16 Facts You Learned in School That Are Definitely False

Sometimes, the facts we learn become outdated or proven false, and we feel a little stumped. It’s time to relearn what you may have been taught in school!

1. Dropping A Penny From The Empire State Building Could Kill A Passerby

empire state building

The Mythbusters tested a theory that if you dropped a penny off the Empire State Building, it would be so fast and powerful that it could kill someone below.

However, they found that even when they shot each other with a gun, firing the penny at the same speed as it would fall from the top of the building, it only caused some minor pain and not serious harm.

This proves that the myth is false, as a penny cannot gain enough velocity from such a height to kill someone.

2. Breakfast is The Most Important Meal of The Day

kids eating breakfast

Breakfast has often been called the most important meal of the day, which may have had us stocking up on plenty of cereals over the years.

However, experts reveal that while breakfast is an important meal, it doesn’t hold more value than other meals. Some people even prefer fasting until lunchtime, which is okay too.

Nevertheless, kids need their nutrition and something to fuel them for the rest of the day, so it may not be wise to ignore breakfast completely.

3. There is No Gravity in Space


The truth is that there is gravity in space, just a small amount of it. Gravity is everywhere, but the gravitational pull weakens in space. When astronauts appear to be “floating” in space, they are actually free-falling. They might be in orbit around a large object, such as the Earth or the moon, which appears as though they are defying gravity.

Instead of calling space “zero gravity,” “microgravity” is the correct term.

4. If You Swallow Gum, It Will Stay In Your Stomach For Seven Years

chewing gum

Ever have a teacher scare you from chewing gum in class?

The myth suggests that swallowing a piece of gum will stay in your stomach for seven years before being digested.

This isn’t accurate – if swallowed, the gum will pass through the digestive system and be excreted.

4. If You Swallow Gum, It Will Stay In Your Stomach For Seven Years

shutterstock 1383763727

Although there is no cause for concern most of the time, swallowing large amounts of chewing gum could lead to a blockage in the intestines, particularly in children. Therefore, it’s best not to swallow chewing gum.

5. Christopher Columbus discovered North America

christopher colombus

Most of us believe that Christopher Columbus discovered North America. This is what we are taught in school and why there is a holiday for him.

However, this needs to be corrected— on his four trips, Columbus only ever made it to the Caribbean islands and parts of Central and South America but never set foot in North America itself.

Therefore, although we often associate the discovery of America with Columbus, this is not actually the case. ​​​​

6. Camels store water in their humps


Contrary to popular belief, camels do not store water in their humps. Instead, the hump is used to store fat which the animal can use as nourishment when food is scarce.

When this fat gets used up, the hump will become limp and droop down. Fortunately, it will eventually return to its normal shape if given enough food and rest. ​​​​​

7. Two Blued-Eyed Parents Will Have a Blue-Eyed Child

surprised baby

Even if both parents have blue eyes, there is no guarantee that the offspring will have this eye color. Two blue-eyed parents may have a brown-eyed child, although the chances are very low. There have also been reports of green and grey-eyed offspring.

8. America was an independent nation on July 4, 1776

indepdence day

While the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776, by the 12 colonies, America did not achieve true freedom until after it won the Revolutionary War.

9. You can’t start a sentence with a conjunction

parts of speech

Many people are taught in school that you can’t start a sentence using the words ‘and’ or ‘but.’ However, this is not a rule of grammar; it’s more of a preference when it comes to style.

Therefore, we don’t have to follow this rule and can start sentences with ‘and’ or ‘but’ if we want to. ​​​​

10. Different Regions of the Tongue Are Specialized For Different Tastes

eating icecream

If you were taught that the tongue has different taste receptors in different parts, please disregard the diagram!

We pick up taste from all parts of the tongue, as the receptors for sweet, salty, sour, and bitter are distributed everywhere.

11. Sharks can smell a drop of blood from miles away


Sharks have an extraordinary sense of smell, but the notion that they can detect a drop of blood from miles away is exaggerated.

While some sharks may be able to identify traces of blood up to a quarter-mile away, it takes time for the scent to reach them and doesn’t always elicit an attack. Ocean currents carry smells, and the more motion there is, the faster they travel.

11. Sharks can smell a drop of blood from miles away

shutterstock 565369243

Sharks usually don’t particularly enjoy human meat and fluids, so it’s unlikely that they would be interested in any scents coming from humans, as it’s not associated with food.

12. Witches Burned At The Stake In The United States

witch burning

At the time of the Salem Witch Trials, burning witches was not practiced in the United States as part of any form of justice. Instead, it was believed most were executed by hanging.

In Scotland, witches were strangled to death before their bodies were burned.

13. Pluto is a planet


Pluto was discovered in 1930, and for many years it was our beloved ninth planet in our solar system.

However, after a number of other icy worlds were found within the Kuiper Belt, Pluto’s status as a planet was re-evaluated and changed to that of a dwarf planet. Dwarf planets are not to be considered planets, just asteroids.

13. Pluto is a planet

shutterstock 1853394100

This change was due to its small size of only 1,400 miles in diameter and the fact that there were other Kuiper Belt Objects roughly similar in size.

This shift in classification serves as a reminder always to be open to re-examining facts, even the ones we have long held as true. ​​​​

14. Eating Carrots Improve Your Vision

asian kid eating carrots

Carrots contain beta carotene, which your body converts to retinal or vitamin A. However, unless you are suffering from a vitamin A deficiency, which is rarely seen in developed countries, you don’t need to worry about adding carrots to your meal.

15. You Only Use 10 Percent Of Your Brain 

pointing to brain

Many people believe that we only use 10 percent of our brains; however, this has been disproved.

Neurologist Barry Gordon stated that much of the brain is actually active most of the time, and fMRI imaging techniques have shown that even when a person is performing simple tasks or resting/sleeping, much of the brain is in use.

The amount of brain in use varies from person to person and depends on what they are doing or thinking at any given moment. ​​​​

16. Wait 24 hours Before Reporting Someone as Missing

mssing person

If someone hasn’t returned home at the usual time or is not responding to calls and texts, it is not advisable to wait 24 hours before reporting them missing.

If there is cause for concern about the individual’s safety, it should be reported to the police right away. Waiting any longer could put the person at risk and delay help arriving on time.

16. Wait 24 hours Before Reporting Someone as Missing

reporting to police

The police will consider the circumstances surrounding the disappearance and get involved if necessary.

Stay vigilant and trust your instincts; if something feels wrong, contact the police!

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It is important to remember that although much of what we learn in school may be true, times change, and new discoveries may challenge our long-held beliefs.

See more facts you learned in school that are no longer true.

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