8 Easiest Musical Instruments That Will Make Sound Like a Pro

Learning a musical instrument offers rewarding challenges. Not all instruments are equally easy; most take years to master. However, with consistent practice, you can learn a lot quickly.

Why Learn a Musical Instrument?

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Learning a musical instrument has many benefits, including reducing stress levels and improving brain function.

As adults, we often face a lot of pressure and stress in our daily lives, but playing an instrument can provide a safe and relaxing escape from those stressors.

Why Learn a Musical Instrument?

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It also helps keep our brains active and sharp as we age. Studies have shown that music lessons can improve memory, attention, and cognitive abilities.

Easiest Musical Instruments

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Whether you are a complete beginner or just looking for a new instrument to add to your repertoire, this guide will help you choose an instrument that you can easily learn and enjoy playing.

1. The Recorder

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The recorder is often the first musical instrument that children are introduced to in school. Its simple design, small size, and affordable price make it an ideal choice for beginners of all ages.

During the Middle Ages, the recorder emerged as the most beloved end-blown flute in Europe. From the 15th to the 17th century, it frequented countless vibrant performances.

1. The Recorder

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The recorder is a woodwind instrument that produces sound by blowing into a mouthpiece and covering different holes with fingers to change the pitch. With just a few basic notes, you can play popular tunes and even accompany other musicians.

2. The Ukulele

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The ukulele, also known as a uke, is a member of the lute family of instruments. Originating from Portugal and popularized in Hawaii, it features four nylon strings.

The term “ukulele” is pronounced as “YOO-kə-LAY-lee” in English or “OO-koo-LEH-leh” by Hawaiian natives.

“Hey, Soul Sister” is an iconic song by Train that makes use of the ukulele.

2. The Ukulele

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The ukulele has gained popularity in recent years as an easy-to-learn stringed instrument. Its compact size, simple chord structure, and soft nylon strings make it a great choice for beginners.

With just a few chords, you can play countless songs in different genres, such as Hawaiin and folk, and even some jazz, rock or blues. Plus, the ukulele has a warm and cheerful sound that will surely bring a smile to your face.

3. The Bongos

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The bongos are a set of two small drums that originated in east Cuba but have become popular worldwide, especially in Latin music.

They are played by striking the drum heads with your palm and fingers, creating different sounds depending on how you hit them. The bongos are not only fun to play, but they are suitable for beginners who wish to learn the basics.

4. The Harmonica

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The harmonica may be small in size, but it packs a big musical punch. Its simple design and mouth-organ structure make it a great choice for beginners.

The harmonica boasts a rich history, originating in China as the Sheng. Throughout the early 19th century, Europe played a pivotal role in its further development, notably Germany, where the first harmonicas were crafted. To this day, Germany remains home to the renowned harmonica company, Hohner.

4. The Harmonica

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With just a few holes and some basic techniques, you can produce beautiful melodies in various genres, such as blues, folk, country, and even rock.

Plus, the harmonica can easily fit into your jacket pocket, making it easy to practice and play anywhere.

5. The Cajon

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The cajon, a percussion instrument with a box-like shape, has its origins in Peru.

It is interesting to note that African slaves in Peru transformed fruit crates and cod shipping crates into their native musical instruments, showcasing their resourcefulness and musical creativity.

5. The Cajon

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It is played by sitting on top of the instrument and striking different areas with your hands or fingers. Its simple design and versatile sound make it an easy instrument to learn for beginners.

You can use the cajon to accompany other instruments, such as guitar, or even as a solo instrument in acoustic performances.

6. The Xylophone

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The xylophone is a fantastic, underrated percussion instrument for beginners. It consists of wooden bars of different lengths that are struck with mallets to produce different notes.

Its simple layout and limited number of keys make it an easy instrument for beginners to learn and is also a good starting point for learning the fundamentals of music theory.

6. The Xylophone

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Plus, the xylophone is often used in children’s music, making it a great choice for young learners.

7. The Harp

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The harp is a stringed instrument that often evokes images of grand ballrooms and celebrity weddings. However, it is actually one of the easiest string instruments to learn despite its complex appearance.

This instrument has been around for thousands of years and can come in various sizes. Ancient representations of harps have been documented in Mesopotamia, Persia (now Iran), Egypt, as well as India and China in later times.

7. The Harp

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The popularity of harps expanded across Europe during the medieval era. Moreover, harps were discovered in various regions of the Americas, and distinctive designs emerged from Africa.

Unlike other stringed instruments, the harp does not require any bows, making it a more accessible and easily playable instrument for beginners. The soothing sound it produces makes it an ideal choice for those just starting to learn about music.

7. The Harp

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So, don’t be intimidated by its elegant appearance. Give the harp a try and discover the joy of playing this beautiful instrument.

8. The Tambourine

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The tambourine is a percussion instrument that adds rhythm and energy to any musical performance. It consists of a circular frame with metal jingles around the edges, which are struck or shaken to produce a tinkling sound.

The tambourine is, in some sense, easy but can be more difficult to master. It requires practice, patience, and technique to learn this musical instrument.

8. The Tambourine

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The tambourine also has a long history, dating back to ancient civilizations such as Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Israel.

These instruments were once employed in the worship of revered mother goddesses such as Astarte, Isis, and Cybele. Today, they continue to play a prominent role in Middle Eastern folk music and are also used to accompany the recitation of the Qurʾān.

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Key Takeaways

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Embarking on the journey of learning a musical instrument can be a deeply rewarding and intellectually stimulating experience, but it’s important to recognize that not all instruments are created equal when it comes to ease of learning.

Consider your commitment level carefully and the desired timeframe for mastery when choosing an instrument, ensuring that it aligns with your personal goals and aspirations in the world of music.

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