Gogokid Signup Bonus Here in 2022

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Gogokid’s new teacher incentive is coming!

Gogokid have their surprise “Spring Into Gogokid Classes” new teacher bonus incentive.

They are currently offering new teachers $100 for joining Gogokid. Teachers must join Gogokid in February and teach classes in March to avail of this bonus.

Unfortunately, we’ve just received word that Gogokid classes are coming to a close.
There is no point in signing up at this time.
Check out Cambly or our other online teaching opportunities here.

Teach English Online

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Requirements to Work at Gogokid

  • Teachers must be from the US, UK or Canada
  • Minimum bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Earn up to 26 USD for teaching children English online
  • TESOL/TEFL certificate required
  • 1 year of teaching experience required

Applicants don’t need to speak the Chinese language to get hired. They only need to know how to speak English.

Note: You must say you have one year of teaching experience in your application or it will automatically be rejected. Teaching experience includes volunteering, coaching, mentoring, etc.

Best TESOL Course

Get your TESOL certification fast with The International Open Academy.

This course can be completed quickly and it qualifies you to teach English to students at any of our recommended, high-paying online ESL companies.

It shows you how to teach the English language to students who don’t speak English as their first language. For more information, please read this article about the TESOL course.

Benefits of Working for Gogokid

  • Great pay up to $26 per hour
  • $100 new teacher signup bonus
  • Flexible hours: no minimum hours required
  • Set your schedule mornings, afternoons, and evenings Beijing Time
  • One-on-one classes with young students. All lesson material provided!

How to Qualify For the Gogokid Signup Bonus

  1. Teachers must sign the teacher agreement in February.
  2. Teachers should open a minimum of 60 peak class slots (7 pm-8:30 pm BJT) at least seventy two hours before the class starts. They must be left open until they are either booked by students or expired.
  3. Teachers must complete a minimum of two scheduled classes.
  4. If teachers receive a poor valid rating (1-3 stars) or complaint, don’t show up to class, teacher IT finish type, or cancel the class within 24 hours, it will disqualify them from receiving the New Teacher Incentive.

How to Receive Your New Teacher Incentive

The Gogokid signup bonus will be sent along with the teacher’s pay the following month, which is before April 15th, 2021.

Chinese New Year Delay

During the period February 8th to February 15th, the Chinese New Year holidays are underway in China which means that there will be limited staff available for assistance at this time.

As it will take a longer time than usual to have submissions reviewed, please ensure you complete the application ASAP to sign up on time for the bonus.

Gogokid Application Process

The Gogokid application process is pretty straight forward.

Enter your basic information here. When you pass the basic information stage, you will be asked to submit a recorded interview video.

You will have to pretend to teach the ESL lesson material to a child for the recorded demo. Make sure you read all the documentation and follow the tips and guidelines, to pass this process.

The final step will involve some quick training and contract signing. Teachers can complete the application process as fast as they would like!

Alternatively, teachers can complete the interview with a real interviewer instead of doing a recording.

Do applicants need a TESOL course to apply to Gogokid?

Applicants can apply to Gogokid and complete the interview without doing the TESOL course. However, new teachers may receive a lower starting pay without this certification. New teachers need to complete the certification before teaching their first student anyway, so it is better to get the TESOL certificate before applying for the interview. Then, complete your first month and avail of the Gogokid signup bonus.

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