Gen Z Complains About Working 40-60 Hours Per Week to “Barely Afford Life”

A 24-year-old received more than 38,200 upvotes and 8,000 comments on the TooAfraidToAsk Subreddit for her post entitled: Why is everyone so okay with working 40-60 hours per week to barely afford life?

“I’m exhausted.”

A 24-year-old Gen Zer took to social media to comment on the difficulty they have in affording life’s basics. Despite working 40-60 hours per week, they barely make ends meet, and the housing market is not providing them with any relief.

“Gen Z has had the housing market door shut on us. We can barely afford to rent with roommates, let alone by ourselves. Food and gas eat the rest of our income.”

Rent, food, and gas take up nearly all of their income, leaving nothing for “extras” or savings. They have expressed frustration and perplexity at their current financial situation, reflecting that life is “cutthroat” for many Americans and that they are trying to highlight the suffering that people are experiencing.

Social Media Share Their Views

The post received significant attention as commenters related and empathized with OP’s situation.

“Because we don’t have the choice,” one person received more than 1,800 upvotes for their answer. “We are not ok with it, but answer this: what other options are there?”

Other users shared their experiences. “I’m a 30-year-old in the U.S. with a degree, several internships under my belt, and 10 years of experience in my field, and I still don’t make enough to pay anything beyond my bills while splitting rent with 2 roommates,” one person, who was a graphic designer and marketing specialist, admitted.

They continued, “I’ve been trying my hardest to break out of the poverty cycle for a decade now without moving an inch forward. I’m happy for all the people in these comments that say they’ve made it out but don’t think it’s purely because you worked hard enough. You either got lucky or had some form of help.” The response received 3,800 upvotes.

A computer technician shared his response: “I only make $18 an hour. I’m suffering. I’m 34, by the way. Living alone and renting. The car is falling apart; it’s not good.”

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“I’m not okay with it, but I have no other options. I’ve been saving and investing money as well to try to build something, but I’m still broke,” one person with 6,400 upvotes said before adding. “I invest small amounts of money when I’m able to…. so I guess what I mean is that I pretty much only have money to survive, which is a bummer.”

“Also, do you know how many millennials busted their ass till their 30s only to find out they’re shut out for reasons beyond their control?” This message received 1,000 upvotes from other users who agreed with the sentiment.

“It’s so true. I was trying to buy a house four years ago and was just a little bit short of the down payment,” one person responded with 578 upvotes. “I asked for help from my dad, who said, ‘no,’ and unfortunately, I couldn’t get the house. That house has doubled in price since then. My income has definitely not doubled since then.”

“This will sound dark, but sometimes it makes me wonder why we continue to live at all when all we’re doing is waking up, going to work, having a few hours of free time, and then repeating,” one person with 612 upvotes stated. “At my last job, I was getting 3.5-6 hours of sleep most nights just because I wanted to reclaim the freedom of being able to enjoy life and do things I used to do, but instead, I was always just too tired to do anything… Spending my days off catching up on sleep. A life of mediocrity is no life at all.”

What do you think? How can Gen Z afford to live comfortably? What advice would you offer them, or is the ‘American Dream’ well and truly over?

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10 months ago

Welcome to life during adulthood. Not everyone makes a ton of excess income and are able to live the life they dream. Look at your location and your industry and see what the reality is for your chosen profession. Not every profession makes 6 figure income in the first 10 years if ever.
Childhood (and I include college) provides you security because you’re relying on someone else to take care of you. As an adult you have to take care of yourself. Rent an apartment with roommates, drive a shitty car, live as cheap as possible. That’s life, deal with it.

Joey A
Joey A
10 months ago

I’m 41 with an active nursing license working full time in Las Vegas, and I feel exactly the same. The financial walls are closing in. My parents are aging and need assistance I can’t afford to provide myself because they didn’t plan ahead and I don’t earn enough. My car is old and will some day have a major failure. Lots of other things are just waiting to break on me, and when they do it will take a long time for me to pay them off. I’ll be in deeper debt.

I don’t even have children, no idea how families get by in this economy.

You’d think a degree like mine would allow a comfortable life, but it does not.