ESLstarter Review in 2023: Is it Legit?

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Itching to get a holiday away from normality while still getting paid? Are you passionate about teaching and love the idea of adventure and travel?

ESLstarter, as the name suggests, is a good place for teachers to get started if they want to teach English abroad.

ESLstarter is a website that enables teachers to take the reins of their careers and teach in a foreign country of their preference. They provide guidance and advice for everything that teachers need to know, from finding the most suitable job and sorting out VISA applications to flying out and ensuring teachers’ safety and care.

Be Careful When Choosing an ESL Job Abroad

Many ESL job adverts entice teachers with empty promises while having malicious intent or even attempting to scam the teacher. Some ESL job sites do not care and continue to promote these scams because they are getting paid to advertise them on their job board.

Please be careful when applying for a job abroad! When choosing an ESL program, teachers want to know they are in safe hands.

ESLstarter has been known to take teachers through the trenches and get them a suitable and viable jobs with great financial benefits so that they can make the most of their stay in another country.

What do you need to teach English abroad?

The requirements are not too strict, and some countries will take native and non-native speakers of English alike. Most countries expect teachers to have an ESL certificate such as a TEFL as a teaching qualification.

Don’t have a TEFL certificate but are interested in getting one? See my TEFL Academy review.

Who is ESLstarter?

ESLstarter was founded in 2007 by a team of former TEFL teachers. They have a wealth of TEFL experience, having traveled to countries like South Korea, Japan, China, and Thailand, to mention a few.

These experienced advisors help new ESL teachers with the onboarding process. They are also official recruitment partners with the public school program (EPIK) in South Korea.

You can also find their jobs featured on Go Overseas, a leading travel website for programs abroad.

Is ESLstarter legit?

ESLstarter is a reputable company that recruits thousands of ESL teachers every year for their programs abroad.

They have been placing teachers in teaching positions all over the world for over ten years. However, they have recently said that jobs overseas are scarce due to the pandemic.

Teaching Positions at ESLstarter

ESLstarter has real jobs, internship, and volunteer programs on their site.

Take a look at some of the amazing countries where you could teach. Teach English in:

Plus a range of other countries, which can be found on the jobs section of the ESLstarter website.

ESLstarter Reviews by Teachers

To see real teacher reviews, go to ESLstarter and head to the dropdown menu. Click community>testimonials. You will be able to search by country to find real teachers and their thoughts and opinions about the program.

ESLstarter Videos

You can also find various videos demonstrating a typical ESL class and how it is taught. You will notice how different the culture and learning experience is from country to country. You can find these videos by clicking community>teacher videos.

Here is a video by ESLstarter from Youtube. In this video, ESLstarter placement teachers talk about their experience teaching in Vietnam. You can really get a sense of the culture, the country and places of interest:

Find Your Perfect Career

Choosing a country abroad can be a difficult decision. Check our top countries for teaching abroad and see if a particular destination stands out to you.

According to the Go Overseas website, these were the top countries in 2021:

best countries for esl teachers 2021

As you can see, China ranks #1, closely followed by South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

The coronavirus has probably affected some countries’ ranks, and we can see some significant changes from the year prior; for example, Spain was first on the list in 2020 but has now been pushed to seventh place.

Be aware that while some countries offer more pay than others, be careful in your decision-making and consider living costs.

For example, while Vietnam is definitely not the highest paying, it has become a popular teaching location due to its great work-life balance. Teachers can potentially save a lot of money while living comfortably.

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Apply on the ESLstarter Website

To start teaching, head to ESLstarter and look at the available jobs. Browse the selection and choose your favorite one. Enter your basic information and hit apply. ESLstarter will get in touch with you shortly.

In Conclusion

ESLstarter is a trustworthy site that provides great teaching opportunities to its recruits abroad. If you are interested in teaching ESL in a foreign country, ESLstarter may have some good opportunities.

That concludes the ESLstarter review. Want to share your experiences? Write a comment below!

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2 years ago

I am interested in the jobs they have but could not find any recent reviews on them. The latest one on Glassdoor is from 2016, that was a while ago… How did you find out about recent information? Did you talk to people who took jobs with ESL starter in recent years?
The testimonials on their website are all positive, but of course, they wouldn’t post the negative ones.
Just curious, thanks for your article!

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