Project Group Attempted to Cut Him Out After He Did About 60% Of The Work

A former aeronautical engineering student received more than 17,200 upvotes and 8,000 comments on the ProRevenge Subreddit for his post entitled: “Group attempted to cut me out after I did about 60% of the work. They failed.”

“I’ll admit to always being a geek or nerd who loved making good grades. If I don’t understand something, I run at it hard to try to change that.”

Steve*, who studied aeronautical engineering many years ago, was required to take a business class that left him stumped, and “bored out of his mind” but he had a big project coming up that was worth 50% of his grade.

Steve was assigned to work with three other students he already knew from his other classes. “We had problems straight away,” he noted, with two of the students recognizing him from the calculus class. “(They) decided to dump their portion of the work on me straight away, knowing I wouldn’t allow myself to fail.”

Of the four members of the group, OP and one other girl worked hard at the project while the other two slacked off. When the day of the presentation rolled around, the two slackers of the group took the project from the girl and agreed to do it. OP was sick at the time with bronchitis and failed to show up.

The two presenting members let the professor know that they had done all of the work and that Steve “was skipping class” because they told him they would tell the professor about him.

Steve had worked hard on a project with their group, having done “60% of the work,” only to be shocked when he received an F. It was then that he realized the written report for the project was due and held by him alone, and he took it as an opportunity for revenge against the two slackers in his group who were trying to take all the credit.

Steve later approached his professor and explained the situation, showing his notes and report with a plan to fail the two slackers. The professor agreed, as he had planned to fail them for academic dishonesty anyway.

The slackers then began to approach Steve, demanding the report. Steve refused, which only escalated things further. His dorm room was rapped on at odd hours of the night. The slackers even resorted to stealing his backpack and notebooks in order to try to recover the report themselves.

On the last week of classes, the professor decided to return all reports, and it was then that revealed what Steve had done. Steve had been carefully documenting all of their harassment and given evidence to the administration.

“The administration did a bit more digging and found that the pair had been making trouble for some time, and a number of students reported similar problems of having their work stolen,” Steve mentioned.

The two slackers were then expelled, and Steve and the girl received an 82 for their project, far better than the zero marks the slackers got. Justice was served.

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Reactions From Social Media

The story of OP’s academic journey quickly gained traction on Reddit, where it was met with mixed reactions. Many praised the student for his courage in standing up to those who tried to take credit for the work he had completed.

“This was amazing. I wish I would’ve thought of something like this in grade school,” one user with 2,600 ‘upvotes’ said.

“Dealing with slackers is the worst,” one person commented. “You, my friend, are a hero to all students stuck in a group project.”

“Great story, but as someone who works with a lot of consultant engineers, I do wish more of them did a business class,” one person wrote. “The amount of times I’ve had to show them why it’s bad to have a margin of negative nine percent on a project is too damn high. And no Mike, I don’t care that you had to drop it that low to win the job. Again.”

Regardless of the reactions, OP’s story reminded many of the importance and power of standing up for oneself in academic situations. It also served as a reminder that hard work and dedication can lead to success, even in tough times. This inspiring story of justice being served is certainly one to be remembered!


*Names are changed for privacy reasons.

This post, called Teaching The Slackers in Our Group Project a Lesson By Getting Them Expelled And Failing Them, was syndicated and produced by TPR Teaching. Reddit Source.

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