Student Was “Privileged” With “Special Treatment” Said Teacher; He Was Faking Illness To Avoid Class

A former student elicited a major reaction on social media for his story about a teacher who thought he was faking being sick in class.

The original poster (OP) was in elementary school, and his math teacher had it out for him for some unknown reason. No matter what OP did, she seemed to be looking for ways to lower his grades or blame him for things he didn’t do.

On top of that, OP was a sickly kid with asthma, dermatitis, and other issues, and OP reckons that his “special treatment” and “privileges” may have been the root cause of her mistreatment.

Things Took a Turn For The Worst

One day, the class was taking a test, and OP started feeling very ill. He desperately wanted to go to the bathroom so he wouldn’t vomit in front of everyone, but his teacher refused and lectured him about how he was lying and trying to get out of taking the test.

A sympathetic classmate stood up for him, saying he looked very pale and unwell, but the teacher dismissed her claims.

The teacher delivered a passionate five-minute monologue about OP, implying that he was not prepared for the test and was attempting to deceive his peers. Additionally, it was suggested that his classmates should hate him since he was squandering everyone’s precious testing time.

“But I Am Not Making Excuses!”

OP expressed that he truly felt the need to vomit, yet the teacher just laughed and retorted, “Your lies won’t get you anywhere, so you might as well do your imaginary puking here.”

Unfortunately, OP was unable to hold it in any longer and proceeded to vomit all over the teacher’s desk and the floor.

Despite her claims that he had done it on purpose, the principal decided otherwise after a doctor’s examination. From then on, the teacher never bothered OP again.

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Reactions From The Reddit Community

“Yeah, she had it coming,” one user commented, receiving more than 7,900 ‘upvotes’ for his response. “She only has herself to blame!” another agreed.

“If you’d have been there, if you’d have seen it, I betcha you would have done the same!” the users finished each other’s comments.

Yet another person recited the lyrics of Cell Block Tango, “Pop! Six! Squish! Uh uh! Cicero! Vomit!” 

Someone else said, “Teachers like her deserve all the vitriol they get.”

One teacher commented about how she had been mistaken in the past. “I’m a teacher with the opposite problem; the kid looks sick, acts sick, complains of being sick, so I send them to the nurse to go home…”

“Nurse says ‘no one can come to get them, and they cannot stay here all day doing nothing…'”

The nurse then sends them back to class, and the teacher is annoyed because they are usually genuinely sick and trying not to vomit in class.

“The d**n nurse sends kids back to class, even during flu season… even with 102 fever,” the teacher said.

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8 months ago

The entire “she had it coming” comment thread is an extended reference to the song “Cell Block Tango” from the musical “Chicago.” The “Pop. Six. Squish” commenter wasn’t just being random. The way you wrote it here looks like you missed that entire joke. If you’re going to harvest Reddit posts for “content” (which Redditors hate, btw), make sure you at least understand what you quote.