of the speaker’s illness.
  15. We went to the movies along with our friends.
  16. She paid the bills by means of snail mail.
  17. He bought the new video game in addition to the old ones.
  18. He enjoys meeting friends rather than staying home.
  19. My assignment is related to geometry.
  20. The examinations have been rescheduled as a result of the extreme weather conditions.
  21. He stood out of his friend’s way.
  22. In spite of the weather, they went out.
  23. In addition to studying hard, he played video games all night long.
  24. Instead of going to the movies, we stayed home and watched TV.
  25. I bought the book on account of it being cheap.
  26. The book is next to the table.
  27. Apart from the high prices, it was an enjoyable experience.
  28. On behalf of the students, I would like to say thank you for everything you’ve done.

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