Gogokid Interview Fail in 2021: How to Fix!

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Did you fail your Gogokid interview?

Unfortunately, this happens. More often than you’d expect. Many candidates fail the Gogokid interview the first time, and it is totally okay!

You already had the routine perfected, and you practiced and practiced, yet you still failed the interview. What gives?!

The truth is that you don’t need a ton of teaching experience to work on Gogokid. You can pass the application by just giving them an awesome interview with what they are looking for in candidates.

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Can I retake the Gogokid interview?

Even if you failed the interview the first time, Gogokid will allow you to retake the interview.

You will need to contact Gogokid via email, and you can take the interview again in just one month! This gives you more than enough time to prepare.

You should reach out to Gogokid about your previous interview, and ask them how you can improve for next time.

Applying to the interview a second time shows your commitment to the role and will work favorably in your application.

You have the qualifications Gogokid are looking for

If you have gotten as far as the interview stage, this means you have at least met Gogokid’s basic requirements to get hired. This means that you just need to focus on what you say and do in the interview to get hired.

Why You Failed The Interview

Let’s dive deep into some potential reasons why you failed the interview and how to fix them.

You Need to Fully Prepare

This may seem like an obvious one, but something as simple as misreading the instructions can affect your entire application! Read all the instructions carefully before you start the demo.

For example, some teachers even pretend they are teaching a seven year old, when the instructions clearly say that they are supposed to be teaching a five year old!

Practice and double check the instructions to ensure you don’t forget any important points!

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Check Your Teaching Style

Whether you are a teacher or not, Gogokid has a preferred teaching style that they mark on. Unfortunately, this style doesn’t come so naturally, so you will have to practice to get it right.

While you can relax in the classes when you first begin teaching, the interview is very important to show that you have the potential to be a Gogokid teacher!

Make sure you include the following in your interview:

  • Lots of TPR
  • Enthusiasm
  • Props to help you model what you mean
  • Rewards to encourage the student
  • Simple language
  • Encourage student output for more than 50% of the time
  • Appropriate speaking speed
  • Provide guidance
  • Provide corrections
  • Give rewards
  • Appropriate timing to finish all the slides
  • Use synthetic phonics correctly

These are the official recommendations from Gogokid. You are marked on your application of these strategies, which is why you need to make sure that you can meet each one in your interview.

If you want to learn more about these points, read this article–> How to Pass the Gogokid Interview with an A+.

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Use a Puppet

Gogokid strongly recommend that teachers use a talking puppet.

The puppet is considered an (almost) essential prop because it helps the student understand when something is a question and how to answer the question.

It also helps the student answer the question using full sentences.

For example, when you ask the student what is their name and they say “Alice.” We want to encourage them to make a full sentence.

We can take out a puppet and ask the question to the puppet, with the puppet responding with the correct response. We can then ask the student the question again, and this time they should give the appropriate response. Make corrections if needed.

Teach English Online

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Handle All The Teaching Situations

The teaching situations are the warning signs you see spread across the lesson. There are four warnings at present. If you can handle all these situations correctly, you have a much greater chance of being hired.

Watch YouTube Videos With Caution!

There are many interview tutorials online to help you pass your Gogokid interview.

The videos that are not on the official Gogokid page should be viewed with caution. Unfortunately, the information from these videos can be outdated or incorrect.

In fact, on the Gogokid Facebook group page that I am a part of, some of the moderators or contributors within Gogokid say to avoid watching these videos altogether.

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Gogokid hosts regular workshops for beginners on their Facebook group page. If you are interested in learning more about teaching online at Gogokid and how to pass the interview, these workshops are recommended.

You should also be able to find the weekly workshops here.

To find the next available workshop, simply go to the Facebook group page and click on the search bar:

gogkid chat search

Enter the search term “workshop.” A list of all the current and former posts about the workshops pop up.

If you haven’t already, here is the group you should join–> Gogokid for New and Prospective Teachers.

Want to apply to Gogokid? Sign up here and start your application now! You can sign up with a new email address or email Gogokid to explain the situation that you would like to apply again. We would be happy to mentor you in your application. Please send all your questions and concerns to hello@tprteaching.com. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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In Conclusion

Even if you failed your Gogokid interview the first time, there is always hope you will learn from your mistakes and do so much better in the second! I certainly hope this article helps you pass your application.

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out and let me know. They currently have a $300 bonus to new teacher signups, so now is the best time to start teaching!

In the meantime, why not apply to other online ESL schools? We have a list of some other companies you might be interested in:

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