Commonly Asked Questions regarding teaching English Online.

What are the requirements to teach English online?

You can teach online if you have a laptop, webcam and stable internet connection. You must be a fluent or native English speaker to teach English online. You will also need a teaching certificate, like a TEFL, TESOL, ESL, CELTA etc. A degree is preferred, although it is not a requirement.

How much can I make teaching English online?

Pay from online teaching companies varies but the average pay is approximately $18-$20. Certain platforms will allow you to earn $30+ for group sessions. You can also go solo and charge your own rates.

How do I prepare lesson plans?

There are a ton of free resources and websites that will help you create lesson plans. Most companies provide lesson materials so there is little to no preparation.

Can I teach English online without a degree?

You can teach English online and abroad without a degree although your options are more limited. Check out our post about Palfish, a teaching platform for those who don’t have a degree

Can I teach English part time?

Yes! Many of the higher paying companies are based in Asia and they may ask you to teach a few peak hours, which is 6pm-9pm Beijing Time.

How can I get started teaching English online?

Find a company you want to apply for on our ‘Jobs’ page. Sign up by clicking ‘apply.’ We will be in touch to help you with your application. We will also provide you with free resources and information to help you teach and pass the interview. We really care about the applicants and hope that all teachers will find their perfect teaching job!

Any more questions?

Contact us by filling out the contact form or email us directly at: hello@tprteaching.com