10 Ways To Deal With Rude People According to Social Media

Confronting rude individuals can be challenging and difficult. However, you can rise above impoliteness with these best responses, according to social media.

Social Media Users Share Their Best Responses

woman unimpressed

These responses will help let them know that their rudeness won’t be tolerated while showing them you have the wit to take them down a notch.

Are you having a bad day?

man shrugging

One Reddit user suggested saying, “Are you having a bad day”, as it creates confusion and “calls them on their crap.”

The social media user claims to have made some good friends by saying this.

I hope the rest of your day is as pleasant as you are.

woman pointing blaming finger

This is a very clever one, as one user admitted to using this to rude customers. The problem is, if the customer tries to complain about this, it sounds very lame.

“He said he hoped the rest of my day would be as pleasant as I am. AND I AM NOT PLEASANT!”

Sorry, I wasn’t listening. Can you say it again?

unhappy teacher

One sour colleague was irate when she heard, “Sorry, I wasn’t listening. Can you say it again?” after a five-minute rant. It was enough to send her on her way.

I don’t care what everyone else says. I don’t think you’re that bad.

woman confused

Maybe a little bit on the risky side, but a social media user admitted to saying this passive-aggressive response when someone was being particularly rude.

It managed to catch them off guard and make them second-guess their behavior.

Do your feet hurt?

old man in hospital bed

When one Redditor’s grandmother was in the hospital, she encountered a nurse who was particularly brusque and rude.

After several days of being subjected to unceremonious treatment and having her small talk shut down, she asked, “Do your feet hurt?”

Do your feet hurt?

nurse helping old woman

When the nurse looked at her quizzically, she elaborated, “You are very good at your job— efficient. But you don’t seem to really like being here. So I figured maybe your feet hurt?”

This witty comment managed to change her demeanor for the better.

I believe you

woman friendly fun pointing

When dealing with kiosk hawkers who are very vocal in getting you to try their products, one person admitted to saying “I believe you” as a response, which would keep them quiet.


woman smiling looking away

Just the classic “ok” that sets people off, but don’t blame us for the consequences of saying this seemingly innocent two-lettered exclamation.

And don’t even get me started with “K,” probably the rudest letter in the English alphabet.

Agree With Them

woman on phone arguing

Sometimes the best response is to agree with them. This can disarm their rudeness and make them awkward, as they don’t expect you to just say yes.

One person, who worked in a call center, admitted that “this is pretty much the only retaliation we can get away with.” The call operator proceeded with an example of how this typical conversation should go:

“I said no. Are you stupid?”

“Incredibly, thanks for noticing.”

I’m sorry for talking while you’re interrupting. Please, you go first.

couple fighting 1

This one may take some courage to use, but it’s one way to let someone know that their rudeness and impatience won’t be tolerated.

Act Delusional or Dumb

dumb student 1

Sometimes the best response to rudeness is to act dumb or delusional. This can make them look silly as they try to explain their behavior, leaving them with little recourse but to leave you alone.

For example, if you receive a scam call telling you have a computer virus, you could tell them you don’t have a computer or tell them you don’t know how to turn on the computer.

Act Delusional or Dumb

student dumb moment

If they are trying to sell you some special cleaner for glasses, you can tell them you don’t wear glasses, even if you are wearing them; the comments instructed.

Nobody wants to deal with a dumb person.

Be silent

regret what you said

And let’s not forget the power of silence. Sometimes the best response is to remain silent and not dignify rudeness with an answer, as it can leave people feeling deflated and embarrassed. So if all else fails, just leave them hanging with a polite smile and move on.

In Conclusion

man sticking out tongue

It can be difficult to know how to respond when someone is treating you rudely. That’s why it helps to have a few witty responses ready for the next time someone disrespects you.

Whether it’s an agreement, an acknowledgment of their opinion, or just a simple “ok”, these responses will help ensure anyone who talks down to you knows it won’t be tolerated.

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