Gogokid Peak Hours: What Are The Best Hours to Work?

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Someone recently asked me if the only available time to work for Gogokid is 7 pm to 9 pm on weekdays.

The answer to that question is a resounding no!

7 pm-9 pm are Gogokid peak hours from Monday to Friday.

9 am- 9 pm are the peak hours for Gogokid on the weekend.

The good news: the peak hours aren’t the only hours. Peak hours mean that they are the most popular hours, with the highest number of potential students.

Unfortunately, we’ve just received word that Gogokid classes are coming to a close.
There is no point in signing up at this time.
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Peak Hours in China

The “peak hours” are typically evening hours in China, i.e., the time when kids are home from school and parents are finished work.

Younger kids finish school earlier, and therefore they are more likely available at earlier times.

If you decide to teach adults online (not on Gogokid obviously), you would most likely teach evenings and later at night.

All times are in Beijing Time (GMT+8).

Gogokid Hours

  • 25-minute classes
  • flexible hours
  • your own schedule

25-Minute Classes

Each class is 25-minutes long, with a 5-minute break between classes. This gives the teacher enough time to write up a feedback report for the student.

If you want to automate the feedback report process, check out Feedback Panda.

Flexible Hours

There is no minimum weekly hour commitment. Teach as many hours as you want.

Your Own Schedule

Select the time slots you are available to teach from your teacher portal. It is recommended to select your timeslots at least 48 hours prior, so they have a chance to fill with students.

The Gogokid Timetable For Teachers

Gogokid is UTC+8.

Therefore, a timetable for 6 pm-9 pm Beijing Time would look like this:

Eastern5 am – 8 am8 pm – 9 am
Central4 am – 7 am7 pm – 8 am
Mountain3 am – 6 am6 pm – 7 am
Pacific2 am – 5 am5 pm – 6 am
Hawaii12 am-3 am3 pm – 4 am

Daylight Saving Time (March-November)

Eastern6 am – 9 am9 pm – 10 am
Central5 am – 8 am8 pm – 9 am
Mountain4 am – 7 am7 pm – 8 am
Pacific3 am – 6 am6 pm – 7 am
Hawaii1 am- 4 am4 pm – 5 am

What other times can you teach at Gogokid?

While 7 pm – 8:30 pm are the peak hours for Gogokid, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to only those times.

Consider 11 am-1 pm on weekdays.

Often, students are on their lunch break and come home to study at this time. Teachers can get loyal students at these times.

1 pm – 3 pm

You may be able to get younger students at this time. Kids start learning English very young, even before kindergarten.

After 3 pm

School days are usually from 8 am to 5 pm, with 45-minute classes. This varies depending on location, with rural areas seeing some flexible schedules. For metropolitan cities, where lunch breaks are shorter, primary students can finish school as early as 3 pm.

Other times: Holidays

Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Quingming festival, and Labor Day are just some of the holidays in China.

Gogokid will notify teachers when the next holiday is so teachers can add more time slots to fill the demand. When kids are not busy at school, they have more time to take a class!

Don’t Neglect Weekends!

You should certainly not neglect weekends when kids are home and ready to take classes. There is a great demand on weekends, and not all teachers work during these times, so it is a win-win!

Teachers can open hours all day Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 9 pm. Work as many or as few hours as you want! This a great time to make up for any short hours you had had during the week.

Teach English Online

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Join: Gogokid Teachers Facebook Group

Still having trouble selecting hours at Gogokid? Join the teachers’ group on Facebook, and they will be sure to help you out.

Haven’t applied to Gogokid yet?

If you haven’t already applied to Gogokid, you can do so here.

In Conclusion

Gogokid has many teaching hours to choose from. The main difficulty would be the time difference between the U.S. or Canada and China. If you can manage the timezone differences, you can get many hours at Gogokid, not just the peak times.

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