“A Waste of Time and Money:” College Grads No Longer Want the Ceremony

An individual sparked a firestorm of debate on social media when they shared their perspective on Reddit. Their post garnered an astounding 125,000 “upvotes” and more than 2,200 comments in response – proving that it struck a chord with many people.

Their opinion was as follows:

“College students don’t want to go to graduation ceremonies, but they go to please their relatives, while relatives don’t want to go but go to support the students; we should all just be honest and skip that ceremony and go out for pizza.”

Do you agree or disagree with this “shower thought”? Redditors took to the comments to share their opinions on the matter. We compiled a list of the top responses.

It’s Like the End of a Movie

“Watching a graduation ceremony is like sitting through a movie that’s entirely end credits,” one user said.

One user remarked that they had just graduated from college, and there were over 4000 graduates throughout the weekend alone.

The user said that when the last person’s name was called, everyone in attendance gave them a standing ovation out of relief that the ceremony was finally over.

The graduate themselves seemed to share in this sentiment as they celebrated with their arms up in the air.

Shaking A Stranger’s Hand Means Nothing

At graduation ceremonies, many people find it unsatisfying to have a stranger shaking their hands and handing out their diplomas.

It felt as though something was missing from the experience when they were not being congratulated by the professors who had been with them for years and meant a lot to them.

Many wished that those professors could have been on stage for the ceremony instead of strangers so that they could have felt a real connection to the occasion.

Some Parents Just Don’t Care

“I struggled through college, lived on my own, worked full-time, went to classes full-time, and paid my entire way with zero help from my family,” one person said.

“Finally, the big day came, and my dad was texting me the entire time, ‘We’re waiting outside. How much longer is the ceremony? Can you just hurry up? We’re waiting out in the sun.'”

The student was dismayed when their parents kept texting them throughout the event. Despite having struggled through college without any help from them, their parents still seemed to be more concerned about the length of time than celebrating their accomplishments.

The student was so angry that they didn’t even accept their parents’ invitation to lunch after the ceremony. Instead, they simply went home.

A Waste Of Time and Money

At some graduation ceremonies, students are required to pay an additional fee regardless of whether they attend or not.

For one commenter, the $200 fee was a waste of both time and money, as they had already incurred a large amount of student loan debt and were not interested in spending any more. The three hours spent at the ceremony were seen as a burden and not worth it for the piece of paper they received.

“And that’ll be $239 just to have the photographer take your photo,” one person replied.

I Just Wanted a Photo in the Stupid Hat

One student wanted a photo of themselves wearing their cap and gown on graduation day. Before the ceremony, they instructed their mother on how to take the photo with a test shot.

However, when the time came, the student was instructed to turn and wave to whoever was taking the picture while their mom excitedly put down the camera to wave back! “I have a nice, though a somewhat blurred, picture of the floor, though,” the user said.

Another person commented that rather than attending the ceremony, they chose to spend the day taking photos with their family and friends with the hat and gown before getting ice cream, having all the mementos they wanted without having to sit through the ceremony.

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It’s Still a Big Deal

Other commenters felt differently, feeling as though it was an important time for them.

“I don’t fit in with this. I wanted to go. I worked hard for it, and it meant something to me.”

Another commenter agreed. “I went to a small private university for undergrad. I spent 4 years studying, eating, partying, pranking, and living in the dorms with the same group of people. Graduation was the last time we were ever all together. It was a very special moment in my life.”

Are Graduation Ceremonies Worth It: Yes or No?

Graduation ceremonies are a personal experience for each individual. For some, the ceremony is seen as an important celebration and milestone in their lives, while for others, it is seen as a waste of time and money. Regardless, many parents and students alike can agree that the events could use some improvements in order to make the experience more meaningful.

This post called Graduation Ceremonies Suck: Here’s Why was syndicated and produced by TPR Teaching. Our article has been inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of TPR Teaching.

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