Best +40 ESL Printable Worksheets for Kids (Free and Paid)

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Teaching children, especially young children, the English language can be tricky. Sure, they may know how to say their first name in English, but what then?

Fortunately, plenty of printable worksheets exist online to supplement any teacher’s textbook. You can find multiple ESL websites with worksheets for children.

For private tutoring, I use Abridge Academy to teach young learners. They have high-quality lesson material suitable for commercial use in your classes! They also have a great course for finding high-paying private students in China.

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Ready to learn about other excellent resources available to teachers? There are many websites to choose from, and you may find one suitable for your learners’ needs and goals.

1. ISL Collective

I always recommend ISL Collective because it is like a treasure trove of lessons for English language learners. It has beneficial resources, particularly for beginner to pre-intermediate learners.

Use the search bar to find the topic you are looking for; there are always many worksheets to choose from.

The worksheets are sorted by most downloaded, so you don’t even spend much time tirelessly searching their library.

ISL Collective is a place where many teachers share, upload, and download teaching materials for free. I regularly use ISL Collective to supplement lessons.

Examples of printables for beginners:

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2. The British Council, a site belonging to the British Council, has some great resources for kids and teens.

The British Council even gives teachers a choice between face-to-face lesson plans and the online PowerPoint version.

Teachers can browse the selection by level, 1-3 for kids, and choose a suitable lesson that appeals to their learners. The primary level is suitable for children between 5 and 12.

The site also features secondary-level and adult lesson plans that are worth checking out!

Examples of printable worksheets from the British Council:

3. Oxford Owl

At Oxford Owl, can find free ebooks for young learners. Enjoy reading about the adventures of Biff and Chip, among many other tales!

Teachers can browse the ebooks by reading level and find the one most suitable for the children. The only downside is that some ebooks can be quite short and may require the teacher to think of comprehension questions and additional activities they can incorporate into the lesson.

These fun, interesting tales will help the students improve their reading skills. They also have PDF worksheets available for download.

Examples of kids’ resources from Oxford Owl:

4. Abridge Academy

If you’re an online freelance teacher, Abridge Academy has a plethora of beneficial lesson slides and even offers a Teaching in China course to help set up your business overseas. With teachers reportedly earning approximately $50 per hour from tutoring English to Chinese students online, there’s definitely money to be made!

On top of that, the teaching resources feature core and ultimate curriculums that are tailored for young learners between levels A1-C2.

Although these lessons aren’t available as worksheets, they could still be very beneficial in any classroom!

Make sure to check out their free lessons here:

5. Crystal Clear English

Crystal Clear English has an easy-to-follow curriculum online for ESL teachers. It is best for freelance online teachers who can share the slides with their students.

Crystal Clear English has divided the kids’ course into levels. They have over 500 interactive lessons available and are constantly growing. Unfortunately, these lessons are not available as worksheets, but they may still be a good addition to your classroom.

Check out their free trial lessons, including:

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6. StoryWeaver

StoryWeaver provides children with thousands of illustrated, open-licensed books.

Stories help children learn about new ideas and enhance their imagination. The stories are available in PDF A4 print-ready and digital ePub format.

Teachers can create their own stories too. StoryWeaver allows you to pick your own illustrations and narrative and publish your own story. The story can also be translated.

All content on StoryWeaver is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0 license, meaning that users can edit and share the stories. Check it out here.

7. ESL Kids Stuff

ESL Kids stuff has lesson plans suitable for children between the ages of 3-12.

They have some free samples to check the quality of their material. You can find free lesson plans and worksheets on their website, and teachers can access their entire library for an annual subscription fee.

Examples of worksheets from ESL Kids Stuff:

8. ESL Games Plus

Looking for games suitable for kids?

ESL Games Plus features a wide array of games to choose from, covering vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure, phonics, spelling, and more.

They also offer resources to practice for exams like IELTS, TOEFL and SAT.

Some ESL kids’ worksheets to check out:

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9. International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL)

Children can find free books to read on this site. Teachers can use this site for independent or group reading.

As families move abroad for better opportunities, books published in their native language are often left behind. The families don’t have access to books and stories published in their native tongue in their new homeland. Children grow up without knowledge of their heritage and first language.

According to the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), denying access to information in one’s mother tongue is the same as denying a human right.

ICDL represents every culture and language with collections of free books accessible by families no matter where they are located.

10. Raz Kids

Raz Kids allow teachers to take a step back while students complete the interactive activities and exercises on the web.

This may be suitable for teachers with many children or teach classes with various literacy levels.

Teachers can print books, create their own or create tests. Digital monitoring and assessment save valuable teaching time and keep the teacher in control.

Raz Kids offers a free trial if your school wants to try it out.

11. ESL Pals

ESL Pals have some great PDF downloads available for kids. These are fun, engaging lesson plans full of activities that kids enjoy.

These PDFs are best shared digitally with students via download or screen share. Here are some of the free lessons available for students:

How can we use these ESL websites for kids?

These ESL websites are useful for several reasons:

  • Used as supplemental lesson material
  • Find complete lesson plans
  • Face-to-face and online teaching PowerPoints and plans
  • Motivating students with fun games and exercises
  • Find ebooks, slides, worksheets, activities
  • Focus on a range of skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation, grammar

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In Conclusion

I hope you find this list of resources helpful. Lesson plans can be copied and printed as worksheets for in-class use or adapted to PowerPoint if teachers want to present them on screen or online.

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