Test Scores Reveal Top Countries with the Smartest Students

We determined the countries that excel in terms of educational achievement and intelligence based on the PISA test scores.

What Is PISA?

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The OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a global study that began in 2000.

It aims to assess and compare participating countries’ education systems by testing students’ skills and knowledge.

How Is PISA Conducted

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Every three years, a random group of fifteen-year-olds are evaluated in key subjects such as reading, mathematics, and science.

What makes PISA unique is that it creates tests that are not directly related to the school curriculum. It also provides context through background questionnaires, which help analysts interpret the results.

How Is PISA Conducted

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These tests are designed to measure students’ ability to apply their knowledge in real-life situations and be active participants in society upon completing compulsory education.

Test Results Are In

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600,000 15-year-old students in 79 countries participated in PISA in 2018, which had to be postponed in 2021 due to the pandemic.

Here are the most recent mean scores available from the 2018 cohort in reading, mathematics, and science:

27. Austria

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Reading: 484

Mathematics: 499

Science: 490

Total score: 1,473

26. Portugal

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Reading: 492

Mathematics: 492

Science: 492

Total score: 1,476

25. France

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Reading: 493

Mathematics: 495

Science: 493

Total score: 1,481

24. United States

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Reading: 505

Mathematics: 478

Science: 502

Total score: 1,485

23. Czech Republic

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Reading: 490

Mathematics: 499

Science: 497

Total score: 1,486

22. Norway

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Reading: 499

Mathematics: 501

Science: 490

Total score: 1,490

21. Switzerland

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Reading: 484

Mathematics: 515

Science: 495

Total score: 1,494

20. Belgium

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Reading: 493

Mathematics: 508

Science: 499

Total score: 1,500

19. Germany

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Reading: 498

Mathematics: 500

Science: 503

Total score: 1,501

18. Denmark

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Reading: 501

Mathematics: 509

Science: 493

Total score: 1,503

17. Netherlands

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Reading: 485

Mathematics: 519

Science: 503

Total score: 1,507

16. Sweden

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Reading: 506

Mathematics: 502

Science: 499

Total score: 1,507

15. New Zealand

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Reading: 506

Mathematics: 494

Science: 508

Total score: 1,508

14. Slovenia

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Reading: 495

Mathematics: 509

Science: 507

Total score: 1,511

13. United Kingdom

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Reading: 504

Mathematics: 502

Science: 505

Total score: 1,511

12. Ireland

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Reading: 518

Mathematics: 500

Science: 496

Total score: 1,514

11. Poland

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Reading: 512

Mathematics: 516

Science: 511

Total score: 1,539

10. Finland

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Reading: 520

Mathematics: 507

Science: 522

Total score: 1,549

9. Chinese Taipei

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Reading: 503

Mathematics: 531

Science: 516

Total score: 1,550

8. Canada

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Reading: 520

Mathematics: 512

Science: 518

Total score: 1,550

7. Korea

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Reading: 514

Mathematics: 526

Science: 519

Total score: 1,559

6. Japan

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Reading: 504

Mathematics: 527

Science: 529

Total score: 1,560

5. Estonia

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Reading: 523

Mathematics: 523

Science: 530

Total score: 1,576

4. Hong Kong (China)

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Reading: 524

Mathematics: 551

Science: 517

Total score: 1,592

3. Macao (China)

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Reading: 525

Mathematics: 558

Science: 544

Total score: 1,627

2. Singapore

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Reading: 549

Mathematics: 569

Science: 551

Total score: 1,669

1. B-S-J-Z (China)

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Reading: 555

Mathematics: 591

Science: 590

Total score: 1,736

Preparing Students For Real Life

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In short, PISA is a comprehensive assessment tool that aims to provide insight into the effectiveness of education systems worldwide and prepare students for real-world challenges.

PISA offers only a limited perspective on a country’s intelligence, as it fails to consider crucial factors like innovation, creativity, and social intelligence.

The Importance Of PISA

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However, PISA plays a vital role in ensuring that our future generations are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in a globalized society. So, it is important to continue supporting and participating in this assessment process to drive improvements in education globally.

Notable Results

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Mean mathematics and science test scores were above average for the Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Switzerland, but their mean score for reading was not significantly different than the OECD average.

Notable Results

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The U.S. mean mathematical performance was below the OECD average, but their reading and science scores helped them make the list of the top-performing countries.

Austria, Latvia, and Iceland also maintained mean mathematic scores above the OECD average.

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