8 Best ESL Grammar Websites for Students

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Whether you are a teacher or a student, many websites facilitate learning the English language. Some websites are dedicated to grammar and provide useful, free resources that could be a suitable addition to the courseware.

While it is true to say that native speakers make grammatical errors, it is still important to communicate clearly and concisely using correct grammar. This makes reading and listening much more enjoyable, and you will be better understood.

So, what are the best ESL grammar websites for students? Take inspiration from the following resources.

1. Learn American English Online

This site may look dated, but don’t let that deter you from its invaluable lessons. It is also completely free to use! The site’s publisher gives teachers the right to use the lesson material for non-commercial use.

The website has comprehensive ESL grammar lessons for language learners. It is divided into levels from beginner to advanced, making it easy to find the appropriate grammatical structures based on the student’s level.

Most of the exercises consist of some grammar presentation, video, and practice. You can also find readings with comprehension questions to facilitate learning.

Learn American English Online also has a “Stuff for Teachers” section. Here you can find additional vocabulary quizzes, conversation questions, and reading exercises to test students’ knowledge.

When the students are ready, they can take the American Citizenship Test on the site. This contains 100 questions that help students prepare for the real test.

2. Perfect English Grammar

Perfect English Grammar provides free grammar exercises and explanations for language learners. It is very easy to navigate and find everything you are looking for under the appropriate heading.

The teachers might prefer to use the Grammar PDF section, with downloadable and printable copies of the grammar points.

The site also features intensive, paid courses according to level A1-C2. These grammar courses are approximately forty hours in duration and allow the language learners to grasp all the possible grammar structures they would see according to their English level.

This is not necessary to learn the language but might help motivate the student to learn while keeping all their notes in one place where they can revisit and revise.

This site is suitable for both teachers and students who want good grammar notes.

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3. The British Council

The British Council helps the beginner to advanced language learners improve grammar with some short and sweet lessons. The lessons on The British Council are well presented and easily navigable.

Grammar Reference was written by a grammarian called Dave Willis. It provides clear grammar explanations and example sentences that can be put into practice in the exercises.

The British Council breaks down the grammar by level. Students can read and explore each grammar topic but will need to subscribe to complete the grammar tests in some parts of the site. This costs about £5.99 per month and allows you to be part of their large online learner community.

However, students can find great grammar explanations for free without doing the tests. It also helps give the students some self-direction and fill any knowledge gaps they may have.

4. Basic English Speaking

This site aims to help you speak English in a more natural way and covers more aspects of the authentic English language that you would otherwise struggle to find in the textbook.

The site has audio and transcripts to help the student grasp the communicative form of the language.

The site explores the twelve tenses and the basic grammar rules in English. It provides simple sentences that cover the most-used grammar structures.

It goes beyond grammar, and learners can also find notes on common expressions, phrases, and idioms in the English language, which can help improve the language learner’s conversational skills.

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5. English Grammar

English Grammar is a great place to find grammar exercises. This is an excellent site for students to practice grammar structure.

The exercises are gap-fill exercises. Learners can select a topic, such as adjectives, adverbs, and commas, and complete the exercises with immediate answers and results.

This may be a good site to practice or revise some grammar points and consolidate the information learned in class.

6. Grammar Quizzes

The Grammar Quizzes might be a suitable addition for intermediate to advanced-level learners, who appreciate the intricacies of the English language.

If you ever had a difficult grammar question, you could find the answer here if you knew where to look. This site explores grammar in-depth and in a way that appeals to all the grammar fanatics out there.

The site provides a great opportunity for self-study, and you will definitely learn something new.

The site also has some quizzes. While they are a helpful way to practice what you’ve learned, they are not a dominant feature of the site.

7. ESL Games Plus

If the idea of grammar bores you — and I don’t blame you — then you may want to give ESL Games Plus a try.

The site itself looks a little bit spammy, and it has lots of ads in my opinion. If you can get past that, you might want to check their games, divided into EASY (beginner-elementary), MEDIUM (pre-intermediate) and HIGH (intermediate and advanced).

You can find games for many vocabulary and grammar topics. It is a surefire way of keeping students entertained while learning the language.

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8. Grammarism

Grammarism is a comprehensive online platform for practicing English grammar and getting PDF worksheets to download for free. The website offers an extensive array of interactive quizzes and printable worksheets that cover a wide range of English grammar topics.

These topics include everything from fundamental aspects like the present simple tense, past simple tense, present continuous tense, and past continuous tense to more intermediate and advanced elements such as the future simple tense, present perfect tense, articles, and subject-verb agreement, along with a bit more complex components like the passive voice, modal verbs, prepositions, pronouns, regular and irregular verbs, conditionals, comparative and superlative adjectives, and relative clauses.

What truly sets Grammarism apart is its innovative exercise generation approach. All exercises are automatically generated using sentences sourced from public domain books. This unique method empowers Grammarism to offer a wide variety of exercises, thereby ensuring an exceptional and tailored learning experience.

If you’re a student just starting to learn English or trying to get better at English grammar or an English teacher searching for valuable classroom resources, Grammarism stands as the ideal destination for your needs.

Bonus! Grammarly

Say goodbye to mistake-ridden writing with Grammarly. Grammarly is a tool that acts as a digital assistant, supporting clear and effective written communication.

You may be making mistakes that you don’t even know about, but Grammarly will correct them, whether it’s a grammar mistake, spelling, punctuation, or other error. Grammarly provides instant feedback on your writing skills, with appropriate corrections.

Grammarly is a free browser extension that English language learners and teachers can install on their computers.

This free tool corrects all grammar errors as you make them while typing on the computer, and it even provides explanations as to why it is an error and how you can improve your writing skills. There is also a premium version that helps you rephrase longer sentences.

If you don’t have Grammarly already, I highly suggest downloading it for free here.

Grammar Tips for Teachers

In Conclusion

Many high-quality sites help learners with their grammar skills. Take advantage of the best ESL grammar sites, as well as Youtube.

It’s no use just reading the sentences. Make sure you practice the grammatical structure in English conversation to memorize and retain it.

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