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When you sign up for a teaching company via TPR Teaching you will receive our exclusive props to use in the online classroom. These props cover all the essential topics you will be teaching.

We will also give you an exclusive 25% off coupon for ManyCam. ManyCam allows you to deliver professional online classes with pictures and backdrops you can display on screen. This is optional but will give you a competitive edge over other teachers should you decide to use it.

How Do I Use the Props?

  1. Sign up for an online teaching company by using the links on our site
  2. We will provide one-to-one support and tuition to help you land your dream online teaching job
  3. We will email you digital downloadable props that you can use when teaching lower level learners
  4. Download the props and print them on card (slightly thick) paper
  5. Cut them out in a square shape. Some are grouped together in categories which you can cut out together (like the numbers)
  6. You can glue them to lollipop sticks for easy finding and storage
  7. Use the props when needed in the online classroom

The Props Pack Includes:

  • Transport and Countries
  • Family
  • Numbers and Shapes
  • Animals
  • Food
  • Seasons and Weather
  • Hobbies
  • Reward Systems
  • Feelings
  • Common Questions and Instructions

Making Teaching Easy

TPR Teaching

Remember – use props in combination with TPR (Total Physical Response). TPR can replace props because you can ‘act-it-out’. Read our article that shows how to use TPR in the online classroom.

Downloadable Props with TPR Teaching
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