11 Problems Only Smart People Have

Smart people have it easy—or that’s the assumption.

Intelligence is highly valued in society. Thinking through issues quickly and finding creative solutions is a coveted and rewarded skill.

The Average IQ

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The intelligence quotient (IQ) is a way to take that skill, among others, and quantify it.

According to Mensa, most humans average an IQ of 100. Anything higher than that number is above-average intelligence and an IQ score of 130 or more is regarded as highly intelligent. 

People With High IQ Have Other Problems

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However, a high IQ is not without its drawbacks. Studies have shown that individuals with high IQs share some common and serious struggles—ranging from social difficulties to mental illness.

We will now look at some of the biggest challenges those with high IQs face and how they handle them.

1. Overcoming Difficulties

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During their grade school years, people with high IQs usually coast by. Where their peers must develop discipline and strict study skills, they rarely need to put forth much effort or pay close attention to succeed. 

If they coasted through school all their lives, they likely didn’t pick up the discipline or strict study routine that their fellow comrades did.

When things become challenging, they fail to overcome. They get bored or give up easily and lack any real follow-through, which will limit their professional and personal relationships as adults.

2. In Need of Constant Stimuli

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Those with high IQs may struggle when faced with easy or familiar tasks. Completing projects becomes a difficult task, and these individuals may forgo small details for the sake of the big picture.

3. Have Different Interests

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Those with High IQs usually have different interests from the general population, whether that be politics, technology, history, or current events. You won’t catch them watching the next episode of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

Those with High IQs tend to avoid mainstream media, creating a massive divide between themselves and those with lower IQs when trying to have a conversation.

4. Social Isolation

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Not feeling like they “fit in,” those with a higher IQ tend to be more socially isolated than the rest.

Some studies have suggested that those with higher IQs are more likely to face issues of loneliness, which can cause its own cluster of problems.

5. Miscommunication

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Unfortunately, this is an area where the highly intelligent are sorely lacking. Sharing their complex thoughts can get tangled and confusing, making it difficult for these individuals to exchange ideas. 

They also have a need to correct misinformation but lack the ability to do so gracefully. No one likes feeling stupid, so this tendency leaves high-IQ individuals further isolated.

6. Romantic Barriers

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Without a close social network, developing an intimate understanding of emotions falls by the wayside. 

These individuals focus on the logical side of their brains instead. While this helps them advance in their careers, their romantic relationships suffer. 

They can come across as cold or unfeeling to partners—a major turnoff. 

7. Difficulty Accepting Critiques

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In addition, their heightened processing of stimuli makes these individuals incredibly sensitive. They struggle with receiving criticism, making it difficult for any partner to communicate areas for improvement.

8. Higher Rates of Mental Illness

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This oversensitivity may also explain why those with higher IQs suffer from mental illness much more than the general population. 

Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are prevalent among those with higher IQs. 

Natural overthinkers, they tend to worry about more things—and at a much more profound level.

9. Perfectionism

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Perfectionism and high IQ go hand and hand. While solving puzzles and working through obstacles might come easily, they can get stuck trying to find perfect solutions for everything.

10. Decision Paralysis

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Although their overthinking allows these individuals to look at issues from multiple perspectives, it can be both a gift and a curse. 

The result? People with high IQs struggle to make choices. They fail to get passed the pros and cons phase of decision-making and end up paralyzed.

11. Less Satisfied 

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The world is constantly singing the praises of intellect. It is easy for individuals with high IQs to hold themselves to ridiculously high standards. 

These standards are often unrealistic and impossible to achieve, leading to constant disappointment. As a result, people with high IQs tend to be less satisfied with their lives compared to the rest of the population.

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Is it All Doom and Gloom?

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However, despite the challenges, these individuals can live full, rich lives. Organizations like Mensa dedicate themselves to supporting and encouraging the high-IQ community. Next time intelligence becomes a topic of discussion, it is important to acknowledge there are good and bad to all ends of the IQ spectrum.

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