Free ESL Worksheets for Adults (41 Great Resources)

ESL Worksheets can help adults learn a lot of useful information that will help them in their personal and professional lives. 

However, ESL worksheets for young learners rarely cater to the capable adult, which is why we have compiled a list of our exclusive ESL worksheets for adults.

If you’ve missed it, we’ve already listed the best ESL worksheets for beginners in our other post. Without further ado, let’s dive into some recommendations for adult learners.

1. Isl Collective

Isl Collective has a ton of free resources, yes, even for adults! 

It is a handy site for bulking up your lesson plan with popular worksheets created by teachers. If you find a particular teacher you like, you can take a look at their profile for more great resources. 

You can just find just about anything on ISL collective. Type it in the search bar.

Please note that because these resources were created by regular tutors like ourselves (not a company with a proofreader), you will have to check for errors. I have noticed some grammatical mistakes in some resources, even the most popular ones.

Here are some free resources to get you started:

2. Breaking News English

Breaking News English is an excellent resource for adults. 

At Breaking News English, you can sort by level. 0-3 is easy. 4-6 is more challenging.

Once you’ve sorted by level, you can find wacky, unconventional news on every kind of topic. 

They also have news lessons on themes such as education, business English, environment, people/gossip, lifestyle, health, issues, and world news.

They usually have a news story, new vocabulary (explained), and exercises in each worksheet. They also have podcast versions of the news stories.

When you’ve found a lesson you like, click “Print the Lesson” in the Read section.

How to Print Worksheet

The best thing is that all the worksheets are for free! They are high quality and could easily suffice for a full 60-minute to 90-minute lesson.

Here are some worksheets for adults for you to sample:

3. ESL Library

If you are looking for high-quality ESL worksheets for adults, you will certainly find them here at ESL Library. While this is not a free resource and involves a monthly or yearly billing subscription, teachers can dig out some free material to sample.

ESL library is a great supplement to your teaching materials. It allows teachers to search by topic and include a quick worksheet to complement a lesson plan.

When checking out their worksheets on a particular topic, teachers can sort the topics into their own folders for later use. They can also check the US, Canadian, or UK versions of the worksheets. Each worksheet comes with a teacher and student PDF version and downloadable audio.

Their lesson categories include discussions and debates, grammar, young learners and adult literacy, everyday English, academic and business English, reading and discovery, holidays and travel, English storylines.

ESL Library also has digital lessons that can be broadcasted in the classroom and flashcards and other printable content.

4. English Club

English Club has lots of useful resources and free worksheets for adult learners. They also have an ESL section dedicated to teachers. 

You just have to know where to look. To find it, click the upper right-hand corner of their website, entitled “Teach.”

Here you can conveniently sort by ESL worksheets, lesson plans, talking points, ESL activities, and so forth.

For the purpose of this blog post, we will select “ESL Worksheets.”

From here, you can sort the worksheets by topics– conversation worksheets, find someone who worksheets, or video project worksheets.

You can also sort the worksheets by skill– reading, listening, writing, speaking, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary.

Here are some samples you might be interested in:

5. Learn English Feel Good

This site is great for grammar worksheets for adults, and you will find a host of their worksheets readily available without having to search high and low!

Their downloadable worksheets cover tenses, verbs, articles, prepositions, pronouns, and many others that will keep adult learners busy.

Before handing out these worksheets, it would be good to revise the grammar topic or provide some kind of introduction, as these worksheets head straight into the exercise without much explanation.

There are also some answers on the second page of each worksheet. Not for handing out to students, of course!

6. Teach This

Teach This is another great site for ESL adult teaching materials. This site has an abundance of resources, especially for the exclusive (paying) ESL teacher.

Teach This uncovers ESL worksheets for grammar, parts of speech, functional English, general English, and games.

The entire library of worksheets can be downloaded for just a $39 yearly subscription. Or teachers can sign up for a monthly subscription.

Here are some of the free resources you can find on the site. They have some short and long worksheets to complete:

7. Off2Class

Off2Class is a paid platform which offers a full virtual classroom for teacher and student. 

I talk much more about Off2Class in my Off2Class review and interview with teacher trainer Chris Rush.

The lesson materials are of superb quality and cut the lesson planning time. If, however, you are just looking for free ESL worksheets for adults, they also have some of those to try out too.

Off2Class Plaatform

Teachers can also avail of free ESL worksheets when they sign up via e-mail.

Here are some worksheets for you to try out with your adult learners:

8. Pinterest

Pinterest has an abundance of worksheets for teaching English but it will take a bit of digging to find the right one.

Simply type “ESL worksheets for adults” into the search bar, and you will find a wide variety of worksheets. Or you can be more specific as to what you are looking for, “business English worksheets.” The more detailed, the better.

Pinterest is good at pulling up the most popular resources for teachers to choose from.

Pinterest often links to other websites so you can find even more resources.

Here are some examples of what you can find on Pinterest:


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In Conclusion

There are many resources available on the internet to keep you and your adult learners busy learning English. These are just some of the ESL worksheets for adults I’ve found with a quick Google search.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Check the Best ESL Websites for Teachers and see if there is anything I missed. I’m sure you can find what you’re looking for.

While these worksheets are suitable for adult learners (beginner to advanced), they can also be adapted to younger learners. I hope you’ve found this list helpful.

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