Confidence Will Get You Much Further Than Intelligence Ever Will

An individual sparked a firestorm of debate on social media when they shared their perspective on Reddit. Their post garnered an astounding 18,200 “upvotes” and 1,200 comments in response— proving that it struck a chord with many people.

Their opinion was as follows: “The sad reality is that confidence will get you much further in life than intelligence.”

The speaker encountered many bosses and CEOs who were not particularly intelligent but still achieved high levels of success due to their overinflated egos. Furthermore, the speaker had friends who were highly intelligent yet remained in poverty.

The observation was that these hard-working individuals did not get rewarded for their efforts or ideas and instead were taken advantage of by those who had a greater level of confidence.

The speaker believes this is an “unpopular opinion” as it contradicts the idea that intelligence is the key to success and satisfied hard work will be rewarded.

Agree or Disagree?

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Do you agree or disagree with this “unpopular opinion”? Redditors took to the comments to share their opinions on the matter. We compiled a list of the top responses.

1. It Gives You Determination

“Confidence, or a big ego, can give you determination that is not present in most people, and determination can get a lot done. This can lead to both great and terrible outcomes,” one person stated.

This comment was echoed by many users in the form of 3,400 ‘upvotes.’ Having self-confidence helps you believe in yourself and your abilities, which can push you to take risks and strive for success.

2. Intelligence Doesn’t Define a Person

“I believe an important piece of intelligence that isn’t measured on IQ tests is an ability to relate to other people and articulate your thoughts in ways that others can understand. I know many ‘intelligent’ people that can’t effectively interact with others,” one person commented.

This perspective suggests that intelligence isn’t the only factor that determines a person’s success and that other important qualities, such as the ability to communicate effectively with others and have an amicable personality, are also valuable traits.

These skills can help individuals ascend in their careers, whereas those who lack them may find themselves isolated and unable to progress.

3. It’s All About How People Feel

“It doesn’t actually matter if you know what you are doing or talking about as long as others feel like you’re probably right. And if things go right, they are an amazing genius.”

People are more likely to trust and have confidence in those who appear self-assured, even if they don’t necessarily know what they’re talking about or doing.

Furthermore, if things go well, these individuals can be seen as geniuses, while “if things go wrong, then they are usually smooth enough to deal with blowback or can shift the blame.”

4. Bad Communicators Have to Go

One commenter recounted the time they hired a “brilliant engineer.” The engineer was incredibly intelligent and had a “genius level” of engineering knowledge.

However, his communication skills were so poor that it felt almost impossible to have a conversation with him. His abrasive nature and critical comments made in front of or towards customers meant he had to be let go from the company.

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The sad reality is that confidence will get you much further in life than intelligence: Agree Or Disagree?

Evidently, the original “unpopular opinion” struck a chord with countless individuals— with many seeing the importance of having such a soft skill. What do you think should be the most valued skill?

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