He Is Financially Stable, But Didn’t Follow His Dreams and Now Bears The Burden

In a relentless chase for financial stability, he carries an unexpected burden despite his perceived success.

Pursuing The Wrong Goals

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The post shared under the subreddit “Today I F—d Up” acts as a reminder that the pursuit of money and stability while sacrificing one’s passions can end up in a life of void, filled with regrets and unfulfilled dreams.

What Life Should’ve Been for Joe

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The author, with the pseudonym Joe, started the post by acknowledging the void of his existence as he takes a raw perception of the trajectory of his life. Joe stated that he was once a promising young individual who once dreamed of becoming a musician, an educator, and an agent of change. 

His Parents and Lover Set Him on a Different Trajectory

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However, the temptation of financial stability and the influence of his parents and his lover convinced Joe to take on the road that would ultimately lead to a career revolving around the field of dentistry.

His Reality Today


The Reddit post expresses a descriptive view of Joe’s life today: a marriage stained by infidelity, distant children, a body continuously experiencing chronic physical pain, and a mind preoccupied with disillusionment.

What was meant to be the safe and secure direction turned into an exhausting cycle, resulting in Joe mourning the flames of the passions and dreams that once burned within him.

Joe’s Dilemma 


Joe’s narrative displays the age-old conflict between choosing the road that leads to financial stability and following the path toward personal desires and aspirations in life. It is a story of suppressed passions, unfulfilled goals, and the hurtful realization that life’s purpose has been compromised. 

Sign of Caution

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Joe’s hindsight serves as a sign of caution for those encountering paths with crossroads, analyzing their circumstances to determine whether they would opt for a life of stability or embrace the uncertain but fulfilling pursuit of their true happiness and purpose.

Redditors Reaction

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The post gathered diverse opinions from Redditors expressing their perspectives and experiences about the underlying issue.

A Redditor commented, “Have you considered therapy? Just for yourself. You could go and talk it all out with the therapist, and maybe you would be more open to making some changes once you’ve processed all the regret?”

Things Can Change

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“Possibly involve the fam if they’re open to it. It is never too late to do something different/something new. And sometimes, you lose people along the way. But you also gain people. Maybe it’s time to open yourself back up to the possibilities in the world,” the same Redditor added.

Following Your Passion Doesn’t Always End Well

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On the other hand, another Redditor provided his perspective, saying he took the opposite route but still ended up being miserable. 

“I followed my passion for writing, became a somewhat successful journalist and editor, and after 20 years ended up HATING writing, so I dropped everything, moved to another city, and began a new life at the age of 40. It wasn’t a bad move, and I don’t regret it, but now I’m grinding 9-5 at a dull job for little money and with no real passion left for anything, afraid of getting old and poor and dying soon,” expressed the commenter.

A Wake-Up Call for All Ages

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Joe’s story is a symbol, a wake-up call to individuals of all ages who may find themselves in a crucial situation, torn between the allure of financial stability and the pursuit of their genuine passions. It prompts us to ponder the concept of whether society’s expectations should dictate the trajectory of our life choices or if we should have the courage to pursue and embrace the desires of our hearts.

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Living Free of Regret

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As we go through the complexities of life, Joe’s candid reflections guide us toward constructing calculated choices that can lead to a life truly worth living. A life that is anchored on authenticity, passion, and a sense of purpose. At any age, whether young or old, may we all remember that the safest paths are not always the most fulfilling and that the flow of our lives should be one we are proud to share, a life free of regret.

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