Parent Parked in Tow Away Zone Picking Up Kid From School. The Consequences Were Devastating

A poster on the r/ProRevenge subreddit tells a story about how a construction foreman and his crew encountered a woman who had parked her car in a tow-away zone and refused to leave. The consequences of her decisions were shocking.

The foreman, the original poster (OP) of this story, was working on a new house build with some other workers. The house was in a difficult-to-reach location, 250 feet up a hill accessible by footpath only.

“All of our materials have to come up this footpath by hand; it’s a pain in the ass to manually carry, quite literally, an entire house up this hill,” OP explained. “One of our saving graces is having the two parking spots on the street at the bottom of this hill marked with official No Parking signs.”

Parking in the “No Parking” Zone?

no parking at any time

Unfortunately, parents from a nearby elementary school had been ignoring the signage and parking their cars in the spots. On this particular day, a lumber delivery truck was carrying all the material to frame the roof of a house, which would “easily take an hour” to bring up the hill, so he wanted to find a safe place to park.

OP came back down the hill to find a woman who had parked her car in one of the No Parking spots. He asked her politely if she could move, but she flatly refused.

She scoffed at him, saying: “I’ll just be a few minutes, and your truck isn’t here, take a chill pill, dude.” She rolled up the window and proceeded to ignore him.

Just then, the lumber truck came, and OP waved him over, asking the woman politely again to move, reminding her that she was parked illegally in a tow-away zone.

“Can’t you guys just unload around me? It’s not that hard,” she rudely responded.

They Blocked Off The Roads

OP had a brilliant idea. He directed the delivery driver to park as close as possible to the lady’s car and use the porta potty and the adjacent parked car to block her in. The driver understood and executed the task with a smile. The result was a two-parking spot jail for the lady and her car.

OP then rang the local parking enforcement officer to let her know about the situation. He wanted to explain why he was blocking the roads so he wouldn’t get in trouble with the city.

The Parent Couldn’t Leave

woman calling from car

The child eventually came back from school. The mother climbed awkwardly over the inside of her car and stumbled out through the passenger door. She glared at OP and the truck driver while loading her kid in the back. After this, she realized that she couldn’t leave. She stormed up toward OP and the driver and said, “I’m in a big hurry. Move your damn truck right now so I can go.”

The driver informed the lady that they had to unstrap the lumber on the truck to unload it. As per their company policy, he couldn’t drive the truck with an unsecured load. The lady became extremely agitated while OP held in his laughter. She told the driver: “F— your policy! I have somewhere I need to be.”

A Potty Mouth

Just as the parking enforcement officer arrived and parked behind the truck, OP suggested, “Can’t you just pull out around it? It’s not that hard.” The realization hit that OP used her own line on her. She responded with “F— you!” and stormed back to her car, not noticing the police officer, and angrily climbed in through the passenger door and into the driver’s seat.

As the officer approached OP and the driver, the mother in the car, suddenly put the car in reverse and accelerated, causing it to crash into the porta potty and tip it over. She then shifted into drive and attempted to drive on the sidewalk but only made it halfway onto the curb before getting stuck.

They Handled The Situation Swiftly

woman police driver

They could hear her shouting obscenities from inside the car. The officer, the driver, and OP were all stunned by what had just happened.

The officer quickly approached the car door and instructed her to exit the vehicle.

“My favorite part of the entire thing was watching her face go to shock as she realized she just did all of that in front of a police officer,” OP mused.

The officer put her in handcuffs and sat her on the curb.

Another officer showed up, and they took the statements. The woman accused OP of not telling her to move, but the traffic officer knew from the original call what was going on.

She Faced Serious Repercussions

While a report was being given to one of the officers, the men finished moving the remaining lumber, and the driver took off.

In the end, she was arrested and charged with child endangerment, reckless driving, destruction of property (the porta potty), and driving on a suspended license. Her car got towed away, and her kid went home with his grandma while she was taken to jail.

“I never expected her to actually heed my advice to ‘Just pull out around it,'” OP joked.

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Reactions From Social Media

One person responded to the story and received 11,700 ‘upvotes’ in agreement: “It is always so painful to read about people slowly making worse and worse decisions… Basically, every step of the way, she was able to acknowledge her bad decision and take her small retribution, but she kept making it worse and worse.”

“If this school is anything like my kid’s, they’ve sent e-mail upon e-mail and letter upon letter home to tell people NOT to park in these spots. My kid’s school has a curb in front with a ton of No Parking from 8-4 signs out there, and there’s a drop-off point literally at the next right, and it’s still amazing how many people still ignore them,” one person said.

“The suspended license was the best part for me,” a user with more than 6,100 upvotes commented. “Everyone knows if you’re riding dirty, you keep your head down and obey traffic laws.”

“Obviously, not everyone,” another person quipped.

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