Top 10 Gender-Neutral Baby Names in 2023

In today’s diverse, inclusive society, baby names are evolving. Gender-neutral names are on the rise, appealing to modern parents seeking versatility and charm in naming their children.

Identifying the Top 10 Gender-Neutral Baby Names

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The Social Security Administration annually publishes data on first names from birth applications in the US since 1880.

To predict the top gender-neutral baby names, utilized a formula combining recent birth data with user interest on their site.

They considered both recent and historical trends in Social Security data and user engagement to compile a list of names.

Top Gender-Neutral Baby Names

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With that said, the predicted top 10 gender-neutral baby names this year are the following:

10. Kai

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2021 Rank – 12th

2021 Total – 4,967 babies were named Kai.

2023 Prediction – 6,345 babies will be named Kai.

9. Cameron

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2021 Rank – 8th

2021 Total – 5,765 babies were named Cameron.

2023 Prediction – 6,369 babies will be named Cameron.

8. River

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2021 Rank – 10th

2021 Total – 5,317 babies were named River.

2023 Prediction – 6,915 babies will be named River.

7. Riley

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2021 Rank – 6th

2021 Total – 6,618 babies were named Riley.

2023 Prediction – 6,938 babies will be named Riley.

6. Parker

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2021 Rank – 7th

2021 Total – 6,229 babies were named Parker.

2023 Prediction – 7,051 babies will be named Parker.

5. Dylan

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2021 Rank – 5th

2021 Total – 7,252 babies were named Dylan.

2023 Prediction – 7,204 babies will be named Dylan.

4. Carter

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2021 Rank – 3rd

2021 Total – 7,783 babies were named Carter.

2023 Prediction – 7,617 babies will be named Carter.

3. Avery

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2021 Rank – 2nd

2021 Total – 8,557 babies were named Avery.

2023 Prediction – 8,723 babies will be named Avery.

2. Erza

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2021 Rank – 4th

2021 Total – 7,763 babies were named Erza.

2023 Prediction – 8,913 babies will be named Erza.

1. Logan

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2021 Rank – 1st

2021 Total – 9,817 babies were named Logan.

2023 Prediction – 9,291 babies will be named Logan.

Why Should We Consider Using Gender-Neutral Baby Names?

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In an increasingly diverse and inclusive world, these names play a crucial role in promoting inclusivity and respect for a wide range of gender identities.

Gender-neutral names do not limit children to conform to specific gender roles, allowing them the freedom to express their identity authentically and without constraints.

Why Should We Consider Using Gender-Neutral Baby Names?

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In the end, the selection of a baby’s name is a deeply personal decision, and choosing a gender-neutral name is a testament to modern values of inclusivity, respect for diversity, and individuality.

It is a symbol of the affirmation of the rights and identities of all individuals, regardless of how they identify.

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