20 Weird But Fascinating Facts About The Human Body

We all have bodies, but we don’t all know the incredible or even strange feats our bodies can accomplish. Keep reading to discover 20 interesting facts about the human body:

1. The Blush Syndrome

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When your cheeks blush, the lining of your stomach feels it. They turn red, even if you can’t see it. 

2. Rhythm And Blues

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Your heart can synchronize to the rhythm when you’re listening to music. This phenomenon is exciting, especially because it showcases the deep connection between music and your emotions.

The next time you find your hips swaying to the beat of a song know that your heart is also joining the rhythmic dance. 

3. Glow in the Dark

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Did you know that humans can glow in the dark? Well, now you do. The glow is known as bioluminescence. It is an occurrence whereby human bodies emit a faint glow that is too weak to see without special equipment. 

So, don’t go poking your friend in the dark without special eye equipment. 

4. Recycled Bones

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The human skeleton is in a constant state of regeneration. Every 10 years, most of the adult skeleton replaces itself. 

It makes for resilient bones throughout life. Superman has got nothing on you. 

5. Height Difference 

Morning Routine

You may not be a morning person, but your height certainly is. Every morning, you are at your tallest compared to nighttime. 

The height difference is usually just a fraction of an inch. 

6. Pregnancy Brain

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When a woman is pregnant, she can experience some cognitive changes that cause her brain to slightly shrink. 

These changes are said to be influenced by hormonal fluctuations, emotional adjustments, and physical discomfort that happen during pregnancy. 

7. Stomach Acid

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Stomach acid is a powerful digestive fluid that aids the digestion process. The strength of stomach acid is potent enough to dissolve bones and teeth.

It’s interesting to think that we have a weapon right inside our stomachs. 

8. Tongue Print

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Human tongue prints are another testament to the human body’s remarkable nature. It is common knowledge that no two fingerprints are alike, and this unique nature also applies to tongue prints. Amazing right?

9. Heart Rate

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A woman’s heart beats slightly faster than a man’s heart.

10. Aging 

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The human brain does not fully form until you’re 25 years old. 

11. Nose Memory

kid smelling something stinky

Your nose can remember over 50,000 different scents. The olfactory system contains sensory cells in the nose which can perceive distinct smells. 

Sometimes, your nose may even remind you of the comforting scent of an old friend. 

12. Growth Spurt

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The human body stops growing at a certain age, but not every part. The nose and ears continue to grow throughout your lifetime, although at very slow paces.

13. Healthy Lungs

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Healthy lungs are pink in color but darken when you smoke often. They actually change from pink to black over many years due to the cigarette chemicals.

14. Smiley Muscles

Smile to Me or Smile At Me

You use 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown. So, smiling does keep you forever young. 

15. Blinking

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On a normal day, you can blink your eyes 15-20 times per minute. 

16. Color Marvel

looking up

Eyes can differentiate around 10 million colors and relay that information to the brain at a speed of about 10 million bits per second. 

17. Sneezing 

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Different factors trigger sneezes, including allergies. When you sneeze, the expelled air can travel 100 miles per hour. It’s essential to cover your mouth while you sneeze. 

18. Nail Growth

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Typically, fingernails increase in length by about 3.47 millimeters each month, while toenails grow at a slightly more gradual pace of about 1.62 millimeters per month.

19. Super Ears 

cant believe what he hears

The human ear is generally capable of hearing sounds within a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hertz. This capacity can vary from individual to individual, but it’s usually pretty in range. 

20. Saliva 

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Saliva has multiple functions, including neutralizing harmful stomach acid and preventing bad breath. The human body produces roughly two to four pints of spit per day. 

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