9 Funny and Inappropriate Sayings by Students

Teaching comes with a variety of challenges, and one that may not be anticipated is the ability to remain straight-faced when a student says something completely inappropriate but unquestionably funny.

Teachers Share Weird Things That Students Have Said During Class

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Teachers across the internet are sharing the wild, wonderful and straight up weird things that their young students have said during time in the classroom; some fixating on the required discipline, while others found the moments secretly hilarious. 

1. The Spinach Bandit

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One teacher recaps her kindergarten student shoving a hand into the spinach while waiting in the salad line at lunch.

“Leafs is for the sheep!” the little girl shouted, throwing the handful on the floor in an act of defiance.

1. The Spinach Bandit

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Another teacher moved in to scold while the poster had to walk away because they were unable to keep a straight face. 

2. A Meal for a Cow

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Working with five year olds will always present some challenges, but this educator tells how this one incident shook them in its hilarity.

2. A Meal for a Cow

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“We were having afternoon tea on the grass outside,” the poster writes, explaining that a child said a boy was eating grass.

“I look over and a boy had his biscuits with grass sandwiched in the middle.” The educator put an end to what they describe as “his gourmet snack” and then had to turn away in fits of giggles.

3. No Filter 

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As an assistant teacher at an after school program, this poster was accustomed to children and their odd ways.

3. No Filter 

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However, when an older, plus-sized woman entered the room and a child demanded, “why does she have no neck?” this one teacher struggled to scold him before escaping to laugh in the break room.

4. A Light Enquiry

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Being new at teaching can be daunting, especially for high school, where students are barely more than a few years younger.

For this newly-married teacher, she had a child ask, “on a scale of 1 to me, how hot is your husband?”

5. Barnyard Antics

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“Not discipline worthy but I thought it as hilarious,” says this teacher, explaining that they were chaperoning a third grade trip to the zoo.

5. Barnyard Antics

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“One pig mounted another pig and started going at it,” the teacher says, saying a few giggles went through amongst the students before one of them piped up saying, “you can’t do that here, there are children present!”

6. Entrepreneurial Spirit

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One teacher recaps how a student began his own snack shop right outside the door to the school snack shop inside the cafeteria. “All because he didn’t like the prices.”

6. Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Smart businessman, he may have been, but the teacher regretfully had to tell him to “pack it up.”

7. Innovative Directions

finding directions from paper map

Teaching children to use Google maps, one teacher was surprised to hear a student say, “sir, I found the street you live on.”

7. Innovative Directions

transgender person

After investigating, he realized the student had found a street called, ‘Gay Street.’ 

“Solid chirp,” the teacher remembers. “Inappropriate, but I’ve chuckled about it ever since.”

8. Educated in Another Way

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Two potentially ingenious students handed their homework in, having done it completely in Dwarvish language.

The teacher says they were only 12 years old, and while the boys were geniuses, they were given detention. 

9. Lunch Break

shocked offended woman

Children can be brutal. One eighth-grader told this teacher, “you look like the kind of girl who’d be friends with the lunch ladies.”

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Entertaining or Awful?

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“I have been laughing so hard at these stories,” one user commented, adding that they were saving the thread for when they had a bad day.

Other users contributed with stories of when they themselves were in school acting less than appropriate. One thing appears certain, for teachers, the job is far from boring. 

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