Gogokid Vs. VIPKid — Which One Should You Choose in 2021?

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Gogokid and Vipkid are two well-known online ESL companies that provide English language practice to children from China. New teachers may be unsure which one to choose when they first start teaching online.

Which is best — Gogokid vs. VIPKid?

The truth is, there is no clear-cut “best” company.

Teachers will have to find the right company based on their preferences, needs, and what they are really looking for in a career. Teachers have different results on both platforms.

In this article, we will draw a comparison: VIPKid vs. Magic Ears.

What can teachers expect from these online ESL companies and which one is best for them? 

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VIPKid vs. Gogokid: Company Overview

The background behind these growing online ESL establishments.

Gogokid Logo


Gogokid, a subsidiary of Bytedance, is an online ESL company founded in 2018. They provide an immersive ESL experience to children in China. Even though it’s in its beginning years, there is still a great demand for teachers.

Gogokid operates a one-on-one system between teacher and student. In compensation, Gogokid is one of the highest paying in the industry.

They are always looking to add more teachers to the team and are hiring potential candidates from the US and Canada.

VIPKid Logo


VIPKid was one of the earliest, most successful leaders in the online ESL space. This ESL education company was founded in 2013. VIPKid continues to have a growing need for teachers and reportedly taught more than half a million students in 2018. 

VIPKid connects children in China with teachers online from the US and Canada. They are also trialing teachers from other countries. They operate one-on-one classes between students and teachers.

VIPKid is currently hiring more teachers and is expanding to other native English-speaking countries, as confirmed by their teachers. In 2020, they created a new pay model, driven by incentives and a new pay structure, which saw many teachers’ salaries fall.

Gogokid vs. VipKid Requirements

Are you eligible to work for Gogokid or VIPKid? Find out here!

ESL Certificate

Both Gogokid and VIPKid require their teachers to complete a course, such as a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA, before teaching.

Some teachers would prefer to complete the interview before they get a teaching certificate.

However, obtaining an ESL (English as a Second Language) certificate before going for the interview helps teachers get hired and receive better starting pay.

Therefore, applicants can expect to achieve a much better result if they have an ESL certificate before applying.

I recommend the International Open Academy TESOL course to teachers. This course is one of the most popular and cheapest ways to earn certification and has been completed by many online teachers worldwide.

How to Receive your TEFL Certificate

The certificate qualifies teachers to work at any online ESL company and meets the Chinese government’s minimum requirements for a 120-hour ESL certificate. Teachers can quickly complete it in a short weekend.

This ESL course is usually $119, but we have partnered with the International Open Academy to give you an amazing discount. You can buy it for just $19 here. Note: this discount is subject to change.

VIPKid also has its own free TEFL course that you can complete before teaching there. If you have your own TEFL certificate, you can skip this step.

Teaching Experience

Gogokid requires teachers to have at least one year of “teaching” experience. 

VIPKid recommends teachers have at least two years of experience.

This experience can be quite broadly defined and can include other experiences working with kids, such as:

  • Volunteering
  • Mentoring
  • Babysitting, child-minding 
  • Coaching
  • Homeschooling 

Fortunately for new teachers, your experience doesn’t necessarily have to be teaching in the classroom

Minimum Hours

There is no minimum hour commitment at Gogokid or VIPKid. Teachers can flexibly set their schedules and close slots if they need to.

Hiring Criteria

Gogokid hires teachers from the US and Canada.

For years, VIPKid was only accepting applications from the US and Canada, but recently, they’ve started to expand into some other countries. Current teachers have reported that VIPKid hires from the UK, South Africa, and the Philippines. This is a trial basis, and it’s not confirmed how things will swing in the future.

Bachelor’s Degree

Gogokid and VIPKid accept teachers with a bachelor’s degree in any subject. Don’t waste your time if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, or your application will automatically get rejected.

Hire from California

VIPKid and Gogokid do not currently hire Californian residents due to new regulations. The AB5 Assembly Bill prevents teachers from working as independent contractors for these companies.


Gogokid vs. VIPKid: Pay

The pay varies between VIPKid and Gogokid.

Base Pay

Gogokid’s pay system is based on the teacher’s credentials and interview performance. They pay $7-$10 per 25-minute class before bonuses to teachers in the US and Canada.

VIPKid offers teachers $7-$9 per 25-minute class before bonuses. The base pay rate fell significantly in 2020, but more incentives are available to increase the hourly pay rate.

Incentive Structure

Both companies VIPKid and Gogokid, offer incentives and bonuses for teachers.

Gogokid offers bonuses based on a credit score system, which analyses a teacher’s performance over time.

Teachers can maximize their pay and earn bonuses when they teach more classes and receive fewer complaints.

VIPKid offers incentives based on the number of qualifying classes teachers have taught since joining VIPKid and the number of monthly lessons they’ve taught.

For example, teachers are entitled to a 0.80c per class (or $1.60 per hour) bonus for the 1st to 20th class of the month. For the 21st to the 40th class, teachers are entitled to an extra $1.20 per class (or $2.40 per hour) and so forth. This works well for teachers who work many hours.

Our take on the pay: teachers earn an average of $19 per hour. If teachers work longer hours, they will receive more money.

It’s best to have a goal in mind of what you want to earn each month and plan accordingly.

Gogokid vs. VIPKid: Hiring Process

Check out our VIPKid Review and Gogokid review for further information to help you with your application and the hiring process.


  1. Sign up on their website with your basic information
  2. Complete a recorded or live interview
  3. Complete orientation 
  4. Sign your contract


  1. Sign up and create a teacher account by filling in your basic information
  2. Record a demo lesson to show your teaching skills
  3. Complete a mock class 
  4. Sign your contract

Gogokid vs. VIPKid: Teacher Review

What current teachers have got to say:

Gogokid and VIPKid Pros

  • Good pay
  • Parents book the teachers’ classes
  • Flexible hours
  • One-on-one classes
  • Bookings are slow for new teachers

On paper, these companies seem quite similar. However, many VIPKid teachers are now opting for Gogokid due to their more attractive pay structure.

Parents book classes for their children on VIPKid and Gogokid. This means that the most popular teachers get the most bookings. 

New teachers may be at a disadvantage as they have to get noticed by parents. Teachers should open time slots at least a week in advance to receive bookings.

An attractive profile is critical to a teacher’s success, so the teachers should place emphasis on their photos and introductory video that the parents will see.

If you are looking for company-booked classes and a guaranteed number of classes each week, look no further than Magic Ears. New teachers receive fewer bookings at first but can soon earn a full booking rate from the company.

Both Gogokid and VIPKid offer flexible hours and schedules that suit the teachers’ needs.

The companies also offer great pay, about $20 or more if you work hard.


Teachers can apply to both VIPKid and Gogokid as there are no minimum hours. Teachers can then add more hours to their prefered company when they’ve gained more experience.

As an independent contractor, teachers are not fixed to one company and can open time slots in multiple companies.

Apply to Gogokid

Apply to VIPKid

In Conclusion

That concludes our Gogokid vs. VIPKid review.

Try out both companies and see which one works best for you. Typically, VIPKid is more suitable for beginning teachers while Gogokid give the teachers greater freedom to show off their style and expand on the lesson material, which might be more difficult for new teachers.

Which do you prefer– VIPKid or Gogokid? Let me know in the comments section below!

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