Gen Z Seeks Relief From Burnout Through “Lazy Girl Jobs” To Improve Work-Life Balance

Does this generation want to work? We look into the trending “lazy girl jobs”; a concept promoted by Gen Z who wish to say goodbye to toxic corporate culture.

The Rise of “Lazy Girl Jobs”

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A catchy concept is now trending on social media. This new way is redirecting young professionals to how they view their jobs. Say hello to the “lazy girl job”— a buzzworthy phrase that’s restructuring the notions of work and success.

Success in the Modern World

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As the generations advance, mindsets evolve, too! Now, Generation Z is reconceptualizing what it means to be successful.

This generation believes that working non-stop is not the only way to be successful.

More than a Trend

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With a whopping 18 million views on TikTok alone, the hashtag #LazyGirlJob is a movement of change. The trend represents a generation that refuses to sacrifice happiness for career growth.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

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Experts gave their opinions to explain Gen Z’s new ways. They said that Gen Z thinks that it is possible to be successful while enjoying life.

In an interview with CBS News, Licensed Psychologist Nita Tewari said that Gen Z has this mindset because of their experiences. They observed their parents’ struggles with traditional jobs.

No More!

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“I think they saw that generation worked long hours… Grind it out… Endure these conditions that I think Gen Zs are very clear about not wanting to endure,” said Dr. Tewari.

Understanding the Term— What Are lazy Girl Jobs?

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It is important to understand that the term “lazy girl jobs” does not mean one is unproductive or lazy. The term is about achieving a work and life balance. It is about having opportunities for enjoyment in both career and personal lives.

Gabrielle Judge (@gabrielle_judge) who coined the term in a viral TikTok video says that the idea of the “lazy girl jobs” is far from being lazy.

The Vision Behind “Lazy Girl Job”

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“It’s called the “lazy girl jobs” not because we’re being lazy, it’s an anti-hustle dig… Everything that I’m talking here is considered as lazy if you compare it to the toxic corporate workplace expectations,” added Gabrielle.

Gabrielle explains that a “lazy girl job” is one who is capable to pay the bills while enjoying life outside of work (regardless of gender). Far from stressful hours of traditional work, the concept promotes remote and light work.

“Lazy girl jobs” are about having a balance between professional and personal spaces.

Generational Clashes

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Of course, having new concepts emerging can be a cause for conflict. With different generations comes different outlooks. The difference between the traditional mentality and Gen Z’s rejection of overworking for success is a clash of perspectives.

Better Mental Health

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Aside from the benefit of having less time spent on a job, Gen Zers are also in favor of the concept because of this benefit. They do not want to endure high stress levels and anxiety.

Constructing a Healthier Workplace

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As the “lazy girl job” becomes a trend, workplaces are encouraged to have balanced and compassionate practices. The theme around success is having a transition, a transition that acknowledges the need for personal happiness while pursuing professional goals.

The Power of Choice

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Furthermore, the concept of the “lazy girl job” movement is about empowering people. It is about making decisions that are aligned with their preferences. It is a declaration that achieving success is not defined by just working non-stop. It is about having a life that prioritizes enjoyment alongside professional growth.

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